Week of January 14th


It is the second week of the third quarter, can you believe it?  I can’t! I am so proud of our class! We had the highest attendance in the school! This is our third time winning this award! I took the kids outside on Friday for a special recess to celebrate!  Parents, thank you so much for sending your kids to school on time every day that they feel well! It brings me joy to see their smiling faces everyday!


  • Report cards went home on Friday! Please sign and return the envelope and the reading touchstone report! If you have questions or concerns, please email me or call me!
  • Target starts back on Friday!
  • Check VIP folders on Wednesdays for important information from Kincaid!
  • Sign agendas every night and behavior sheets every Friday!

A message from our Room Mom Stephany Castillo:

Good Afternoon Standing 5th Grade Parents!

Before we know it, our 5th graders will be passing through the halls of Kincaid for the last time. Every year, a compilation DVD is created for the entire senior class.  This DVD (slide show) spotlights each and every 5th grade student. Each child will be given a copy of the completed DVD as a keepsake. In order to complete this DVD, it is imperative we start early and receive plenty of pictures! This year, I will be putting together the 5th Grade “Slide Show” DVD for the class of 2019. 

I am requesting that you send at least 2 pictures of your child. One young (Kindergarten or younger) and the other a current picture. Pictures can include kids in their sporting or extra curricular activity (gymnastics, ballet, swimming, drama etc), family vacations, bus stop pictures, first/last day of school, school functions/activities. Basically, I want to have plenty of great pictures to choose from to add to their slide show. You can start sending pictures to me immediately. Please ensure all pictures are sent digitally, as I cannot accept physical pictures. The deadline for receiving pictures is Sunday, March 31.

PLEASE DO NOT WAIT TO SEND IN PICTURES! Editing and arrangement is very time consuming and having pictures in as early as possible is requested.

Please send pictures to: Stephany.castillo2008@gmail.com

Subject line: Kincaid 5th Grade Pictures (CHILD NAME/TEACHER)

Thank you for your help with this very special project for our children. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me with any questions.

Kind Regards,

Stephany Castillo

Our learning objectives this week…

In math, we are beginning line plots this week.  We will start with interpreting line plots and then move on to creating line plots with whole numbers and fractions.  Homework will be a half sheet worksheet Monday-Thursday.

In reading, we are continuing to collaborate in our book clubs.  Students are also working on determining point of view and how it influences the story being told.  We will have a point of view quiz on Wednesday.  Students should read for 30 minutes Monday-Thursday.  Reading Response and 3 stop and jots are due on their book club meeting day.  Check the reading response section of the readers notebook for grades, rubrics, and requirements.  This is a weekly reading grade!

In writing, we are introducing opinion writing.  In fifth grade, opinion writing focuses on deeply explaining ones reasons for an opinion.  Students will work on elaborating and adding details to their writing.  Stamina is also very important this nine weeks! We are working towards writing 3 paragraph papers in one sitting! Writing touchstones and Expert topic papers will go home this Wednesday in the VIP folders.  

In science, we are practicing writing about scientific ideas and defending our thinking and opinions with scientific thinking and explanations.  We will visit the science lab on Wednesday.  We will have a quiz on animal and plant cells and single and multi-celled microorganisms on Thursday.  

In social studies, we are exploring the people of the Great Depression.  We are also working on building a deeper understanding of the vocabulary of the Great Depression.  Vocabulary Tic Tac Toe will be assigned in class on Monday and 3 assignments of their choice are due Thursday morning. Students will have time in class to work on these assignments, but may need to finish at home.

We are building stamina and connections! Have a wonderful week!

-Mrs. Standing

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Week of January 7th


Welcome to 2019! We are starting a new year and a new quarter!  I hope everyone had a safe and restful Winter break!

Reminders for this week…

Human Growth and Development lessons are on Thursday and Friday! We are having the Harlem Globetrotters visit on Tuesday! Report cards will go home on Friday! Please sign and return the envelope on Monday!


Most classes in grades 3-5 allow students to take part in the CCSD ”Bring Your Own Device” program.  In order for devices to be used in the Kincaid Elementary building, students and parents must follow these steps:

  1. Sign a BYOD form and return to your child’s teacher as soon as possible.  http://www.cobbk12.org/centraloffice/InstructionalTechnology/IL/BYOD/BYODParentPermission2017.pdf
  2. With the permission of their homeroom teacher, send your child’s technology to school with them on one of the three BYOD Days:
    1. Monday, January 7
    2. Monday, January 14
    3. Tuesday, January 22

Mrs. Perisino will be available all day in the Learning Commons to enroll student devices on the wireless network.

