November 12, 2019
Tuesday November 12th 2019, 10:19 pm
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We enjoyed a great CIRCUS DAY today!  The students did a great job on their posters.  We loved the costumes of those who decided to dress up today!

We worked in teams on circus brainteasers.  We also learned a bit about PERSONIFICATION!  The students also enjoyed a bit of drama!

Next week, we will have one more meeting with our classes.  This will be a half day and we’ll enjoy some Thanksgiving themed activities.  Have a great week!



October 30, 2019
Wednesday October 30th 2019, 5:22 pm
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Time is flying by this semester.  Due to the student holiday next week, we will not meet again until Tuesday, November 12.  This will be our last class this semester.  The Target Team will be completing testing for a few weeks.  We’ll begin classes again in January.

We wrote cinquain poems about Picasso on Tuesday.  The students did a great job.  The students also used Pablo’s African Period to inspire and create African masks.  They really enjoyed creating the shape and then decorating the masks.  A few seasonal logic puzzles and some games with Rubik’s Cubes kept our brains working!

HOMEWORK – We sent home a sheet with a final project.  In case it was misplaced, these are the directions.  This project is due on Tuesday, November 12.  Please make sure to also return the Rubik’s Cube and booklet on this day!

Have a great week!


October 17, 2019
Thursday October 17th 2019, 6:39 pm
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We enjoyed our day on Tuesday.  We studied a great book!

This was a very interesting story about Picasso and a young woman who modeled for him.  Her name is Sylvette.  After reading and discussing this great book, the students wrote a letter from Sylvette’s point of view.  It was a great lesson!

The students also talked about MOSAICS.  They created mosaics out of tiny square blocks.  Next week, they’ll use paper to create their own pieces.

The students should continue to practice creating one side with one color on the Rubik’s Cube.  We’re so proud of those students who accomplished this task!

Some of the students have a logic puzzle in their folders.  Please check to see if your child has one to complete.

Have a great week!





October 10, 2019
Thursday October 10th 2019, 12:46 pm
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We had a great day on Tuesday.  We continued to work on our study of Pablo Picasso.  We wrote acrostic poems about Cubism and Picasso.  We brainstormed in groups about the many things we had learned about Picasso.  This was a neat activity and the students enjoyed creating their own poems.  They were amazed that poems didn’t always rhyme!

We continued to work on Sudoku puzzles and logic puzzles.  Mrs. Smith’s students have a puzzle to finish at home this week.

We continue to work on our Eight Keys to Success!  We are finding that we are often able to bring these up as we work in class.

HOMEWORK – All of the children should work on creating one side of the Rubik’s Cube with one color.  Our goal is for every student to be able to do this!

Mrs. Smith’s students should also remember to complete their Sudoku puzzles!



October 2, 2019
Thursday October 03rd 2019, 1:03 am
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October is already here.  Our semester is going very fast.  We hope you enjoyed your fall break.

The children had a great day on Tuesday.  We enjoyed learning about pixels!  The students found it interesting that this explained the clarity on televisions, phones, and movies.  They created their own pictures using graph paper and pixels.

Our latest of the 8 KEYS TO SUCCESS is:


We talked about how it is helpful to us if we are flexible.  This skill can be used in many areas.  We discussed that if you are trying to solve a brainteaser and you just keep trying the same strategy to fix it, you might not get the right answer.  Sometimes you need to be flexible and change it up!  The students enjoyed this lesson.  We added to our cheer!

Of course, we continued to learn about Pablo Picasso.  The students came up with a variety of character traits to describe Picasso.  They had to explain WHY they chose these traits.  This was a great lesson.  The students have a great list of character traits that might be helpful in their regular classes, too.

Please make sure your child brings his/her Rubik’s Cube each week!  We’ll continue to work with these puzzles in class.

HOMEWORK – Logic Puzzle!  We enjoyed a couple of these in class.  The students really enjoyed these.  

Have a great week and GO BRAVES!!!!!  

