Home Learning April 2

Take the word Lirpaloof and write it backwards! ūü§£


  1. First in Math ‚Äď play for 30 minutes.


Go to¬†Newsela¬†and read the¬†article¬†–¬†Neighbors¬†Create “Bear¬†Hunts” for¬†Kids¬†Amid¬†Coronavirus.¬†Complete the quiz in the activities tab.

Remember that you can move the Lexile level up if the article is too easy and down if the article is too hard. 


Add an entry to your journal.¬†Imagine¬†you¬†wake up and your technology¬†doesn‚Äôt¬†work. Challenge yourself to come up with a technology-free¬†plan for the day. Magically, your technology is working again at the end of the day.¬†How will your day end? If you’re writing in Office365, add images to your writing.¬†

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