Weekly News ~ August 31

Dear Families,

We had such fun Friday at the 3rd Grade Olympic Games! The children gave their best and showed admirable sportsmanship. Thanks go to the moms of Robby, Patience, Anya and Emily for assistance with the games, snacks and medals. Here are our class’s Olympic medal winners ~ Rowen, Noah, Dahlia, Aaron, Jesse, Duke, William, Emily and Patience!



Here’s what we’re working on this week:

  • Math ~ Subtraction & addition: properties, strategies
  • Reading ~ Main idea: What a story is mostly about, its content and plot details
  • Writing ~ Opinion (argument) writing
  • Language Arts ~ Spelling, cursive, singular/plural nouns
  • Social Studies ~ The 3 branches of the government
  • Science ~ Rocks and minerals

Spelling Sort 24 words with final –y  adding inflecting ending s, ed, ing

+ ing change y to I and + es change y to I and +ed
replying replies replied
copying copies copied
hurrying hurries hurried
studying studies studied
carrying carries carried

Challenge words: branches, government, America

Our Cougar respect awards go to Aaron, Zaid and Robby! Congratulations, boys!

cougar respect


Have a great September week!

Mrs. Pennington

March 9, 2015

We had a busy and full week! Class teams created quite clever imaginary animals, and a mural depicting the Piedmont region of Georgia, home sweet home. STEM night had the children and parents on a scavenger hunt through all the different regions of Georgia represented in the 3rd grade classrooms. I’ll post photos this week.

We’ll continue to send home a homework packet on Monday. It is aimed toward test preparation and review, and not project oriented.

  • Math: Perimeter, area
  • Writing:  Point of view narratives with strong introductions & conclusions
  • Reading:  Point of view (first and third person)
  • Social Studies:  Franklin D. Roosevelt & Eleanor Roosevelt
  • Language Arts: Review

Links for you:

Milestones test practice and information

Here are a list of apps of kid-approved math skills practice apps listed at Edutopia:

Operation Math (iOS – $2.99, Android – $1.99)
This app turns your students into secret spies that will travel around the world on different missions. Kids can choose which operations they want to practice as they make their way through this app.
Sushi Monster (iOS – Free)
Scholastic’s app offers children multiplication and addition problems. They’ll have to reach a target number by picking the correct factors and addends listed on different pieces of sushi.
Quick Math – Arithmetic & Times Tables (iOS – $1.99)
With this app, kids will answer traditional skill-and-drill questions — but they won’t have to enter answers into a keypad. Instead, your children can write the answer anywhere on the screen of their device, and the app will read their handwriting and record their response.
Pet Bingo by Duck Duck Moose (iOS – $1.99, Android – $1.99)
In this game, children will have to answer addition, subtraction, multiplication or division questions and place their answer on a bingo board. This app is full of colorful cartoon characters and offers visual models to help students understand each problem.
Meerkat Math HD (iOS – $1.99)
This adventure app asks students to complete different races using their math facts. In order to make their meerkat avatar run and jump fast enough to be a winner, they’ll have to answer each question quickly and correctly.
Math Flash Cards * (iOS – Free)
A traditional skill-and-drill app (yes, the asterisk is part of the title), Math Flash Cards * helps children practice their times tables by customizing the number and difficulty level of each question. This app has a simple interface that makes it easy for kids to play.
10monkeys Multiplication (iOS – $1.99, Android – Free)
Kids can practice multiplication facts with this animated app. The goal is to help monkeys trapped in a tree escape by answering a set of questions correctly. This app is broken down into different times table and includes a reference chart to review facts.
Math Monsters – Bingo (iOS – Free)
Students can practice all operations using this bingo app. They’ll solve each problem and then find the answer on the bingo board. Players need to be strategic if they want to win the game.
Math Vs Zombies (iOS – $4.99, Android – Free)
This silly app asks children to add, subtract, multiply or divide single- and two-digit numbers. Students need to answer each question correctly in order to zap the zombies back into humans.
YodelOh Math Mountain (iOS – $2.99, Android – $1.99)
A virtual take on a traditional carnival game, this app helps children practice all four operations. They’ll have to work quickly so that the yodeler doesn’t fall from the top of the mountain.

Have a great week!

Mrs. Pennington

Newsletter – March 2

What a week! We all had some fun and relaxation on our unexpected holiday, but now it’s back to work! We’re still in the midst of rescheduling activities we missed. Monday is beads day and Friday is STEM night.

Here’s the learning plan for our first week in March:

  • Math: Division, problem solving
  • Writing:  Opinion/informational
  • Reading:  Point of view (first and third person)
  • Science:  Biographies~ Mary McLeod Bethune, Eleanor Roosevelt
  • Language Arts: Commas in an address

I had a parent ask for Milestones test practice and information. This link has everything you need.

Have a good weekend!

Mrs. Pennington



February 23 ~ Newsletter

It’s been a COLD week, and it looks like more is coming, but I hope we won’t miss anymore school because we have a lot to do! This next week, we have a puppet show, a media lesson, science lab and Stem day on Friday! We’ll also start working on our mural for Stem night, which is scheduled for March 5th.

Here’s the learning plan for this week:

  • Math: Division, problem solving
  • Writing:  Opinion responses to literature
  • Reading:  Point of view
  • Science:  Biographies

We’re observing little E5 on the Southwest Florida Eagle Cam and the 2 newborn eaglets at the Berry College Eagle Cam. The children are fascinated! Take a look, if you haven’t already!

Stay warm!

