Friday- 10/20/17

Parents, due to a school activity this Friday, 10/20, we will not be having lunch in the cafeteria.  Instead, we will be eating in the classroom just on that day.  I wanted to make you aware in case you were going to come to school to have lunch with your child, so that you can choose another day to come in.


Thanksgiving Lunches

We will have Thanksgiving Lunches on November 15 and November 16.  Tickets will be sold October 16-November 8.  We will not be selling tickets on the days of Thanksgiving Lunches.  Parents will have to turn in the bottom portion of the form with their payment.  The window to purchase tickets closes on November 8.  We will send tickets home shortly thereafter. 

Mad dash

Parents are WELCOME to see their students have a super FUN time running the Emoji Warrior Obstacle Course this Friday, Oct 13th. 🙂 Grade level schedule is below:

⏱️ Mad Dash Obstacle Course Times
5th Grade – 8:15-8:45
4th Grade – 8:55-9:25
3rd Grade – 9:35-10:05
2nd Grade – 10:15-10:45
Kindergarten – 11:00-11:30
1st Grade – 11:40-12:10

Here is what we are learning

Here is what we are learning:
Lang. Arts:  follows and tracks words with one to one correspondence, identifies 52 letters, recognition of rhyming/non-rhyming words, produces 23 consonant sounds, produce 3-5 short vowel sounds, reads 25 sight words, answers questions about key details in a text, identifies main idea and supporting details, composes a narrative with a simple sentence that contains some sight words and phonetically spelled words, prints 23 upper/lower case letters, recognizes and names end punctuation (period, question mark, exclamation point), uses occurring affixes -ed, -s, in-, pre-
Math:  counts to 100 by ones, counts to tell the number of objects, compares numbers (greater than/less than), describes and compares measurable attributes, classifies objects and counts the number
Science:  able to describe changes from day to night and as day turns into night (sunset) and night into day (sunrise), compare and describe different types of motion
Social Studies:  state the street address, city, state, and country in which they live, describe the diversity of American culture by explaining the customs and celebrations of carious families and communities, identify national holidays or events celebrated like Columbus Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas and New Year’s Day, identifies American symbol The Bald Eagle, gives examples of positive character traits by good citizens, explain that people must make choices because they cannot have everything they want
Health:  Compares and contrasts the five senses and how to keep them healthy
Technology:  creates an original illustration or story using digital tools

October Reminders

Hope everyone has had a great week and I can’t believe it is already October!!  Here are a few reminders of things happening at school, and things you can practice at home with your child-

  • Writing name with uppercase letter followed by lowercase letters
  • Counting to 100
  • Finding objects and/or pictures around the house that begin with different letters that we are practicing at school ( you will see their letter books coming home weekly)
  • Counting out various objects found around the home such as buttons, cereal, game pieces to and making sets to 10 and comparing them.
  • Drawing a picture and labeling the pictures and writing something about the picture.
  • Stretching out sounds/sounding out words when writing. (magazines can be used to sound out words and write about the picture.)
  • Please don’t forget to sign up a conference if you have not done so… Conference week is October 16-20.
  • Fall Festival is October 13.
  • Picture Retake is October 25.
  • Go over any booklets, read them with your child and discuss the concepts in the book.
  • All communication, money (please place in labeled envelopes) etc. please place in your child’s take home folder.
  • We have started mystery reader- if you signed up please remember to come at 9:45 on your Friday.  If you can not make it, please email me.  Thank you!
  • Please continue to support Mad Dash. (helps to support the computer lab and Science teachers)
  • Please remember to check your child’s folder daily, to send in a snack daily, and to send in a sweatshirt as it is getting colder.
  • Past and present sight words lists so they don’t forget any as they keep moving on.

Have a great weekend!!!!!!!

Conferences 2017

Dear parents,
Please select a time you will be available to conference with me to discuss your child’s academic performance, and to receive your child’s report card for the first quarter.  Please be prompt when arriving at your scheduled time.  If you are unable to keep your scheduled time, please select another available time.
The dates/time slots are first come, first serve!

What are we learning?


Count to 50 by ones, write numbers from 0-10, describe objects using names of shapes, name shapes, name 2 and 3-D shapes, analyze and compare 2 and 3-D shapes, model shapes, compose simple shape, classify objects into given categories


Follows words from left to right, top to bottom, and page by page, identifies 30-52 letters, produces 12 or more of the 23 consonant sounds, read emergent reader texts with purpose and understanding, asks and answer questions about key details in a literary text, retells familiar stories with key details, identifies characters, setting and major events in a story, recognizes common types of text (story books, poems), describes the relationship between illustrations and the story in which they appear, beginning to compose a narrative piece, prints upper/lower case letters with consistency, accuracy, and independence, consistently determines the meaning of unknown multiple meaning words by identifying new meanings for familiar words and apply them accurately


Animals-obtain, evaluate, and communicate information to compare the similarities and differences in groups of organisms


Explain that a map is a drawing of a place and a globe is a model of Earth, Labor Day, American Symbols (national and state flags, Pledge of Allegiance), understanding of good citizenship, how is money used to purchase goods and services


Health promotion and disease prevention (hand washing)


Due to no school on 9/11 and 9/12, testing will continue on 9/14-9/19.  Therefore, we can not have any visitors in the buildings those days during our lunch time.

Starting 9/20, we will be back to our normal schedule, and visitors are welcome at lunch!!!

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.