  1. All passcodes will be needed for most devices to allow for downloading of the wireless certificate. Please provide your child all passcodes to their new technology.  Make sure there is an initial login code.  If there is not, Mrs. Perisino will set it to 1234.

Read and learn more about BYOD in CCSD here  http://www.cobbk12.org/centraloffice/instructionaltechnology/IL/BYOD/byod.aspx

Our learning objectives this week…Beginning Quarter 3!

In math, we are focusing on multiplication and division fraction word problems.  We use the CUBES method to examine word problems.  We are also practicing explaining our mathematical thinking in writing.  On Friday, we will take a Touchstone.  Monday-Thursday Word Problem Homework (1/2 sheet each day) 

In reading, we are introducing RL6: Point of View.  Students will review the different point of view authors use and practice determining the point of view of a piece of text.  We will also work on finishing our read aloud The Giver this week.  Reading Responses are due next week.  Check reading response section of the readers notebook for information about requirements.  Reading log from now on will be 30 minutes Monday-Thursday! 

In writing, we are reviewing informational and narrative writing this week and taking 2 writing tests on these genres on Thursday and Friday.

In science, we are starting a new mini unit on single celled and multi celled organisms.  We will be taking notes, doing close readings, and writing in science this week.  No quizzes this week.

In social studies, we are beginning the Great Depression unit. We will take notes and then do a Stock Market Crash Reenactment,  Like in science, we are doing close readings and writing! No quizzes!

Welcome back! I look forward to seeing everyone bright and early on Monday!

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Week of December 17th


This week is the last week of the 2nd quarter, which means we are HALFWAY though the school year! I think that time has flown in our classroom, and I have really enjoyed teaching this group with all my heart.  While I will miss them, I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday break and safe traveling.   I will see the students back at school on January 7th! Happy Holidays!

Reminders for this week…

  • Book Board games are due on Monday!
  • As the last week of the quarter, we have many quizzes and assessments this week. Even though holidays are near, we are still learning every day!
  • Our class party is on Wednesday 12:30-1:30 pm! Wear a holiday themed shirt!

On Friday, JROTC students from Sprayberry came to our classroom for Junior Achievement Day.  The kids learned about finances and enterprenuership from this bright, young leaders! One was even a former Kincaid student!

Our learning objectives this week…Wrapping up 2nd quarter! 

In math, we are reviewing simplifying fractions and multiplying and dividing fractions.  We will have a quiz on Tuesday.

In reading, we are reviewing our quarter 2 standards, figurative language, text structures, and point of view.  We will take a touchstone on Tuesday.  This is a standardized test that will be taken for a grade.  Reading log for 20 minutes Monday-Thursday.  No reading responses this week!

In writing, we are publishing our Expert Topic Papers!

In science, we are reviewing the parts of cells (plant and animal) and key vocabulary for a quiz on Tuesday.

In social studies, we are reviewing the Roaring 20’s for a Who Was? Quiz on Tuesday.  (Louis Armstrong, Charles Lindbergh, Babe Ruth, Langston Hughes, and Henry Ford)

Over the break…

Students will have a reading log for a free six flags ticket.  To earn the ticket, students need to read for 6 hours total by January 11th!

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Week of December 10th


Two more weeks until Winter Break!  This week we are working hard and learning everyday!


Book Board Games for my Reading Class are due on December 17th! This is the 2nd quarter “book report” for fifth grade!

  • Read a nonfiction book for this project.
  • Once the book is completed, design and create a board game using the book’s topic.

(Make your own board or use the one from an old game.  You can also visit the following website to find some ideas: http://mes-english.com/games/boardgames.php)

  • The game should:

*include at least 15 facts and 5 vocabulary words that were learned from the book.

(Use true/false or multiple choice answers.)

*be for 2 or more players.

*include directions on how to play.

*contain all the necessary parts to play (dice, etc.).

*be in a box or other container that gives the name of the game, visuals, and a catchy phrase.

*be creative!

We are very proud of our Spelling Bee Participants Ana and Alyssa!

Our learning objectives this week..

In math, we are continuing multiplying fractions and beginning dividing fractions this week.  Reviewing the lesson from the day before starting homework will help students stay sharp and ready to tackle this week’s work.  Monday- p. 749, Tuesday-p.763, Wednesday-Finish Study Guide Thursday-No homework, review study guide.  Students will test on mult/div. fractions before winter break! 

In reading, we are finishing up our read aloud The Giver! We love this book! No reading responses are due this week- but I will accept a reading response as an extra credit assignment! Students can turn in a completed reading response by Friday and it will replace their lowest reading response grade from this quarter.  This is optional and the only extra credit I will offer in reading.  Reading log Monday-Thursday for 20 minutes, sign by Friday morning! 

