Home Learning April 3


  1. In Clever, click on Freckle.  Look for the backpack and you should see your assignment.  It’s called Measurement & Data: Picture and Bar Graphs. 
  2. Practice – First in Math or Prodigy.

Reading & Writing with Mrs. Letendre 

Watch Mrs. Letendre’s lesson on point of view at https://youtu.be/wtl3vig6dkg 

  1. Think of how Mrs. Letendre wrote a short story from her own point of view, her sister’s point of view, and the rat’s point of view.  
  2. Imagine you are a character in a favorite story and you meet up with a character in another story. (Harry Potter & Peter Pan, Tinkerbell and Little Willie, etc).
  3. Describe the actions and feelings of each character. What would each character say? Include dialogue!

If you are looking for point of view mentor texts or read alouds for teaching point of view, definitely check out this post. This article shares several engaging read alouds with brief summaries and suggestions for how to use them. The post also shares ideas and guidelines for using the read alouds to teach point of view.

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