January 28-February 1

Happy Monday 5th Grade Families!

We are off to a crazy start to this week! School is cancelled tomorrow, January 29! Here is what we have planned for this week:

Reading: Over the last two weeks, our class has learned how to summarize and find the theme of fiction texts. We use the acronym SWBST to help us remember how to summarize a story. Ask your student what this means! Our class read several stories about finding the theme, or lesson, of a story, and we are practicing this skill independently in work stations this week. Last week, we started talking about what main idea is, and the difference between main idea and theme. This week, we are diving into finding the main idea of a non-fiction text with supporting details.

We began our fourth novel study, The One and Only Ivan. We are loving this story! If your student does not have this book, please make sure that they have their own copy! We use this novel every day as we read, and we use it for two of our reading work stations. It’s very important that they have this book. You can find it on Amazon or in the public library. They will be assessed on chapters 1-42 on Wednesday. (The chapters are very small, and I have given them study guides to complete in class).

Math: We are still learning about fractions, and we are jumping into problem solving skills this week. Over the last few weeks, we have learned how to multiply fractions by fractions, whole numbers, and mixed numbers. Students should be able to use a model to show these operations, and they are also able to use the algorithm (multiply the numerator by the numerator and the denominator by the denominator). We will be practicing these skills in workstations this week, and I will assess the students at the end of the 5 days of workstations. In our mini-lessons, we are starting to divide fractions.

We are starting to dive deep into problem solving. This is especially tricky when working with fractions, so I am implementing a strategy called step-by-step model drawing. We will be practicing this every day at the beginning of our math block, and I can’t wait to see how they use this!

Writing: We are wrapping up our narratives this week. Students are writing stories about being trapped in a snow globe, and I am loving what I’m seeing so far! These are due Friday. 

Inquiry:  Our fourth Unit of Inquiry, A Method to the Madness, is off to a great start! This unit focuses on the central idea that systems exist for a purpose. Students will be inquiring about Earth processes and how they shape the Earth, how attributes classify living and nonliving things, and the rights and responsibilities citizens should have. This unit is very science heavy, and we are loving it! Last week, we inquired about cells by looking at cells through the microscope and noticing differences in plant and animal cells. We then learned about the different organelles in each cell. We learned how scientists classify and sort living things using a dichotomous key.  The students have their first science project due this week. I am attaching the at home portion of the project here. Students should bring these items in on Wednesday. 


Congratulations to our spelling bee participants, Kaila and Zyier! We are so proud of you!

Rising 6th Grade Night 2019 Flyer

Homework! Freckle is a wonderful resource for continued practice! I have assigned the students activities to complete if you would like to!

Math: https://student.freckle.com/#assignments/assessment/248053/session

Reading: https://student.freckle.com/#ela/assignments/assessment/81286

The class code is kaftx7

Have a great week!

2 thoughts on “January 28-February 1

  1. Dear Ms. T
    For the science project dose it just have to look like a cell or dose it have to show how it relates to a cell or both? Also if necessary can we work at home?
    thank you.
    sincerely, Ellie Gray shannon

    1. Hey Ellie!
      The objects have to function like the organelle, but do not have to look like they would in a cell. For example, I would choose a brick for a cell wall because it provides structure and shape. But you can pick anything that does that. Make sense?
      And you are more than welcome to work on this at home. Enjoy your day off!
      I’m so proud of you for being responsible and taking initiative with this!
      Ms. Thompson

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