May the 4th Be With You!

STEM day was a success! We started out the day learning about Mars rovers and how to land them on Mars. Then we created our own Mars rover landers to protect The Egg! We had 1 group make it to the end – dropping it from the roof of the school!

Advanced Content Informational Meeting

There will be an Advanced Content Informational Meeting for parents of students who will be in 4th and 5th grades next year, 2018-2019. This meeting is for all parents who would like more information about the program and how students qualify for Advanced Content English Language Arts and/or Advanced Content Math for 4th and 5th grades. The meeting will be May 10, 2018 at 8:00 in the Learning Commons.

Civil War Museum

We had a blast learning about the civil war today!!! Check out the following pictures and be sure to ask your child the following questions.

What were bayonets mostly used for?
What were the names of the locomotives in The Great Locomotive Chase?
Who stole the train?
Who was the train conductor?
What was the max speed of the General?

Memorial Day Outreach Project

Memorial Day Project

MVES and some other surrounding schools have paired up with Jay, a Junior at Lassiter, to help him complete his Eagle Scout project. Please see the above letter with details about the project. We will be writing letters in class. The project will begin on Tuesday, May 1st and will conclude the last day of school.



Cobb Digital Library

To access Cobb Digital Library, go to

Your child’s username for Cobb Digital Library is [email protected]. The password is the same password students use at school to login to the computer.

Metric Olympics!

We had a blast competing in Metric Olympics and creating our own Olympic game!

Valentine Box Winners

We had some AMAZING valentine boxes in our competition!!!
The students voted and the winners were:
Most Creative: Avery
Most Original: Ansley
Most Valentiney: Elena
Most Detailed: Natasha
Trendiest: Allison
Most Unusual: Doug


A message from Nurse Karetha…

Please email Nurse Karetha at karetha.m[email protected] and let her know if your student has been diagnosed with the flu by a health care provider this year.

Remember – the best way to stay well is to wash your hands thoroughly and do not touch your face.  Stay home if you’re not feeling well.  Germs are not something we want to share at Mountain View!  See the school website for more info on the flu and how to prevent it.  Check out these important short videos


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