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Over the last couple of days, we have been practicing argumentative writing. We used the organizer below to help structure an argumentative paragraph over “Should We Ban Helium Balloons?” Students can collect the materials for this assignment when they return if they were absent. We will practice more after the break and begin writing a full argumentative essay. Students will have a quiz and test over argumentative writing in the weeks they return from break. Dates are below. In the meantime, I hope everyone has a fun, relaxing break!

Thursday – Friday PWPT

Argumentative Paragraph Organizer

Quiz: 3/2/18

Test: 3/9/18


Introduction to Argumentative

Students completed guided notes on argumentative writing after their initial introduction yesterday. These notes will serve as a study guide for them in the future, so hang onto them! The word document for the notes and the powerpoint they used are linked below for anyone who was absent. Please be sure to watch the video for homework.

Argumentative PowerPoint

Argumentative Guided Notes

Homework: Watch the video below.


Getting Started on Argumentative

The focus of today’s class was moving onto argumentative writing. We looked at the description of their next assignment, an argumentative essay, as well as the rubric. Students drew comparisons between explanatory and argumentative writing. Students then took a look at a couple of examples of argumentative writing to apply new terms. Please make sure to get a copy from the folder if you were absent.

Note: Explanatory essays were due today. If you were absent today, please be sure to turn yours in as soon as you return.

Tuesday PWPT

Spring Pictures Announcement!

Spring pictures are scheduled for Friday, February 16th. Students will receive order information by Tuesday, February 6th. Payment MUST BE MADE DIRECTLY TO THE PHOTOGRAPHER at the time your child’s picture is taken. Thank you in advance for supporting Dickerson’s Spring Picture Day!

Final copies!

Students worked on finishing their explanatory essays and works cited pages in class today. These are due tomorrow when they come into class, whether they are handwritten or typed. Students will be turning in their final draft with a works cited page, their rough draft, their outline, and the revising/editing checklist they completed. If they need to print at school, they need to come down to my room by 8:40am or get a pass signed to print in the media center during homeroom. Please see below for the final copy formatting and works cited information. Remember, if you’re using Office 365, your login is [email protected] and your password is whatever password you use to log into the computers at school.

Test Make-up: Students who missed the test last week need to come in early to make-up the test tomorrow morning. Students must be here by 8:10. Study resources can be found here.

Final Copy:

  • Be sure to include an MLA header (see post from last week)
  • All text must be Arial or Times New Roman in 12 pt font (titles and headers are NOT bigger)
  • The entire essay, including the heading, must be double-spaced
  • Margins should be 1-inch

Works Cited:

  • Is a separate page at the end of the essay
  • Is titled “Works Cited” and is in the center
  • Includes citations for any sources used in the essay copied as they are on the works cited handout
  • Must be alphabetized properly (follow the directions on the handout!)
  • MLA Works Cited Handout

This is a sample of what a Works Cited page could look like depending on the sources used.


Finishing Revisions

Students used the feedback from their peers to direct their revisions in class. Once students added revisions to their rough draft, they assessed their own essay using the checklist (see below). Students need to complete any remaining revisions tonight and be prepared to start their final copies tomorrow! See below for today’s journal entry, as well.

Revising & Editing Checklist

Journal Entry: Write a story that includes the line, “Mom, I don’t want to be a shoe!”

Revising & Editing

Students worked on the first steps of revising and editing their essays. Peers provided feedback on any areas that need improvement before the final copy is turned in. Students will use that feedback tomorrow to make notes for revisions before they assess themselves. If you were absent, please be sure to come to class with a rough draft tomorrow so you can participate fully in class.

Test Make-up: I will have my name on the board in the cafeteria tomorrow morning for any student who needs to make up the test over sentence variety and explanatory writing.  



Test & Rough Drafts Due

Students took their test over sentence types, explanatory, and advertising techniques. Any student who was absent may make up the test Thursday morning. 

Homework: Complete rough drafts to bring to class tomorrow. We’ll be revising & editing, so you need them to participate in class.

Test tomorrow!

Tomorrow we have our test over sentence types, SpringBoard advertising techniques (definitions only), and explanatory writing/MLA format. I will be in for a help session tomorrow morning from 8:15 – 8:45am. My name will be on the board in the cafeteria. I encourage students to come in with questions from their studying. Remember to use all of your resources to study (notes, worksheets, etc.). I’ve included some more below for your convenience. Remember, you can check Mrs. Figueiredo’s blog and Mrs. Walworth’s blog for even more study resources!

Review Jeopardy

Sentence Types Quiz Study Resources (Kahoot, PWPT, etc.)

SB Advertising Techniques Quizlet

Subordinating Conjunctions Quizlet


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