August 23 ~ Classroom News

Dear Families,

It’ll be a busy week! Wednesday is early release day…and picture day. So practice smiling for a camera.:-)

Our learning plan for the week:

  • Math ~ Addition and subtraction within 1000, strategies 
  • Reading ~ Comprehension, retelling
  • Writing ~ Revision of first personal narrative
  • Social Studies ~ Three branches of the government, separation of powers

The week after Labor Day weekend, we will have testing, so we will familiarize the students with the testing format and items.

Thanks to Ava’s family for the sidewalk chalk, Ben’s family for the balls and jump ropes, and Guillermo’s family for the Legos! We’re so fortunate to have Ms. Zogby and Ms. Brown as our room mothers!

We’re so excited that Mrs. Mann is the recipient of a grant that is bringing more iPads into our classroom! Among other things, we’ll use them for speech to text capabilities in writing, exploring Google Earth in mapping, and communicating with pen pals in online projects. We could use more headphones and earbuds. If you’d like to send a pair in with your child, he/she can store it for use throughout the year.

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Pennington & Mrs. Mann

Foundation Fundraiser Kick Off!

The Kincaid Foundation is kicking off the school-wide Family Investment Campaign this week.  All donations go directly to our school and classrooms.  Last year, funds donated were used to purchase an iPad cart for the school and books for classroom libraries.  This year, Kincaid will get a new laptop cart (30 laptops!) and iPads for every classroom. In addition, the Foundation is funding reading and writing resources for teachers and Raz Kids for our primary students.

Every donation is important! The goal is to get 100% family participation, so even if your family is unable to donate the suggested amount, please send in a one time donation that works for your family.  You can also donate online at

Weekly News ~ August 19

Dear Families,

We’re getting into the groove and putting good effort into all the new routines and learning of 3rd grade!

Our library day is every Tuesday, so please help your child remember to turn in old books and check out new ones (although the children can visit the library on their own any day of the week). A reading log will come home with your child this week. Every completed log earns a prize!

Learning Plan:

  • Math ~ Addition and subtraction properties & strategies
  • Reading ~ Comprehension and vocabulary
  • Language Arts ~ Plural nouns
  • Writing ~ Drafting and revising a personal narrative
  • Social Studies ~ The 3 branches of the government


  • 20 minutes of reading (note on reading log)
  • 10 minutes of Prodigy

Please send a note if you’re having any difficulty logging onto SeeSaw and Prodigy at home. 🙂 Prodigy is a very engaging math website that is individualized for each student. We put up assignments and can view how much progress students are making. SeeSaw is like a window into your child’s school day. We use it to share videos and pictures of your child’s work and activities, and then you get real time notifications.

Thank you to Ben’s family for graciously donating playground equipment and Maxene’s family for helping us keep our classroom clean with table wipes! Last but not least, we welcome Eli and Liberty’s mothers as our room moms!


Mrs. Pennington & Mrs. Mann

August 12 ~ Classroom News

Dear Families,

It was so nice to meet with so many of you for open house. We sent home paperwork for those of you who were unable to make it. We have most of our paperwork turned in, but if we’re missing something from you, we’ll send home a reminder.

This last week, Mrs. Weitnauer came to visit our class. The children learned about her job as our school counselor. Mrs. Weitnauer will be visiting every three weeks. Lesson topics include friendship, conflict resolution, study skills, responsibility, career awareness and safety skills. Please contact (phone (770) 578-7238) if you ever need to discuss your student with her.

The children are learning the routines nicely and are putting effort into their work. Ask them about our class pet and our “mystery egg”. Mrs. Mann will open the class store on Monday. The children are anxious to see how they can spend their tickets.

We’ll have the children take the Prodigy placement test this week and then they can begin to work 10 minutes per night on it at home. Remember the 20 minutes per night of reading! 🙂

Learning focus for the week:

  • Math ~ Rounding and place value
  • Reading ~ Genres and fluency
  • Writing ~ Ideas, developing first personal narrative
  • Language Arts ~ Capitalization
  • Social Studies ~ Economics, spending and saving

Have a nice summer weekend!

Mrs. Pennington & Mrs. Mann



Welcome 3rd Grade Class of 2019~2020

Dear Families,

Our first two days together were terrific! When students are so hardworking, attentive and kind, lots of good things follow! Mrs. Mann and I are looking forward to an outstanding year! We’ll be updating the class picture on this blog soon!

This is our learning plan this week:

Math ~ Assessment, place value
Reading~ Workshop routines to establish independent reading, choosing “just right” books & using the classroom library
Writing~ Workshop routines, generating ideas for writing & capturing those ideas in notebooks
Language Arts ~Sentences (examining, revising, & rewriting sentences)
Social Studies ~ Democracy

Needed: We are decorating our writer’s notebooks this week. Any stickers, washi tape, ribbon, bling, etc. that can be added to the covers will be greatly appreciated. Your child can even paste pictures to the cover of this treasured book!