In writing, we are revising and editing our Expert Topics Informational Research paper.  We will type them on Thursday!

In science, we are learning about the parts of cells.

In social studies, we are learning about the Roaring 20’s!

Have a great week!


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Week of December 3rd


I am in shock that it is December! What a wonderful first half of the school year.  Students have been working hard and accomplishing goals left and right! I am so proud!

This week…

We have the RI assessment on Wednesday! This test will measure student’s Lexile scores.  I will send these scores home as soon as I am able.  Also, Iowa test scores are coming home on Wednesday in the VIP folder! Friday is the Spelling Bee!

Our Learning Objectives this week…

In math, we are testing on adding and subtracting fractions on Monday.  Then we are beginning multiplying fractions on Tuesday and will work on that for the rest of the week.  Homework this week –Mon-None, Tues-p.723, Wed-p.734, Thurs-p.743

Thank you to our KSU Student Teacher Ms. Bettis for your help in our classroom! We will miss you!

We have been working hard on word problems this week!

In reading, we are beginning a poetry unit.  Students will learn to closely read poetry and analyze what they notice.  Students will take the RI on Wednesday.  Reading Responses are due this week and next week.  Reading log for 20 minutes Monday-Thursday!

In writing, we are continuing our Expert Topics paper.  We are beginning from the inside with our body paragraphs, adding introductions and conclusions, and then revising to make it interesting and informative.

In science, we are beginning our unit on animal and plant cells.  Students will take notes in their interactive notebook.  

In social studies, we are finishing up our World War 1 unit and reviewing.  Test will be either on Wednesday or Thursday. Study Guide will be due on Wednesday! We enjoyed learning about new WW1 weapon technology and warfare and wrote letters from the trench on Friday! It was a great experience and the kids really showed their creativity!

Have an awesome week!

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Week of November 26th


Welcome back from Thanksgiving Break! It was great seeing so many parents and family members at the Thanksgiving lunch.  Kincaid’s Thanksgiving feast was delicious!

Reminders for next week…

Students need to bring a jacket or warm hoodie every day.  We will try to go outside as often as we can and it is very cold! (Please label garments from home with your students’ name so it can easily be returned if lost). Gloves and Hats needs to be clearly labeled please!

Progress reports went home on Friday, November 16th.  Please sign and return them by Tuesday, November 27th! If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to email me at megan.standing@cobbk12.org

Kincaid Elementary has put the annual “Giving Tree” in the front lobby of our school. If you or your child would like to donate a toy or clothing item for a child in need, please select a paper ornament from the Giving Tree. Please purchase the item listed on the ornament and place the unwrapped item under the tree by December 14th. All items will be delivered to MUST Ministries for their Toy Shop benefiting needy families in our community. Please contact our school counselors if you have any questions about the Giving Tree. Our counselors can be reached by email lori.kotarba@cobbk12.org or Meredith.weitnauer@cobbk12.org or by calling the school. Thank you in advance for your generosity!

**Classroom donations needed: Glue sticks, highlighters, post its, treasure box treats and Clorox Wipes ** Thank you!!

Our learning objectives this week…

In math, we are working on adding and subtracting mixed numbers. We are also working on comparing fractions and finding equivalent fractions. Students have been working hard with partners and in teams.  Homework for this week is p. 681 on Monday, p. 687 on Tuesday, p. 587 Wednesday, and Study Guide p. 696-697 # 9-27-Due on Friday!

In reading, we are examining the chapter structures of fiction novels. We are working on adding our thinking to summaries and supporting that thinking with text evidence.  Reading Responses will be due next week! Please check reading response section of notebooks for weekly grades.  Reading log Monday-Thursday 20 minutes. 

In writing, we are starting an Expert Topics paper.  Students will check out books to support their writing with research.

In science, we are wrapping up our inherited traits unit.  Students will have a study guide on Thursday for the test next week!

In social studies, we are finishing World War 1 notes in our interactive notebooks.  We are starting a Trench Assignment Project on Tuesday.  This will be an in class assignment.

Have a wonderful week!

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Week of November 12th


Welcome to the last week before Thanksgiving break! Time flies in fifth grade! 🙂


On Thursday our classroom is having Thanksgiving lunch at 12:05 pm! No school next week!

Our learning objectives this week…

In math, we are starting adding and subtracting fractions with unlike denominators.  Students will have homework Monday-Thursday in their math workbook! 

In reading, we are continuing different informational text structures.  We will have a test on Thursday on the different text structures. We are focusing on chronological order and comparing and contrasting and then we will review and a Study guide will come home on Tuesday! Reading log Monday-Thursday for 20 minutes each night. 

