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If you are looking here, you are tooooo late. Kell High School is now on EDMODO for our blogs. You received an invitation (and the code) to join my Edmodo blog. Please see that blog for all 2017-2018 school year info!

See you in class!

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Am Lit: Realism and Naturalism Unit Resources


We have been reading selections from our text in our unit on Realism and Naturalism. Here are some enrichment resources:

Here is a link to a powerpoint reviewing Realism and Naturalism:Realism, Naturalism, and Regionalism

See earlier post for a link to “An Occurrence at Owl Creek”

Here is a link to a ppt on Mary Chestnut (excerpts from her diary are in our text): mary-chestnut

“From My Bondage and My Freedom” (our text presents just an excerpt from the book-this is a similar excerpt to our text, from Chapter 11:

Here’s a link to the short story from this time period, that we  read: “An Episode of War”text online

Here is the link to a powerpoint on spirituals: Spirituals

Spirituals: “”Go Down Moses,” “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot,” and “Follow the Drinking Gourd” (videoclips below)

Consider how spirituals were used as signals, symbols, allusions, and even maps.  Here is a link with an interpretation of the meaning of the lyrics to “Follow the Drinking Gourd”:lyrics

Quilts were also used to facillitate communication to escaping slaves.  Here is a link with some interesting information about that topic (and illustrations of what some of the quilt patterns meant): Underground Railroad Quilts

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Am Lit- 2nd Block Tousignaut: Enrichment-Resources on Poetry Terms and Poets


Here are some resources to help you review/learn some poetry terms  as we read poetry by Emily Dickinson and Walt Whitman (and other poets from the Romantic period):

Quizlet Practice (not an exact match to the terms in our book, but many of them are here, and you should already know the remainder)

Metrical foot This quizlet will help you master the terms iamb, spondee, trochee, dactyl, and anapest

Poetry terms Here is a list of terms and defintions-more than we have in the book, but very helpful

Here is a link to some background information and poems by Emily Dickinson: Emily Dickinson

Here is a John Green crash course youtube video about Emily Dickinson (and you can also sing many of her poems to the tune from Gilligan’s Island, in addition to the songs he mentions):

Here is a link to the poetry foundation info on Walt Whitman: Walt Whitman

Here is a clip from the movie Dead Poet’s Society in which the teacher (played by Robin Williams) quotes Walt Whitman…Here is a link to the full poem “O me! O Life!: Walt Whitman poem


Later in that same movie, the character (Mr. Keating) references another Walt Whitman poem, “O Captain! My Captain!” (link to poem: poem)

Here is a videoclip with analysis of that poem:

Am Lit: 2nd Block Tousignaut Vocab Unit 6


Here is a link to the ppt with Vocab 6: vocab6

The quiz should be on Tuesday, May 2nd. 🙂

Here is a link to a quizlet with images: quizlet

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Am Lit- EOC’s


Just a reminder that American Lit has an End of Course Test- ours is scheduled for early May.  Please take every opportunity to practice for this test.  You can sign in to USA test prep and practice at any time (yes, from home, too). Here is a link to USA test prep. You should know how to sign in already 🙂 USA test prep member log-in

Here is a site in which you can practice the functionality of the test (how to move through the test and use the tools, etc.): Testing Site practice

Remember that the EOC is 20% of your final grade, so you want to do your best 🙂  Here is a link to an EOC Study guide: american_literature_eoct_study_guide__2_

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Am Lit: Online access from home


Please remember that you need to keep up your pacing on the research paper.  You should have completed the thesis (claim statement) and turned it in for teacher review/support),  as well as located at least three online database articles. Your goal today was to have collected NINE quotes for your research paper.  By working on the outline, you are working toward the actual writing of the paper. (See earlier blog for another copy of the outline. You will use the outline format you received to help you as a template for writing the paper).

If you are struggling, you can see me to schedule before or after school assistance…or attend  LASSO or LEAP tutoring for more help/access to computers. Please ask for help from me or the other teachers. Do not wait until the last minute when you are frustrated and overwhelmed.

You can access the articles from the Cobb Digital Library site from home by accessing MackinVia login page.  The easiest way to do so is to go directly to to the login screen by clicking here: and go directly to logging in (step #5)

If that doesn’t work (or if you delight in going the long way around), you can also try this:

1. Go to Cobb County School System’s webpage:

2. Go to the “Parents” and hover over it-it opens up a menu-click on “Cobb Digital Library” (second column)

3. When the page opens, click on the Cobb Digital Library logo.

4. Click on either the logo or the link to open the MackinVIA page with the login screen, which should look like this:

poweredby MackinVIA screenshot

5. Log in information:

School: Kell High School, Marietta, GA (If it doesn’t show that, click on the pull down menu and click onto Kell)

User ID: (your student number)

Password: (The one we gave you in class)

Please let me know if you are unable to access the site.  (Also, you can download the MackinVia app directly onto your phone…it is available through both the Apple and android stores.  Please see me if you need help with this.)