Mrs. Pennington

February 18 ~ Newsletter

Oh, the snow that didn’t happen! That’s the way children see it! We had some blowing snow this afternoon, and the class jumped with joy. We had a great Valentine’s last Friday. Special thanks go to Bradley and Adi’s moms for yummy snacks.

A special shout-out goes to our science fair participants — Nate, Gowri, Kahliya, Chloe and Ayshan! Congratulations to Nate for coming in third place for all of 3rd grade! BTW…

Happy Birthday, Nate!

Third grade will not be sending any HRJ homework until after the Georgia Milestones testing. We want the children to spend extra time with test preparation. You can expect math and reading/lang.arts homework each night. Please return each the next day in case we go over the work in class. The children should also be reading each night (about 20 minutes) and practicing multiplication facts not yet mastered.

Here’s our plan for this week:

  • Math: Division, problem solving
  • Writing:  Opinion paragraphs
  • Reading:  Point of view
  • Science:  Georgia habitats & plant/animal adaptations completion

Thank you Gowri and Ben for bringing in extra snacks!

🙂 Mrs. Pennington

February 2 Newsletter

Happy Groundhog Day! Would you rather have 6 more weeks of winter or an early spring? We’ll see check out the predictions for Georgia this year.

Here’s our plan for this week:

  • Math: Multiplication strategies
  • Language Arts: Sentence structure – complex and compound
  • Writing:  Opinion essay – closure, revision and editing
  • Reading:  Compare/contrast nonfiction
  • Science:  Georgia habitats – coastal plains & piedmont
  • Spelling: List goes home Monday

Other notes & reminders:

  • The children will finish up an essay writing assessment in the computer lab.
  • Please consider donating a class snack. We’re almost out.
  • If your child brings a product to sell to classmates using our classroom bucks, they should have asked for your permission.

Thanks for everything you do!

Mrs. Pennington


Jan. 26 ~ Newsletter

The animal posters and presentations have been so much fun. Third grade has posters displayed in the halls for us all to continue to enjoy. Thank you, parents, for helping your students stay on track with this big project!

Third graders will undertake online writing this next two weeks. The results will give us lots of good information, and better prepare the children for the Georgia Milestones in March.

Here’s our plan for this week:

Math: Comparing equivalent fractions, multiplication

Language Arts: Subject/verb agreement, spelling

Writing:  Opinion essay, using evidence to backup statements

Reading:  Compare/contrast nonfiction

Science:  Georgia coast




Newsletter ~ Jan. 21

Whoops~the 3 day weekend got me off schedule, so please forgive the delayed newsletter. I hope the children have kept you informed!

The animal research posters are fabulous! It’s obvious the children put in much thought and effort. All the children enjoy learning about the wildlife of Georgia. The children are gaining presentation skills, and are showing what a respectful and attentive audience looks like and sounds like. We’ll display all the third grade posters so that the children can learn from one another. In February, the posters will come home with feedback. The next time we do a poster project, the children have shown interest in being able to choose between a PowerPoint and a poster!

Here’s what we’re working on this week:

Math: Equivalent fractions, multiplication

Reading: Compare/contrast Patricia Polacco storybooks, short nonfiction passages

Writing: Bold beginning paragraph in an opinion essay

Science: Habitats of Georgia, animal adaptations

Social Studies: Ongoing economics~Ask about Pentopia.


Please make sure your child is working on multiplication facts daily if possible. We have 3 students who have mastered all the facts, and 17 more are getting closer.

We’re enjoying the spring-like weather at recess and giving our brains ands bodies a well-deserved break! Thanks again for all you do!

Mrs. Pennington


Newsletter~January 11

Well, we got through our first frigid week of school in 2015 and did pretty well despite the lack of recess! The children were bundled up properly, but the temperature was below 40 degrees so we could not go out. Forecasts look favorable for recess this week!

  • Math –  Multiplication, comparing fractions, equivalency.
  • Reading – Setting AR goals, comprehension strategies.
  • Language Arts – Cursive, individualized spelling lists.
  • Writing – Opinion/argument essay writing.
  • Social Studies/Science – Mountain habitats of Georgia.

Our economic standards are being addressed through our establishment of the fictional land of Pentopia (named by Nate). Ask your student about it!

Have a good week!

Mrs. Pennington

December 8 ~ Newsletter

We had a big week! It was great to see all the talent of our third graders in the holiday musical orchestrated by our wonderful music teacher, Mr. Bush, on Thursday night! Then we had to say farewell to Ms. Schmidt on Friday. She was so touched with all her letters, cards, gifts, cupcakes and well-wishes. We’ll miss her, but she promises to visit…and even sub if needed before she gets her first teaching job. Last, but not least, Timy turned 9 on Friday. Happy birthday, Timy!!!

Our learning plan is:

  • Math –  2D and 3D geometry attributes & exploration, 0-5 multiplication facts.
  • Reading – Reading nonfiction, inferring and main idea.
  • Language Arts – Cursive!
  • Writing – Informational writing – finishing up our expert reports with editing and publishing.
  • Social Studies – Paul Revere & economics.

Enrichment homework (optional, but good stuff): The children love making 3D creations from thetoymaker.com. They may also want to make giant skeleton shapes with newspaper. Have them tightly roll 3 newspaper pages diagonally to make tubes securing them in the middle with masking tape, and then tape the tube ends together to make giant 2D and 3D shapes. We’ll do one together in class so your child will know how to do it. Send pictures of the creations if you like.

Congratulations to Maggie and Timy for earning Cougars for responsibility this month!

We’re looking forward to a chorus concert and spelling bee this week, in addition to the usual excitement of the December!

Cheers, Mrs. Pennington