Home stretch!

Students took their final test of the year for ELA! Those who missed it can make it up tomorrow. They can either make it up in the morning, or they can take it in class. We will be listening to the audiobook over the next few days. Students need to bring their completed journals tomorrow, but other than that they just need to bring themselves.

Tangerine Test Two Tomorrow!

Students have a test over Tangerine tomorrow. The test covers pages 112 – 185 in the book (or Wednesday, September 20 – Wednesday, November 8). It will also cover vocabulary and characters. Please see below for the answer key for the review questions, the vocabulary quizlet, questions from previous classes, and the crossword answer key. I will be here early tomorrow for any students who want to come in and use the books or ask questions. This is our last test for the year. I feel confident everyone can ace it!

Study Resources:

Tangerine Review Questions – Key 

Vocabulary Quizlet

CW Key 1 & CW Key 2

Review Questions & Test Wednesday

In most classes today, we reached up to page 185 in Tangerine. As a result, the test will cover pages 112 – 185. Students received a set of review questions to help them prepare for the test. If not finished in class, these questions are homework. If you were absent or for whatever reason need a new set, please click the link below titled “Tangerine Review Questions.” I have also listed below a summary of what will be covered on the test. Remember, Mrs. Walworth will be here early tomorrow morning if you’d like to use the books, and I will be here early on Wednesday morning for access to books/last minute questions.

Tangerine Review Questions

Test Wednesday:

  • Tangerine pgs. 112 – 185
  • vocabulary from crossword (Quizlet can be found here)
  • characters

Moving Along

Students reached pg. 155 in Tangerine. We’ll be moving right along in the novel tomorrow. Please make sure you’re keeping up with your dialectical journal entries. If you need to make up the test, please see the information below.

Test Make-up: Friday, May 11th before school. Please make sure you’re here by 8:20am at the latest.

Test Make-up & HW

Students completed their first test on Tangerine in class today. Any student who was absent or did not take the test today needs to be ready to take the test Friday morning before school. Please see below for HW and an updated journal entry list.

HW: Read up to pg. 140 (Wednesday, September 27 if you’re reading on the PDF).

Test Make-up: Friday morning before school. Students must be here by 8:20am.

Journal Entries:

#1 – pgs. 7 – 16

#2 – pgs. 17 – 27

#3 – pgs. 27 – 36

(pgs. 37 – 46 exempt)

#4 – pgs. 47 – 56

#5 – pgs. 57 – 66

#6 – pgs. 67 – 76 (picture for most)

#7 – pgs. 77 – 86

(pgs. 87 – 112 exempt due to questions handout and test preparation)

#8 – pgs. 112 – 121

Tangerine Test Tomorrow!

Hopefully the alliteration helps you remember that we have a test tomorrow over pgs. 33 – 112 of Tangerine. Please see the “lists of important things” from each class period and Ms. Tansey’s added items (hint hint). I will be here in the morning if you need to use the books. I know you’ll all do great!

Important Things Tangerine

Test Wednesday & HW

Students finished up the questions they had from Friday’s reading. We’re at about pg. 105 – 110 depending on the class. Students do have a test on Wednesday, so they have review homework for tonight. Please see below for details. And remember, Mrs. Walworth will be here in the morning if anyone needs access to the books!

HW: Review pgs. 33 – 94 (or Monday August, 28 to Friday, September 15 if you’re using the online PDF). Make a list of ten important things from that section of pages. You can list events, details about characters, thoughts Paul has, etc.

P.S. Please see Dr. Brink’s letter about important end of the year information!

Quiz & Homework

Students took their quiz on Tangerine in class. Once they finished, they read independently up until pg. 70 (or “Saturday, September 9). I have listed the journal entries below up until page 70. Please make sure you are staying on track and keeping up with the journal! Students may also come in early and utilize the paper copies of the books in Mrs. Figueiredo’s class. She will be available starting at 8:20am.

Journal Entries So Far:

#1: pgs. 7 – 16

#2: pgs. 17 – 27

#3: pgs. 27 – 36

Exempt: pgs. 37 – 46 (students do not need to complete an entry for these pages)

#4: pgs. 47 – 56

#5: pgs. 57 – 66

Quiz tomorrow!

Students have a quiz tomorrow. Please review tonight. Remember, no journal entry is required for pages 37 – 46, so don’t worry about that! I will also be available for students to come down to my room in the morning starting at 8:20. They can use the books in here to review or catch up on reading. The quiz will cover the following:

  • Pgs. 1 – 32 of Tangerine
  • Vocabulary from the novel (see below)
  • Dialectical journal notes



Back to Tangerine

Students reentered the world of central Florida today in class. We are at slightly different places in the book in each class, but the quiz on Wednesday will cover pages 1 – 32. Please see the answer key for the vocabulary and the web quest, which will also be on the quiz. (Hint: You may want to pay extra attention to the bolded answers on the web quest key.) If students need to access the books in the morning to review or work on their journals, they can come in at 8:20 and go to Ms. Walworth’s room.

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