3rd Grade Multiplication Challenge!

Our 3rd Grade Multiplication Challenge is now taking place! You will face off against the other 3rd graders to see how fluent you are in your multiplication facts. If you find that you don’t know your facts as well as you thought, you should practice your facts over the summer to prepare you for 4th grade.

Challenge Rules:

  1. You may only join ONE TIME because there are limited spots. If you join more than once, you are disqualified
  2. You must join the challenge with your first and last name, so we know who you are (no nicknames)
  3. Have fun! We can’t wait to see the results!

Click the link below to join our 3rd Grade Challenge!


(The link should take you straight to the Multiplication Challenge and you should not need a pin, but in case you need it: Game PIN: 09152759)

Try to have it finished by the end of the day Monday! Do your best! 🙂