In writing, we are building our informational writing stamina and focusing on writing detailed paragraphs.  On Thursday, we will begin typing our best paragraphs from this unit.

In science, we are visiting the science lab on Wednesday! Wear closed toed shoes! 🙂

In social studies, we are starting a new unit on World War 1.  We are learning about the causes of WW1 and modern warfare.

Have a great Thanksgiving break!

Here are some fun pictures from our Flashlight day last week!

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Week of November 5th


Welcome to the first week of November! We have many fun events to look forward to this week!

Reminders for this week:

  • Tuesday 11/6- No School/Election Day
  • Thursday 11/8- Math Night at Kincaid
  • Friday 11/9- Performing Arts Field Trip- Dress up!

Our learning objectives this week…

In math, we are wrapping up multiplying and dividing decimals and beginning our fraction unit.  Students will take a touchstone on Monday and a Fraction Pre-test.  Students will have Math Practice Sheets for homework Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  

In reading, we are studying informational genres including the different text structures and their purposes. Students have a reading log for 20 minutes Monday through Thursday.  Reading log needs to be signed by Friday morning.  Weekly Reading Responses are due on their assigned day and grades can be viewed in their reading response notebooks.


In writing, we are focused on crafting well-structured and supported informational paragraphs.  We are also experimenting with different text structures as we write on different topics.  No Wordly Wise this week! 

In science, we are beginning a new unit on Inherited Traits.

In social studies, we are wrapping up our Turn of the Century Unit! We will review Monday and Wednesday and test on Thursday! Study Guide will come home on Monday and will be due on Thursday morning! 

Have a wonderful week!

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Week of October 29th


It’s the last week of October! We have a busy and fun week ahead!

Our learning objectives this week…

In math, we are working on dividing decimals.  Towards the end of the week, we will begin reviewing multiplying and dividing decimals.  We will have a test next Monday. Homework for this week is: Mon: p. 447-448 Tues: p. 453-454 Wed: p. 459-460 Thurs: Mixed Review Study Guide.

In reading, we are working on identifying figurative language and determining its meaning.  Reading responses are due on book club days, grades are in the reader’s response section of Reading Notebooks.  Reading logs are due on Thursday mornings!

In writing, we are examining the different text structures of informational writing.  We are also continuing to work on typing.  If you have a desktop or laptop at home, it would be great to allow typing practice time.  Students will take the Milestone online this year and are working on building their typing stamina to prepare! Wordly Wise test will be on Friday!

In science, we are learning how plants grow and reproduce and will visit the science lab on Wednesday.  We will have a classification test on Thursday!

In social studies, we are starting a Battle of Little Big Horn and Trail of Tears Choice Activity.  Students will close read 2 passages on Monday and then chose 3 activities to show what they have learned.  Those activities will be due the following Monday.  Students will 3 days to work in class, anything not finished in class should be completed at home! 

Have a great week and a Happy Halloween!

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Week of October 22nd


It was a wonderful parent-teacher conference week! I enjoyed sharing my students’ progress and I feel so lucky to have such a supportive and engaged group of parents.  Thank you for coming, and if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach me through email or call me.  I don’t want our conversations to stop at conference week!

Reminders for this week:

On Tuesday we will have STEM lab.  The kids will be planting tulips and should wear clothes that can get dirty. On Wednesday, we have a guidance lesson with Mrs. Weitnauer and a typing lesson with Mrs. Perisino!

Our learning objectives this week…

In math, we are continuing our decimals unit.  We are working on strategies when multiplying decimals.  Make sure your child is bringing home their math notebooks with the daily lesson to help with homework.  Homework will be assigned Monday (p. 389-390), Tuesday (p. 395-396), Wednesday (p. 401-402), and Thursday (p.407-408).

We enjoyed playing “trashketball” to review adding and subtracting decimals!

In reading, we are beginning our figurative language unit.  Students will review common idioms, work on identifying figurative language, and work on determining what it means this week.  2nd quarter reading responses have begun! Last week we reviewed the requirements, which include adding their thinking to their detailed summaries and using text evidence to support their thinking.  Check the reading response section of their notebooks for their weekly grade.  Homework: Read for 20 minutes Monday-Thursday. Sign by Friday morning!

In writing, we are beginning informational writing with a fun Monster Project.  This writing project will be done at school and does not have any take home components! We are also working on our typing skills.  We are working on increasing our typing speed and using correct paper formatting.

In science, we will have an animal classification quiz on Tuesday.  We will review on Monday and students should study their notes in their science interactive notebook.

In social studies, we are continuing our immigration unit with a virtual field trip to Ellis Island!

Have a great week!


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