Mrs. Foster & Mrs. Shade's First Grade

Important Dates for May

Parents please make sure you check over these days for activities we will be doing for the last few weeks of school.

Wednesday, May 11 is Field Day please have your child wear their blue Mountain View shirt.  Send with your child a dry change of clothes.  They will need a  water bottle with their name on it.  The disposal water bottles are best for this day.  Put sunscreen on your child before they come to school.  If they want to bring a hat and sunglasses they can but label with their name and they will be responsible to keep track of them.  We will be eating lunch at 12:09 this day.  All parents are welcome to come and watch us during field day activities.  We will begin at 8:45 and end at 11:40.  It is going to be a fun day!

Friday, May 20 is our 1st grade class party.  The party will begin at 12:00 and end at 1:00.  All parents are invited to join us.

Tuesday and Wednesday, May 24 and  May 25 Early Release Days!


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End of April and May News!

We can’t believe we are approaching the end of the school year.  We continue to be very proud of our student’s learning they have grown both academically and socially.  We will not have a regular homework calendar but some short task to do each night.  Please continue to have your child read each night.

   During our learning time:

Math- We have been working on story problems this week and will continue next week but with  problems with missing addends.  We are constantly reviewing strategies for addition and subtraction, place value and (story) word problems, addition and subtraction facts to 20.

Reading-We continue to do Daily 5 and during this time the children have been doing research on different animals.  They have been in small groups researching their animals reading and finding out lots of information to record in their animal books.  We have been doing this research in Pebble Go.  It has been very impressive to see how well they have done this with a partner. Continue to have them read each night as part of the night routine.

Writing-We are writing narratives in which they recount a well-elaborated event or short sequence of events, include details to describe actions, thoughts, and feelings, use temporal words to signal event order, and provide a sense closure.

Phonics-We are reviewing blends, vowel patterns and stretching out our words when writing.  When the children are writing they are not stopping to stretching out their words so we will be working on that.  Slowing down and writing what you hear and using the knowledge they have about vowel patterns and blends and other phonics rules.

Thanks for all that you do for us.  I will update May dates soon.

Mrs. Foster & Mrs. Shade

Please read this information from Dr. Garriss about the new Language Arts instructional materials.

Dear Mountain View Families:

The Cobb County School District English/Language Arts Department has completed an evaluation and review process for new Kindergarten through 2nd grade Language Arts instructional materials. This process included Mountain View staff members serving on selection committees to narrow down materials, and the entire staff gave feedback on the “short list” of materials. Now, the final recommendation has been made. Before this recommendation is formally presented to the CCSD Board of Education, the materials must be on display for public comment for 10 business days.

Print and digital materials will be available for public review, Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM at the following locations and dates:


  • CCSD Central Administrative Building – Lobby 514 Glover Street, Marietta, GA o Wednesday, April 27-Tuesday, May 10, 2016


  • CCSD Hawthorne Center – Room 139 1595 Hawthorne Avenue, Smyrna, GA o Wednesday, April 27-Tuesday, May 10, 2016


If you are interested, please take this opportunity to review the materials.


Renee I. Garriss, Ed.D.



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Milestones Testing

Dear Parents,

We will have Milestone Testing for the 3rd, 4th and 5th graders  starting April 14-April 19.  We will not be allowed to have visitors to the building during this time.  We don’t have Mystery Readers scheduled for this time.  We will eat lunch later this week so make sure you send a snack with your child each day.  Our specials schedule will also change during testing.  Thanks so much for your understanding.

Enjoy your Spring Break!!!!!!


Mrs. