April 30

Week of April 30th

Whew!!! This year has flown by!!! We are so excited for the upcoming couple weeks of school! Please see below for the schedule for our fun days!


May 3rd- Field Day!

May 15th- EOY Kids Choice Awards at 9 am

May 16th- Charlottes Web Day!

May 17h- Memory Day

May 18th- Gameboard Day (bring any games you have from home )

May 21st- 1st Grade Picnic

May 22nd- Beach Day ** early release**

May 23rd- Last Day of School (Movie Day) ** Early release**


Please look at our sign up genius for donations to make this day possible!


December 12

Week of Dec 11th

We’ve got one more week until the winter holidays! The kids have been working so hard on finishing their 2nd quarter up, and we have been busy with finishing up our Charlie and the Chocolate Factory book!


Here are some reminders for the next week:

  • Today is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Day! We finished the book and will be enjoying the movie!
  • Wednesday, Dec. 13th is our Holiday Celebration! If you would like to come, please look on our sign up for potential volunteer spots! it is at 12-1 pm,
    • http://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0545a5a729abfc1-mstuckers
  • Thursday, Dec. 14th is REINDEER DAY. Children are invited to wear antlers!
  • Friday, Dec. 15th is SNOWMAN DAY! Children are invited to dress like a snowman!
  • Monday, Dec. 18th is GINGERBREAD MAN DAY! Children are invited to wear brown
  • Tuesday, Dec. 19th is our monthly B3 Celebration! Children need 7 tickets to be invited to the celebration
  • Wednesday, Dec. 20th is POLAR EXPRESS DAY! Children are invited to wear their pajamas
  • Tuesday and Wednesday, Dec. 19-20 are early release days! Children will be dismissed at 12:15!


What We’re Learning This Week:

Math-This week we will continue reinforcing our math facts to 20 and their related fact families. We will also continue applying our math skills while solving word problems. This month we will also spend time reviewing all the new skills that we have learned this year.

Reading– This week I will be assessing student’ reading levels, sight word recognition and comprehension skills. Believe it or not, we are at the end of the second quarter! We will also be reviewing all of the strategies we have learned this year so far: main idea and supporting details, story elements: characters, setting, plot, and author’s purpose. I will finish reading Charlie and The Chocolate Factory to the class and then we will watch the movie.

Phonics- This week we will continue reviewing consonant blends and digraphs.

Writing-We will be finishing up our Informational Unit, and will make finishing touches to our Polar Bear writing!

Health-We will be finishing our unit on My Food Plate.


*See below for some pictures of the students doing research on iPads for their informational writing!*

November 28

Week of Nov. 27

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving break! I was so happy to hear about all the fun things the students did! We are wrapping up second quarter, so keep working hard! Here are some reminders:


  • Don’t forget to send your child with a jacket. We go outside for recess unless it’s raining or below 40 degrees (Cobb Co policy).
  • Tuesday is Library Day! Please make sure your student sends in their book!
  • FBI Dads read to us Dec. 8th!
  • Our fun winter celebrations are coming up! Please be on the look out for papers coming home and sign up genius’s with slots for donations and volunteers!
  • http://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0545a5a729abfc1-mstuckers
  • Please make sure to sign the progress reports that went home on Nov. 16th!


What We’re Learning This Week:

Math-We will be solving true/false equations this week. Students will have to solve both sides of the equation and label the equations as true or false. They will have to solve addition and subtraction problems to 20 in order to do this, so please continue to work on those flashcards at home!

Phonics- This week’s phonics skill will be the SH sound. Please keep practicing sight words! 100-150 this quarter.

Writing: We will continue our Informative writings, and will start doing research on Polar Bears!

ELA:  Continue reading Charlie and the Chocolate factory

Social Studies:  We are starting to learn about Thomas Jefferson!

November 7

Week of Nov. 6th

Friendly Reminders:

We do not have school Tuesday, Nov. 7th due to Voting Day. Nickajack is a voting site, so the students have a day off 🙂


We will be going to the library this week on FRIDAY! Please make sure your students remember to bring in their books!


October 30

Week of October 30th

BBBRRRRR!! Its cold out there this week! Please make sure to send your student to school in an appropriate jacket to go outside. We will still go outside as long as its 40 degrees (including windchill) or warmer. If it is 40 degrees, and a child does not have a jacket, they will not allowed to go outside!


We had so much fun at the farm last week! As all of you know, Tuesday was our first field trip, and it was such a success! The students had such a great time playing in the corn maze, learning about pumpkins, petting and feeding the farm animals, and making a pumpkin craft! See below for pictures!


Here are some reminders:

  • Tomorrow is October 31! We know that means its HALLOWEEN! As much as we are excited,  STUDENTS MAY NOT COME TO SCHOOL IN COSTUME. If a child comes to school in costume, they will be asked to take it off (if they have clothes underneath), or will be sent to the office to call home to get a change of clothes. This is Cobb County policy.
  • Progress Reports for the 2nd 4.5 weeks will go out this Thursday.
  • Again, PLEASE send students in with a jacket. It is starting to get cold outside!
  • We will be going to the library on Thursday this week! Please make sure students are bringing in their library books! I aim to go every Thursday!
  • Our Family & Friends Luncheon is 11/14! Please come in on this day and enjoy an extended lunch served by our administrators!
  • Lunch on 11/15 and 11/16 will be in the classroom, so only visitors for the grade levels for those days will be able to eat lunch with the kids

Here’s What we are learning this week:

Reading: Continuing reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Writing: Finish our Bat Informative, and start Spider Informative

Math: Finish Double +1 Facts, and start fact families.

Phonics:  students will be learning about the wh diagraph

Here are some pictures from the farm field trip!



October 20

Week Of October 23

Thank you to all for coming out to conference week! It was a long week for me, but I was so happy to see almost all of your smiling faces 🙂


Here are some reminders for the next couple weeks:


  1. We go to Sleepy Hollow Farm on Tuesday next week! We are so excited! We tie dyed t shirts, and I am washing them this weekend, so please send your student to school with the appropriate attire to be outside and running around. (tennis shoes, jeans, jacket if needed). Please make sure to have a lunch for your child ready to come to school if you indicated so; please make sure it is in a plastic bag, or brown paper bag. We cannot have lunch boxes. Lastly, please make sure all students are on time for school this day. We would hate to leave someone behind! There is a change
  2. We have been having an issue with inappropriate words being said in the class. Please speak to your children about making sure they are using friendly words, and the importance of this.
  3. We also have been struggling with the issue of not telling the truth. This may vary from something small, to large issues. I would appreciate it as well if you can speak to the children about the importance of telling the truth.
  4. We are in need of some extra snacks! We have run out, and some of the children are forgetting to bring in a healthy snack to school. Any healthy donations would be much appreciated.
  5. Please see my blog for what we will be studying starting our second quarter!



Here’s what we are learning:


Math:  We will continue learning about Doubles, and then add in the Doubles +1 Strategy for addition and subtraction.

ELA: We will continue to read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Writing: We will continue learning about Informative writing. We started  collecting facts on Bats last week, and so this week we will be inputting our facts into our graphic organizers, and finalize our Bat Informative Writing.

Phonics: We are learning about Digraphs! This week we will focus on CH words

Science/Social Studies:  We will be learning all about magnets and experimenting with them!

October 1

Week of October 2nd

Welcome back! I hope you all had a restful and safe Fall Break! I was able to visit some friends in North Carolina, relax on my patio, and take Moki and Ellie to the park! That being said.. I am so excited to come back full force to finish the 1st 9 weeks of school!

Here are some class updates:

  • We will visit the library this Thursday, October 5th Please make sure to encourage your students to bring their books back, and be ready to go to the library. We can only go to the library as a class, so this is the only time the students can check out books. It may be good practice to start leaving the books in your child’s book bag, considering we visit the library different days of the week. We will continue to try to visit the library once every week.
  • Tuesday, October 3rd is Picture Day! Make sure you have turned in your picture forms to me, and have your student arrive to school on time and ready to SMILE 🙂
  • Wednesday, October 4th is Wizard of Oz Day! I am inviting the students to wear all green this day, as they are invited to visit the Emerald City with me! We will be finishing the book by Tuesday, so we will be watching the movie this day, as well as making a craft, and having a fun food snack.
  • Friday, October 6th is the end of the first 9 weeks of school. This week I will be conducting assessments to see where your child stands in all subjects. We will go over report cards during conferences.
  • Conference week is coming up! It is October 16th- October 20th. Every day this week is a early release day. I will be sending home a form this week with your assigned conference time during this week. I will be having conferences with all families, so please make sure to plan accordingly. You will get your child’s report card at your conference.
  • October 12th is an early release day!  Students will be dismissed at 12:15pm.
  • REMINDER: Our class is going to Sleepy Hollow Farm on October 24th!!  If you have not done so, please fill out the permission form that was sent home prior to fall break, front and back, and send back in with the cost for the field trip! I also will be announcing the chaperones that have graciously volunteered and have been chosen to help out with our trip!
  • October 22nd from 1-3 pm – Class Playdate at Taylor Brawner Park, in Smyrna! I will be going as well as a surprise visitor (s) will come as well 🙂
  • Thank you to Mrs. Wetzel for coming to be our Mystery Reader right before Fall Break! The kiddos were more than excited to see her and hear her book. If you are interested in being a Mystery Reader, please sign up at http://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0545a5a729abfc1-mystery1


  • October 13th! Come out to the back parking lot where Car Riders are and have a good time!

