August 13-17

Hello there!

The past week and a half has flown by! We spent the first three days getting to know each other and completing different team building activities. I loved getting to know more about my students and watching them collaborate with each other to accomplish a common goal. I was so impressed with their willingness to work with new friends!

Last week, we dove into our first unit of inquiry. We began with the end in mind by looking at our culminating task of becoming an Adviser to the President; they will be answering the questions “Given these attacks, what course of action should the United States take? What should the President do?” The students participated in a gallery walk where they viewed primary sources from the attacks on 9/11, and from there, we learned how to develop inquiry based questions. We will continue to dive into this unit this week.

We began our first math unit as well! In this first unit, the students are taking a deeper look into place value and how it relates to our base ten number system. We are also looking into the base ten pattern and exponents.

Our novels have been ordered, and as soon as they arrive, we will begin reading those each day in class. If you are interested, I highly encourage you to read these novels along with your student and continue the dialogue at home! If you have not ordered these texts, please do so as soon as you can. It is imperative that your student have their own copy of these texts.

In our morning meetings and daily reflections, we have been discussing the 10 learner profiles and how they relate to our days and classroom essential agreements. We are also continuing to discuss the importance of choosing a successful spot in our flexible seating class.

Origins of Our Number System

Inquiry Based Questions


  • Picture day is August 20th!
  • An information packet was sent home on Friday. This packet contains information about all of the class trips and payment options. As mentioned in the letter, a website for the class has been created: and a REMIND group has been set  up (text @tea5th to 81010)
  • Follow our class Instagram (@missthompson5th) to see what our days are like! The account is private, so please send me a message on Remind with your username so I can approve you!
  • If you haven’t done so already, please sign up for the classroom Remind App by texting @49c8fb to 81010

What We Are Learning:

IB Unit: All’s Fair in Love and War: an inquiry into peace and conflict resolution

  • Math: NBT. 1 Place Value/ NBT. 2 Powers of Ten.
  • Social Studies: Conflicts (causes, events, and outcomes): Spanish-American War, WWI, WWII, Cold War, Cuban Missile Crisis, Vietnam War, Collapse of the Soviet Union, 9/11

Specials Rotation:

  • Monday: PE
  • Tuesday: Music
  • Wednesday: Spanish
  • Thursday: PE
  • Friday: Art


Class Trip Letter and Forms

Sharing the Planet: All’s Fair in Love and War

8 thoughts on “August 13-17

  1. Hey Ms. Thompson,
    it’s Mallory, Jayla, Jadon, Jaylen, Koree, Aaliyah, and of course Karimou .We just wanted to say hi and we also wanted to say that we really miss you. If you are asking then yes, we are loving Campbell and are doing very well but, we still miss you.
    Love, all of us.
    P.S. make sure the children behave and say hi to grandma for us. Love You!

  2. Hey Ms. Thompson! It’s me Andres from your last year class. Campbell is amazing so far and I landed in all AC classes! Lots of people told me you came to Campbell to see us all but I didn’t get to see you. 🙁 I hope your school year so far has been great and you’re killing it on teaching the kids in your class this year. I want to say thank you for teaching me how to be enthusiastic, optimistic, always looking on the bright side, teaching me how to be eager to do the right thing, and most of all, teaching me how to ROCK THIS DAY! Thank you! Have a great school year.


    1. Andres!! You are the best. I knew that you would do well in middle school, and there’s no surprise that you’re in all AC classes 🙂 I’m sorry that I didn’t get to see you, I was only there at the end of the day! I hope that all of those things always stick with you- you are such an amazing kid, and I can’t wait to see all of the amazing animations you make in your life!! Hope you’re doing well!
      -Ms. Thompson

  3. Hi Ms. Thompson,
    it’s Mallory from last year and I wanted to tell you that I can still remember all the songs you taught us, including: The juju on that beat morning song, The 24k magic R.A.C.E strategy song etc… I hope you are having a wonderful year, Miss you.

    Mallory Akamba

    1. Mallory! You made my day with this! I miss you all so much, and I am so proud of how well you are doing at Campbell, I never doubted you for a minute. I’m so glad you are still using the songs we sang! Hope you’re doing well!!

  4. In my social studies class we had to write a essay about these documents and my teacher said we have to us race and I forgot all about race and then I remembered your race song and ended up getting a 93

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