Hello all!

We have a busy month ahead of us, and I cannot wait to see everything that the students accomplish!

Math: We are trying something new in math. This is a format that allows students to move and learn at their own pace, while still following a timeline. The students work independently on the computers, while I work with students in a small group. I have loved seeing what they can do with this new format! This does require some discipline and problem solving skills. We are still working on this, but they are getting better everyday!

Currently, the students are finishing NBT.3, moving on to NBT.4, and finishing with NBT.7. NBT.3 asks students to read, write, and compare decimals. The students have to be able to write decimals in word form using number names (three thousand fifteen and twenty one hundredths) and expanded form [ (3 x 1,000) + ( 1 x 10) + ( 5 x 1) + (2 x 1/10) + (1 x 1/100)]. The students must also use greater than, less than, and equal to signs to compare digits. NBT.4 Asks the students to round decimals to the nearest hundredth. NBT.7 asks students to use concrete models to add, subtract, multiply, and divide decimals.


Reading: In reading, we are working on using figurative language. The students learned about similes, metaphors, and personification last week. They are working on writing poetry using the figures of speech. This week, we are learning about hyperboles, alliteration, and onomatopoeias. We began reading our third novel, Esperanza Rising, last week! For each chapter, the students are asked to dig deep into the text to understand why the author chose the title for each chapter, and they are asked to answer reading comprehension questions for each chapter. I will post these questions under the homework tab if you’d like to go over these with your student. Please remember that these should be answered using a RACE response.


ELA: The first vocabulary test is tomorrow. I will send home a new list of words for their next assessment. The students should be know the spelling, definition, and how to use the words in context. I will post these words under the homework tab as well.

We are beginning our study of conjunctions in grammar.

In writing, we are diving into narrative writing! I can’t wait to see what they can come up with! This week, we will explore the types of narratives, types of situations they can write, how to develop a character, and how to incorporate dialogue into their stories.

Inquiry: Last week, we began our third unit, A Penny For Your Thoughts. This unit focuses on economics throughout history, and how personal choices affect the economy. We are learning about each standard from different 5th grade classes this week, and next week, our class is teaching everyone about rationing! I have been listening to their ideas, and I know that they are going to do an amazing job!



We will be having our classroom Holiday party on December 19. Be on the lookout for an email from our fabulous Room Moms about this!

We will exchange our Secret Santa gifts on this day! We will be drawing names tomorrow, so if you didn’t return the permission form, but want your child to participate, please send it in tomorrow! The gifts should only be $10-$15 and come to school wrapped with your student’s name on it.

We are also decorating a class Christmas tree. I would love to have an ornament from every family on it! If you’d like to send one in, we would appreciate it, and I will send them home December 21.

12/7 is an Atlanta United spirit day!

12/12 is our school wide 5th grade fundraiser. We are hosting a Pajama Day. Bring $1 and get cozy!

Tuesday, Dec. 11th – 4th & 5th Grade and TREBLE TONE Performance – Happy Holidays from the Music Room, 6:30 p.m.

Thursday Dec. 13, Our class is visiting the Giving Market. I have attached the catalog

Teasley’s SCIENCE FAIR is coming…

Friday, January 25, 2018

(Projects are due Wednesday, January 23, 2018)

Submit your very own science fair project to the Teasley Science Fair! This will be a competitive event, and there will be judges and prizes. Projects will be judged on Friday, January 25th  and will be displayed in the Media Center for several weeks. Six top-place science fair winners will be accepted to the Cobb-Paulding District Science Fair.  Winners will be notified by the Science Fair Coordinators. The district elementary fair will occur on February 9th, 2018 at Lovinggood Middle School. ​

If you are interested in participating in the science fair, please sign and return the registration slip that went home last week to

Mrs. Jean (3-5) or Mr. Bailey (K-2)

by December 14th . Students will then be given a packet with additional information.



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