Happy weekend!

We only have one week left until the break! If you have already submitted a FlipGrid video, you have no homework. If you still need to submit, please see the directions on yesterday’s blog post. Bell ringer for today can be found below. Anyone who still needs to make up the test should come Monday morning at 8:15am. Remember, all grades must be completed before we leave for break.

Bell Ringer: Write at least six sentences on a topic of your choice.

FlipGrid and Morning Session

Your homework tonight is to record your story using FlipGrid. See the instructions below. Remember, this is worth 30 points of your overall grade. You can rerecord until you are happy with your recording. Make sure to look at the camera and speak loudly and clearly! And don’t read too quickly. Morning session tomorrow at 8:15 for test make-up, paragraph revisions, or technology help.

Step 1: Go to the link below for your class.

3rd Period

4th Period

5th Period

6th Period

7th Period

Step 2: Log in with your Office 365 information (first.last@students.cobbk12.org + the password you use to log in to computers at school). If it then asks for a password, enter dickerson2018 – all lowercase.

Step 3: Record your video! Don’t forget to read loudly, clearly, and make eye contact. You can rerecord until you are satisfied with your recording. Once you’re happy with your recording, submit.


Final Test Done

Today students completed their final test of the quarter. Any student who was absent can make up the test Friday morning before school at 8:15am. I would encourage all students to review their grades as we only have about a week left in the quarter. Students do have homework, which you can find outlined below.

Test Make-up: Students who missed today’s test can make the test up before school at 8:15am on Friday 12/14.

Homework: Try logging in to your Office 365 account using the instructions below.

  1. Go to http://www.office.com.
  2. Log in with the username first.last@students.cobbk12.org (don’t forget to use your given name).
  3. Use the password you use to log in to the computers at school.

If you have any problems, write them down!

Step by Step Sentence Identification

Students focused back in on sentence identification today by taking it step by step. We took notes on three steps to follow to identify any sentence. We practiced together with the examples in the Power Point, and we reviewed the learning check using the step-by-step process. You can find the Power Point from today, which includes the steps and the bell ringer, as well as examples. I have also linked a typed version of the notes we took today. Remember, you have a test on Wednesday over sentence types and commas. Look a few posts back for study resources. These will be reposted and updated tomorrow with the learning check key.

Homework: Sentence Types HW – don’t forget to do all three steps for each sentence!

Monday PWPT

Sentence Type Identification Notes


Final Copies

Today, students focused on finishing up there revisions and finalizing their stories. Once they finished revisions, they completed the checklist below. Please make sure you do so if you did not finish in class. All elements under “identification” must be identified properly on the final copy. Once you are all set, print TWO copies. You’ll need one, and I’ll need one. Bring those to class on Monday. Don’t forget, we have our final test of the quarter on Wednesday!

Homework: Bring TWO copies of your printed final copy to class on Monday. If you need to print on Monday morning before school, my name will be on the board. I’ll be in the 6D6 lab for people to come print. If you don’t get here before homeroom, write a pass and print in the media center.

Almost done!

Students worked on finishing their revisions and editing their stories for their polished final drafts. Students will have one more day to work on their story in class. Printed final copies are due Monday when they come to class. I will be here early tomorrow morning for students who would like to come in and work on their stories. You can find the bell ringer below.

Bell ringer: Reflect on yesterday’s learning check? What did you find difficult or confusing? How will you review prior to the test?


Making a Good Story Better

Students started off today with a learning check. If you were absent, you will need to make the learning check up when you return. Students finished up their rough draft evaluations. If they did not finish, it needs to be finished for homework. We will continue with revisions tomorrow!

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