Mt. Bethel First Grade Target News

News from Mrs. Osburn and Ms. Smith

November 18, 2019


This is just a quick note to tell you that we are happy to have one more Target day on Thursday!  Our schedule changed a bit, so we get an extra day!  We’ll meet until 12:00 on Thursday.  The students have a couple of Thanksgiving logic puzzles for homework.

We have totally enjoyed our semester!  Enjoy the holidays!  We’ll be back to Target in January!


Kim Osburn and Maribeth Smith


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First Grade Target Field Trip Information 

Delta Flight Museum 


Date:  Thursday, November 7 

What to Wear:   

Please wear your Mt. Bethel Field Trip T-Shirt!  We’ll be doing lots of walking, so please wear your P.E. shoes! 


What to Bring:  


We will eat a BIG snack before we leave!  We leave at 9:15 and return at 1:15. You can even send a sandwich or a mini lunch for snack.  The kids will need something that will fill them up for a few hours!  😊 


We will return from school at 1:15 and we’ll immediately eat in our classroom.  Please send a lunch for your child.  Don’t forget a water bottle!  

If you were chosen to be a chaperone, please arrive at 8:45.   


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Amelia Earhart Air Show Fun!


We had a FABULOUS day on Monday!  The students had a great time watching a remote control air show!  Amelia Earhart went to an air show and this was the beginning of her love of airplanes!  Thank you to Jeff Roberts for sharing his passion for flying remote control airplanes with the students!


Next week is our field trip!  Please send a VERY LARGE snack on the morning of the 7th!  We’ll eat a nice big snack in the morning before we leave and then we’ll eat a very late lunch when we return.  The children should also wear their field trip Mt. Bethel T-Shirts!

HOMEWORK – November 14 will be our last class for the semester.  The Target Team will begin testing and Target classes will begin again in January.  We wanted to do a little project to end our unit on Amelia Earhart.  Your child brought home a picture of Amelia Earhart and a spot on the page for their own picture!  Please put a recent picture on the page!  Then, your child should complete the additional activity.  The students will compare and contrast Amelia’s childhood and their own childhood.  We have learned a great deal about Amelia.  The students are also welcome to do extra research to find other interesting facts about her childhood.  Please do not send this back until Thursday, November 14!


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October 17, 2019


We had a nice day today.  We have had two short days in a row, so we are looking forward to getting back to our normal schedule next week.

Today we worked on an Amelia Earhart project involving reading and writing.  The students did a great job!

We continued to learn about Amelia Earhart.  She continues to be a very enjoyable person to study.

MRS. SMITH’S CLASS STILL NEEDS VOLUNTEERS FOR OUR FIELD TRIP!  Please e-mail her if you’d like to join her class.

HOMEWORK – We’re still working on Logic Puzzles.  We sent another one for this week!

Have a great week!

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October 10, 2019


We had a very fast and busy day today.  Early release days are a bit crazy, but we were able to accomplish quite a bit in our short time!

We worked on brainteaser problems.  We spent time discussing HOW to go about solving these!  They are a big challenge.

The students started an Amelia Earhart project.  They’ll continue this next week.

We also started a new map skill activity.  This will also be continued next week.

Thanks to the many people who volunteered to join us on our field trip.  We are so lucky that so many people want to join us!  I wish we could take all of you.  We did a drawing and if you were chosen, you’ll receive an e-mail!  THANKS AGAIN!

HOMEWORK – We have been working on a timeline of Amelia Earhart’s life and events of this time.  Your child should create a timeline of his or her life up to this point!  It should begin on his/her birthday and continue to today.  Please enjoy some fun memories with your child as you assist them in creating this timeline.

Have a great week!  Next week is conference week.  It will be another short day for us, but we’ll make the most of our time.




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October 3, 2019


We had a fabulous day today.  We worked on brainteasers and logic puzzles this morning.  These are quite a challenge!  We’ve discussed that the answers must follow ALL of the clues!  We will continue to learn how to complete these fun puzzles.

The students worked on Amelia Earhart acrostic poems.  They really enjoyed this activity. 

The children completed a couple of activities using higher level thinking and vocabulary.  We looked at the names of types of aircraft and looked for clues to match these to the aircraft.  We also worked on vocabulary from our unit.

Amelia Earhart said, “As soon as we left the ground, I knew I myself had to fly.”  

The students made up their own quotes about something they LOVED and knew they had to do right after they first tried.  They shared and enjoyed this activity.

HOMEWORK – Venn Diagram comparing transportation and things that fly.  The students should write neatly and should include at least 5 things in each section.

FIELD TRIP – Please notice the field trip permission slip in your child’s folder.  These should be returned to school.  Please keep the permission slip outside of the envelope!  

Each class will need two parent chaperones.  Please e-mail us if you’d like to join us.  We’re going on Thursday, November 7.  We’ll put the names of volunteers in a hat and choose two next Thursday.

Have a great week!




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September 18, 2019


Just a reminder that the students need toilet paper and/or paper towel rolls for a project tomorrow!  A sheet of aluminum foil would also be helpful!  Some of the students brought these in last week.  If you have extras, we’d love to have them.  Can’t wait to see the first graders tomorrow!


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September 5, 2019


We had a fabulous time flying our gliders!  The children did a great job.  Next week, we’re going to continue some fun activities with the gliders.  

Amelia Earhart Artwork and Writing

Our work is displayed in the entrance to the 800 hallway.  The students did a fabulous job! 


Your child has a Word Search about Amelia Earhart in his/her folder.  After finding the words, your child will be writing about how a few of these words relate to Amelia Earhart.  

Next week, your child will need an empty toilet paper roll and an empty paper towel roll.  If you happen to have two, that would be even better!  He/she might also want to bring a couple of sheets of aluminum foil!  This will be used for a fun STEM project.


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August 29

Amelia Earhart

The first graders continue to learn about Amelia Earhart.  She lived an amazing life and the students are excited to continue our study of this incredible woman.  

The brainteasers we have worked on are keeping the students challenged.  The students are learning how to use the clues and deductive thinking in order to figure out logic puzzles. 

Each child made an adorable Amelia Earhart out of construction paper.  The students concentrated in order to cut out many pieces and then to put them together to create their own Amelia Earhart.  We then worked on research and we’re writing about Amelia.  These will be posted in the hallway when we complete this project.

HOMEWORK – Your child should complete the homework in his/her folder.


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August 22

We had a terrific second day of Target!  The children are learning the rules and routines.  We loved listening as they shared their mystery bags.  It was great to learn more about each student.

Please remember to sign up for SeeSaw!  We want to share photos and classwork with you during the day!  

We continued to learn more about Amelia Earhart today.  The children worked on a graphic organizer and we’ll use it next week to create a project and writing piece about Amelia.  We are working on a timeline about Amelia’s life and other events happening at that time.  

Your child also completed a Cryptogram!  This was a great challenge.  You can see this in your child’s folder today.


Today we talked about how to solve a LOGIC PUZZLE!  We solved one together and then they worked on their own.  Your child has one for homework this week!  

Please remind your child to bring his/her bag and homework each week.  It is very important!  





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