What we will be learning this week :

Math-We will be learning how to subtract numbers from 10 and below this week. We will start by using a number line and also using manipulatives (counters.), as well as solving word problems involving subtraction. Please make sure you are practicing these facts at home with flashcards!

Reading– This week we will compare and contrast the different features of Fiction vs. Nonfiction text. We will categorize different books into these categories and will read a variety of both. We will also finish our first chapter book, The Wizard of Oz. We will be watching the movie on Wednesday!

Phonics- Our phonics skill this week will be reviewing S Blends.

Writing– We will continue to practice our personal narratives. We will be sharing our narratives from Fall break.

Social Studies- this week we will learn about saving vs. spending as well as scarcity.

September 10

Week of Sept. 11th

I hope you all have had a relaxing weekend! As most of you may know, there is NO SCHOOL tomorrow, Monday Sept. 11, and Tuesday Sept. 12. I hope all of you have prepared for anything that potentially could happen!
Here are a couple reminders for the class:
1. I am so proud of the students for working so hard on their CogAT Test! They all persevered, and were able to finish strong! We were able to enjoy some class goodies because they all were “smarties!”
2. Please make sure you mark your children’s transportation. If it is not marked, your child will be sent to ASP. This is a safety concern, as well as useful for a substitute that may need to see how your child is getting home in the future.
3. We are in need of more mystery readers! I invite parents, grandparents, friends, etc to come in and read with the class. Please see the blog for the sign up genius to be a mystery reader.
4. Progress reports went home this past week. Please make sure if you have not done so, please sign one of the copies and send it in. You can keep the 2nd copy for your records!
On a positive note, I am hoping the weather will be nice for next Sunday, October 22nd. I would like to invite all family members and children to come out to Taylor Brawner Park from 1-3pm to have a playdate for the children. I know the kids see each other enough in class, but I thought it would be fun for our families to mingle, as well as the kiddos to have a great time. Bring your families, dogs, brother & sisters; it will be fun! Please join us Sept. 17th! You never know, a special guest(s) may make an appearance 🙂
Thank you to our two previous mystery readers, Mrs. Obianwu (Ike’s mom) and Mrs. Weaver (Nadia’s Mom) for coming in and reading with the kiddos.
Have you “Backed the Jack?” Friday, Sept. 8th was our annual Back the Jack Pep Rally! The students enjoyed Campbell High School Band marching through the halls! The Back the Jack Campaign ends soon, so please make sure to make your donation! Part of the earnings go to teacher grants, and I know a couple first grade teachers who are writing some! Please support our school and our children by meeting our goal!
September 5

Week Of Sept 1st

Here is some Important information:

  • Don’t forget to mark transportation daily, or send in a note
  • We checked out books for the first time last Monday. Please return books every Monday and we will get new ones.
  • September 6,7,8 is CogAT testing. This will be their first (of many) standardized test. It is NON academic, meaning no reading or math is involved. Please have them here on time those days and maybe a special snack for their hard work (it’s long and rather boring for them:(
  • Please remember school breakfast ends at 7:45. If they arrive after they do NOT get breakfast. If it’s close to that time please tell them to go straight to breakfast, not the classroom first. Bus riders will always get breakfast if they choose.
  • Specials Calendars have been updated.
  • Progress Reports go home this Thursday, Sept 7th.
  • Multicultural Night will be this Friday, September 8.
  • Thank you Mrs. Obianwu for being our last weeks Mystery Reader. If you’d like to sign up, please go to –>  http://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0545a5a729abfc1-mystery1
  • Don’t forget to Back the Jack! The campaign started August 28 and will end of September 15. To make a donation please follow this link: http://nesfoundation.com/back-the-jack/


Heres what we are learning:

Reading– We will continue learning about reading comprehension strategies, honing in on our ability to ask questions as we read and how this can help to increase our comprehension of stories.

Phonics-We will be learning words with the R-blend. Your child can work on reading and spelling these words throughout the week.

Writing-We will be focusing this week on capitalization, handwriting and punctuation. Please feel free to correct and reinforce at home!! We are continuing to write personal narratives using sequential order words (first,next,then, last)

Math -We will be focusing this week on tens and ones and the teen numbers (11-19)

Social Studies-We will wrap up our unit on continents and will start to learn about our local address.


Here are more pictures from the Eclipse!