SeeSaw information went home today! What is SeeSaw, you ask? Click on this link to find out. It’s AWESOME and you’ll LOVE it! Follow the instructions for the QR code, and you’ll soon be getting classroom notifications on your smart phone. Just happy news about your child’s day – photos of your child’s work and activities.

Homework: Read 20 minutes a day.

The green folder is a home/school folder. Have your child bring it each day. Check it for communication from us. The blog will be updated every Friday. Please subscribe to it so you’ll be sure to see every update.

Thank you for your help in bringing in all the supplies and signed paperwork these busy first days!

🙂 Mrs. Pennington & Mrs. Mann

Weekly News ~ May 20


Dear Families,

The year has gone too fast! Only 3 days to go!

Here’s our loose plan for the last 3 days:

  • Monday: Multiplication challenge, 3rd grade yearbook & memory book signing, Kincaid kickball game, Senior Walk
  • Tuesday: Early Release day – (no backpack today) Year end celebration, summer reading goals
  • Wed: Early Release day – (no backpacks today), teacher report cards ~ Kids grade US!

I’ll be throwing in some final little assessments in preparation for report cards. 🙂

Please be sure to have your child has an empty bookbag on Monday. The writing collection is coming home!  Your child is so excited to share his/her writing! You’ll want to keep these forever.  FYI:

  • Writing Notebook: Ideas
  • Green folder: Unfinished work in progress
  • Yellow folder: Completed work that hasn’t gone through the revision and editing stages
  • Red folder: The finest writing! (all stages of the writing process completed)

I hope you enjoyed SeeSaw!  It is priceless to share our classroom activities and artifacts in real time delivered straight to your device! You can print off everything your child has done this year and add it to a paper or digital scrapbook.

Have a wonderful summer! Read a lot!  Use your imagination —run around, explore, build things, make a new friend, learn something new, start a new collection, create! The next school year will begin before we know it. We’ll miss our students! They are a dream of a class, and such precious individuals!

Love, Mrs. Pennington & Mrs. Mann

P.S. We will post links to summer learning ideas and fun later this week!


Weekly News ~ May 13

Dear Families,

We hope you had a lovely Mother’s Day! Thank you so much for making our teachers’ appreciation week so special for us. Your and your children made us feel so loved!

The week ahead will be filled with final assessments, the talent show, field day, possibly another market day, some terrific science projects, the 3rd grade multiplication challenge, and celebrations of all the goals we’ve met. It’s a special time of the year where we reflect on the past year, and anticipate the next year.

We’ll begin to send things home so the children aren’t overloaded next week. Have your child empty the bookbag of those items each night so we can fit it more materials the next day.

Field Day is Wednesday! Please have your child wear athletic shoes and sunscreen. You may send in a water bottle if you like. Your child may bring a change of clothes if you think “wetness” will make him or her uncomfortable.


Mrs. P & Mrs. M.

Weekly News ~ May 6

Dear Families,

Our first market day is Monday, so please remind your student to be prepared with a product and/or service. The children will finetune their business plan and have another market day on Friday. Thank you for your support!

We have final assessments this week, solar ovens to make, multiplication facts to practice, cursive handwriting, and other top secret projects!

It’s getting hot outside on many days, so a water bottle is especially appreciated.

SeeSaw parents can download and/or print everything in a child’s SeeSaw portfolio for a print or electronic scrapbook of 3rd grade. A handful of students are not on SeeSaw yet. Set up information went home today. Please login so that you can see many of the projects your child has been up to this year. We still have more end of the year activities to add!

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. P. & Mrs. M.



Weekly News ~ April 29

Dear Families,

We’re off to the Booth Western Art Museum in Cartersville on Monday! Be sure to pack lunches/drinks from home in disposable containers. If your child brings money for the gift shop, store it in a baggie labeled with his/her name. Visit for a preview. 🙂

Happy birthday, Campbell!

A Message from 5th Grade: We all have those good old books we’ve read. We all have finished a series of books that we never pick up again. When these things happen, we tend to leave these books, and then their only purpose is to collect dust. We want to give these books a better purpose, but we don’t know how. That’s where the Kincaid Book Drive comes into play! With Kincaid’s Incredible Book Drive, you can donate your old books that you don’t read anymore. These books will be sorted and added to classroom libraries throughout the school. The Book Drive goes on from April 29th – May 10th.

We’re also collecting donation for MUST Ministries summer lunch program.

The school year is nearing it’s end, but we still have lots left to do! Be on the look out for a fairy tale “teaser” from your child on SeeSaw!


Mrs. P. & Mrs. M.