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SAT Practice


Here’s a videolink with some info about free SAT practice through KHAN ACADEMY- a good way to stay in practice over the summer! 🙂

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Spring Semester 2017


Welcome back to the spring semester at Kell High School- 2017 version!

You should be familiar with our school and routines already, but here is a link to our school webpage:  to help you to find further information about our school and keep up with events.

Thank you for checking out my blog.  We will be using this blog as just one of many tools to help you succeed this semester. I will be using it for many purposes: to post assignments, publish syllabi and standards, review what we covered in class, provide additional supports and links, remind you of important upcoming due dates-whatever we need to ensure that you have a successful year. You will be accessing this blog in class and out. I will be using this blog to supply support for my small group class, my LASSO class, and my team taught Am Lit classes.   If you are in one of my team taught classes with Coach Tousignaut or Ms. Tucker, click the link in the schedule below for their blogs; this will give you access to their blogs with any notes on  daily work and activities for those classes. 

EXTRA HELP: I am available for tutoring and make-up work, usually after school or during LASSO. Please make sure that I know to expect you and what we need to review. Just ask- I am here to help!!!

Don’t forget that the English Department also offers LEAP tutoring before and after school-check out the schedule posted in the “Pages” section of this blog for times, dates, and room numbers.

****I will be hosting the Tuesday after school LEAP tutoring on Tuesday afternoons in Room 2107 🙂 

CONTACT INFO: If you need to email me, please use my school email address:

MY SCHEDULE: Here’s my NEW schedule (as of 01/03/17).  If you have a question or need to see me before school starts or after school, please contact me via  the email address above to let me know to expect you or just drop by the Special Ed Department Office (I have an office there). If you want to get to the general education teacher’s blog in my teamed classes,  just click on the appropriate name in the schedule below to be linked.

Block Class Room
1st Planning SpEd Office
2nd Am Lit w/Coach Tousignaut 2221
3rd Am Lit-small group 2107
4th Am Lit w/Ms. Tucker 2205

Please note that I have Advisement in 2222 on Wednesdays and LASSO on Tuesdays and Thursdays–after 1st block.  My duty station is in the English hallway BEFORE school-so look for me there if you need to speak to me before school.

Please do not hesitate to ask me if you ever have any questions…if you feel lost, or just need a little clarification…if you need some study ideas…if you want some extra support…I’m here to help.

See you in class!


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Brit Lit: Audio of Beowulf


Here is a link to a free, downloadable, audio recording by librivox of Beowulf, which we are reading in class: Audio-full version of Beowulf Please make sure that you are keeping up with the reading.  If you are absent, please read/listen at home.

Here is a youtube link, with Seamus Heaney reading his own translation: Beowulf, Part I and Beowulf Part II

Here is a link to the print (text) of the epic, with only the excerpts we are using from the textbook: Beowulf excerpts-text

There is also a terrific graphic novel version, by Gareth Hinds, that you might want to seek out. We have a copy in our school library.  🙂

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Brit Lit: 1984 Body Biography Assignment and Additional Resources


Here is the downloadable Body Biography Assignment that we are working on in-class, in small groups.  Remember, your group needs to complete its work in class on Monday.  Body Biography Project 1984  Do not forget that you must have a quote (with page #) and symbol for each section of the body listed.

Here are some additional resources:

This is a link to a Newspeak Dictionary that has terms and vocabulary from the novel 1984

Here is link to a prezi on characters: 1984 Character web

Here’s a link for quick,chapter by chapter, plot summaries: Plot summaries   (Note: these are not a substitute for reading the book, as you just get a quick overview and many details are left out) As a reading strategy to increase comprehension, it may be helpful to preread the chapter summary, and then read it in the book.

Alternatively, you could review the plot summaries of chapters that you have already read first (so that you can refresh your memory of your previous reading)  and then continue reading on in the book.

Remember that you must complete section 2 (about page 224, depending on your edition of the book) by Wednesday.  🙂

I am still available for review questions on Tuesdays and Thursdays mornings, before school, in room 2224.  See you there!

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