Directions for 11/16 – READ CAREFULLY

Step 1: Finish revising and editing your myth.

Step 2: Follow the “printing” directions below.

Step 3: Put it together. Get paper from Ms. Tansey. If you are hand drawing you can get started. If you want to use online images, you must fit them on ONE PAGE in Word to print. You must include the website URL below the image (NOT GOOGLE). Create a title page with the title of your myth and the name/names of the author(s).

Printing Instructions (READ CAREFULLY):

  1. Copy and paste your text into a Word document.
  2. Get rid of any headings or bolded segments.
  3. Make sure your font is 12 pt and in a legible font (Times New Roman, Calibri, Arial).
  4. Select the “Layout” menu at the top.
  5. Put your text into two columns.
  6. Put a blank line between paragraphs.
  7. Save your document to your number (“This PC” –> “My Documents”)
  8. Print! Select the one that starts “LEX.”

Internet Image Instructions (READ CAREFULLY):

  1. Your images MUST go with your myth.
  2. All images must be cited (NOT GOOGLE!!!). Find the website URL.
  3. Copy and paste images into a Word document. You may print ONE PAGE of images.
  4. Print before you leave.

Myth Rubric

Unit 1 Test – Study Resources!

Hi everyone! We have a comprehensive Unit 1 test tomorrow. Please see the study guides and quizlets below to use as resources. I have also listed the material which will be covered on the test. I will be holding a study session tomorrow morning before school for anyone who has questions or needs help.

Study Resources:

SB Unit 1 – Study Guide with Answers

Unit 1, Test 1 Study Guide

Unit 1, Test 2 Study Guide Phrases & Clauses


Test will cover:

  1. Vocabulary terms (narrative, QHT, connotation, looping, myth, denotation, independent clause, symbol)
  2. plot structure
  3. comma rules & coordinate adjectives
  4. Steps of the writing process
  5. Responding to prompts
  6. Elements of a myth/elements of a personal narrative
  7. hooks
  8. phrases & clauses
  9. figurative language

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Revising the Myths & Study Guide

Students continued their work with revising their myths. They worked on finishing their sentence level revisions today in class. Please see below for homework and announcements.

Homework: Students worked on a study guide Friday in class, which we will go over tomorrow to prepare for the test. Students need to complete the study guide for class. They should use the assignment sheet (SB Unit 1 – Study Guide) and their book or SpringBoard online (

Test: Students have a comprehensive unit test on Wednesday, November 15. (See photo below for list of items.)

MythsThe myth assignment is due on Friday. Students have been working on this assignment in class over the past couple of weeks. They will have time on Thursday to work on them in class before they are due on Friday.

Friday’s here!

Students are working today on completing a study guide for Unit 1. Students will use their SpringBoard texts to locate answers, creating a study guide as they go. This will help them with their upcoming unit test next Wednesday. Please see the assignment sheet below. If you are out and need to work on it at home, you can use your online SpringBoard text. Be sure to go to to put in your username and password (Dickerson2017!). Have a great weekend!

SB Unit 1 – Study Guide

The Power of Sentences

Today students honed in on the power of a truly good sentence. Students learned different areas to focus in on for revising sentences to make them more powerful and their learning in their own myths. Please see the PWPT below. The assignment sheet from today’s class can be found as well.

Thursday PWPT

Sentence Level Revisions

Test Announcement: Students will have a comprehensive Unit 1 test this coming Wednesday (11/15). Students may refer to their study guides from the previous two tests. Students will be working on more review in class tomorrow.

Padlet Links

3rd Period:

4th Period:

5th Period:

6th Period:

7th Period:

Original Myths & Office 365

After the spelling bee, students used the remaining time in class to work on their myths. Students need to keep working on their rough drafts at home and bring in a printed copy tomorrow. If students don’t have access to a printer they can “share” their document with me on Office 365 or e-mail it to me ([email protected]). Please see below for helpful tips on accessing Office 365 at home.

Homework: Complete rough drafts and bring in a printed copy. Remember, they do not have to be perfect. You will be able to make changes and add things in!

Log-in instructions from Kerry Jerris:

  1. Username: [email protected](If a student has the same name as another student in the district, each student will have a 3 digit number appended to their last name, i.e., [email protected].)
  1. Passwords
    Passwords for Office 365 are the same as the CCSD Network login. The password that the student uses to log into a school computer is the password for the student to log into Office 365. Media Specialists and/or Lab Managers have the ability to view Office 365 login usernames for students and change student passwords if necessary.

If you need more information, please see the help page:

Creating Myths, HW, & Spelling Bee

Students continued working on their original myths. Students outlined their stories in a plot diagram to ensure their story would be complete before they began typing. Students need to complete the exposition, rising action, and climax portions of their rough drafts. I have included the PowerPoint from today below.

Monday PWPT

Homework: Complete the rough drafts through the climax portion.

Spelling Bee: The spelling bee will be held Wednesday in class. It will be handwritten, so bring a writing utensil!

Gods & Goddesses

Having explored various myths, students delved in to Greek gods and goddesses. They researched using Source 1 below to find the roles and symbols of various gods. Students then worked on outlining a “Wanted” poster for a god of their choice. You can find those documents below. Students will work tomorrow on creating the physical poster tomorrow, so be sure to come with colored pencils handy!

Gods & Goddesses Chart

Wanted Poster Assignment

Source 1: 

Source 2: 



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