Independent Reading and Writing Time

We’re in the 4th week of school and I just wanted to share the importance of our classroom independent work time.  The structure of our reading and writing workshop that Mr. Purchase and I have set up, follows the routine of “I teach” then “Students try the lesson,” followed up with a time we come together at the closing to “Share what we accomplished.”

The “Students try the lesson” part of the day is the independent worktime. It usually runs from 20-40 minutes, depending on the lesson and content (reading usually allows for more independent work time than writing). This is THE most important time of our day.  It is from this time that I add a weekly grade.  If I NEVER have to redirect a student during this week, s/he receives 100% for the grade. Of course, if I do, the number of times I need to discuss the misbehavior, the lower the weekly score becomes.  You will be able to see the weekly grade when you log into SNERGY (contact the front office if you have not gotten your password) or from the weekly progress report sent on Tuesdays.

If you have any questions, please call or text me.

Hope your week is wonderful,

Bridget Mullett

Week 1 Done!!

Can you believe we have already had one week of school? Thank you so much for sharing your children with us. We feel blessed to share the day with them. We feel like we know our friends so well already and are to jump right into the learning. So here we go!!

Homework is to continue to read 30 minutes each night. The writing journal assignment will be discussed as the week moves along…but no written assignment with the reading homework until the week of the 14th.

PLEASE sign up for REMIND. We are sending announcements almost daily now.
1. Upload free REMIND app.
2. Text to 81010
3. Message @7c7ghh

That’s it, then you’re in!!

Thursday is Open House. It starts at 6:00 and each of the two sessions lasts 30 minutes. It is not a walk around and look at the classroom. We intend to talk about academic & behavior expectations, as well as the end of year 5th grade Field Trip. Please do come!!

Have a super week and as ALWAYS contact us with questions or concerns.

Meet and Greet

Hello Everyone,

Mr. Purchase and I are looking forward to meeting you Thursday morning at Smyrna’s Meet and Greet. Be sure to meet your other teacher, Ms. Holman, room 1318, while you’re here too. Mr. Purchase and I will teach reading and writing, while he and Ms. Holman will cover mathematics, social studies and science.

We are all very excited to start our school year with you.

Mrs. Mullett

Mullett/Purchase & Holman’s Supply List 2017-18

~6 composition notebooks (any color, but if these have a design, you may

write your child’s name on the inside)

~1 containers of Clorox Wipes

~1 boxes of tissues

~1 bottle of hand sanitizer

~1 pack of 4 or 5 black expo markers

~1 pack of colored pencils (12 count will do)

~1 pack of notebook paper (wide, preferred)

~ANY type of post-its (We will use a lot!); may need more after Winter Break

~4 packs of pencils (48 count…one pack could be purchased after winter break, if necessary)

~1 pair of scissors

~1 folder, with prongs (any color)

~1 tab dividers (8 dividers) or 2 sets (5 dividers)

~2 large glue sticks

~1 personal set of head phones

~2 (1 1/2 inch) binder with a plastic cover sleeve on front and back

~1 pack of Page Protectors (clear, sheet protectors)

~2 black sharpies

Community Use:

All items are placed on shelves and used by the entire class.  There would be no reason for you to take the time and write your name on each item, unless you picked out graphic composition notebooks. Thank you!

ART supplies to come


Hello Class of 2017-18

I’m looking forward to our school year together. As parents ourselves, we can understand returning to school can sometimes not be the most joyful part of August.  Just for the record, we’ll do our best to help you have a great 5th grade school year.  See and talk with you all very soon!

Mrs. Mullett & Mr. Purchase