September 17, 2019
Wednesday September 18th 2019, 6:00 pm
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We had a fabulous day yesterday.  The children worked on Sudoku puzzles and they did a great job.  They have two simple puzzles and a sheet of three more difficult puzzles for homework.  They should complete the two easier puzzles and  ONLY the first puzzle on the most difficult sheet.  We will work on the second two on the sheet of three puzzles in class next time.

Our new Key to Success word for the week is OWNERSHIP We discussed that it is important to take ownership of your actions and words.  This can be positive or negative.  Ask your child to show you our cheer!

We continue to learn about Pablo Picasso.  He was an interesting man!  They have enjoyed working on Cubism projects.  We’ll continue these next week.

Have a great fall break!  We’ll see everybody on October 1st!


SEPTEMBER 12, 2019
Thursday September 12th 2019, 1:35 pm
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Mrs. Osburn’s class will meet TOMORROW!  This is Friday, September 13, 2019.  I apologize for the confusion this week.  I suddenly had to leave town due to a death in the family.  I look forward to seeing my sweet second graders tomorrow.

Please remember that each child should bring in several newspaper and/or magazine photographs of people.  The larger in size the better!  Thank you.

Kim Osburn

Cool Collages!!
Tuesday September 10th 2019, 8:08 pm
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Today was a busy day in Target!   We used graph paper to design robots with specific measurements. Each body part had a designated area or perimeter and students created unique robots based on those measurements.

We continue to explore the life and works of Pablo Picasso. The students are learning about a variety of modern art techniques and using those methods to create their own masterpieces! Today we used magazine pictures, printed pictures, and markers to create a Picasso style collage portrait. The finished products are amazing and all of the children seem very pleased!

Please help your child continue to move through the stages to solve the Rubik’s cube at their own pace. The will have more in class time next week.  Working on it at home is a HUGE help!

Our 4th “key to success” is COMMITMENT. – Make your dreams happen and follow your vision without wavering!!

Stay tuned for information about Mrs. Osburn’s plan to make up activities missed today. They will not have TARGET on Wednesday has previously scheduled due to a family emergency. Thanks so much for understanding.

September 3, 2019
Tuesday September 03rd 2019, 6:16 pm
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We are in need of pictures of PEOPLE for our project next week.  Please have your child bring in a few magazine or newspaper pictures of people!  They should also cut out a few interesting words from magazines.  This is for a project next week.  THANK YOU!

What a great day!  The children are really enjoying the interesting work of Pablo Picasso.  Today we learned about another artist who worked closely with Picasso.  His name was Georges Braque.  Together, they invented CUBISM!  We created names for many of Braque’s unusual pieces.  

  Today’s Key to Success

      THIS IS IT!

  • Make the most of every moment!

  • Keep your attention focused on the present.

  • Keep a sincere, positive attitude about what is happening.



Rubik’s Cube

The children worked on the Rubik’s Cube.  They can practice at home.  Please take good care of the cubes and the books.  These belong to a set.  

We’re continuing to practice the yellow daisy and the white cross.  The white cross is ONLY correct if the side edge piece matches the touching center on each side.  We discussed and practiced this today.  Please assist your child.  Our goal is for each student to be able to make the yellow daisy and white cross on their own!  


Your child has a homework sheet in his/her Target folder.  This is due next week.


REMINDER:  Mrs. Osburn’s Class will meet on Wednesday of next week.  This is on September 11.  Thanks for your understanding.


Week 3 – August 27
Thursday August 29th 2019, 12:50 am
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Keys to Success

#3.  Speak with good intention.  


We are enjoying our Pablo Picasso Cubism unit.  The children are doing a fabulous job.  We read and learned about Picasso this week.  We also compared his artwork to others.  The children made a Venn Diagram to compare and contrast Picasso’s work to another.  

STEM and Algebraic Thinking

We continued to work on perimeter this week.  We measured the perimeter of large items using tape measures and yardsticks.  


Rubik’s Cube

We are impressed with the student progress on solving the Rubik’s Cube!  We’ll keep working on this step by step!



There is NO HOMEWORK this week due to Walton High School Feeder Family Night on Tuesday.  Have a great week!


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