Happy fall break!

Students started by responding to the following question for their bell ringer: “What do you look forward to most during fall break?” Students then worked on honing in their constructed response paragraph skills. They will continue this after the break before we delve into narrative writing. In the mean time, have a great break!

Test 2, down!

Students completed their second test today in class. Please refer to last night’s post for study resources. (I will try to update the Quizizz codes this evening for anyone who needs to make up the test). Students who missed the test and can make it up before school tomorrow, my name will be on the board for 8:20am. If possible, please make up the test tomorrow, not after the break. No bell ringer or homework today!

Test tomorrow!

Students have a test tomorrow over phrases, clauses, and conjunctions. We reviewed the task cards students completed earlier this week, and we did some Quizizz practice. Students have access to all the Quizizz below. There are also quizlets posted below, and the key for the packet that we have been reviewing the past week can be found below (will be there by approximately 5pm along with the key to the task cards).

1. Go to join.quizizz.com. Please make sure to enter your FIRST AND LAST NAME. Use the codes below for each quiz.

Quizizz 1: 411517

Quizizz 2: 901457

Quizizz 3: 582389

Quizizz 4: 826166

Quizizz 5: 763335

2. Quizlets

Phrase or Clause

Independent or Dependent

Preposition or Subordinating Conjunction

3. Phrase & Clause Packet Answer Key

Task Card Answer Key


Tasks Galore

Students over the course of today and yesterday in all classes completed the bell ringer below, as well as eight clause and phrase related task. Students worked in groups and rotated from task to task in order to gain extra practice prior to the test. We will review the answers tomorrow and do more review before our test on Thursday. Please see below for the task cards and the bell ringer.

Phrase & Clause Task Cards

Bell ringer:


Phrases & Clauses, ctd.

Due to the testing schedule, different classes are at slightly different places. If you are in 4th, 6th, or 7th period, you did have class with me today, so please see below. Don’t forget, we do have a test on Thursday! It will cover phrases, clauses, conjunctions, and the writing process. In the meantime, due to testing there is no homework.

4th and 7th Period:

Students continued today with the story, “Why Couldn’t I Have Been Named Ashley?”, today in class. We searched for phrases, independent clauses, and dependent clauses within the text to further understand how those three components are used to make up writing. We completed more practice in the form of task cards. Students worked in groups to complete eight different tasks. We will review each task on Wednesday.

Bell ringer – Write down an example of a phrase, an independent clause, and a dependent clause that you found in the story.

6th Period:

In 6th period, we reviewed most of what was left in their packets. Students also began searching for phrases, independent clauses, and dependent clauses within the text, “Why Couldn’t I Have Been Named Ashley?” If you were absent, there will be an answer key for the packet posted on the blog tomorrow, and you can get a copy of the text when you return. Please see below for the bell ringer.


Friday is here!

We have officially made it through more than half of testing! Today we reviewed more of the packet, and then students searched for independent clauses, dependent clauses, and phrases within a text. Any student who was absent can get the materials when they return. Students also completed a bell ringer over relative clauses. The bell ringer can be found below. Have a great weekend, and get lots of rest! No homework.

Artists Extraordinaire

Today we started reviewing the packet. We went over the notes to ensure students had the correct notes written down. An answer key for those pages will be posted tomorrow. Brave student volunteers drew the cartoons from their packets to illustrate how an independent clause can become dependent, and then how it can become a complete sentence again when joined by a new independent clause. Remember, there is no homework during testing.


To be clear, students DO NOT have homework tonight. They worked on their packets diligently in class today, and we will spend class time with those packets over the next few days. Please do not worry about them for now. Because COGAT and IOWAs begin tomorrow, everyone should make sure to get a good night’s sleep. We’ll tackle phrases and clauses together in class. Please see below for important testing reminders.

Testing Reminders:

  • students till report to their HR class in the morning
  • students need to leave ALL TECHNOLOGY (phones, tablets, smart watches, etc.) in their lockers, turned off
  • be sure to bring two #2 pencils (non-mechanical)
  • you made read a fiction book when you’re done with all sections on any given day, so bring one with you to class

Phrases & Clauses Practice

Students applied their understanding of phrases and clauses by completing practice in class. Students started by reviewing subjects and predicates with a BrainPop in order to help them with phrases and clauses. If a student was absent, they can find the BrainPop quiz in the Monday folder when they return. We then watched a video on independent vs. dependent clauses to help students understand the difference between the two. We finished class by completing phrases & clauses practice. You can find the handout below. The answer key will be posted tomorrow for anyone who needs to double check their work. Please see below for the clauses video and today’s bell ringer. Students have been working on a packet from last week. It will be due for a completion grade on Wednesday.

Bell ringer: Explain the difference between an independent clause and a dependent clause. Then, write an example of each.

Phrases & Clauses Practice

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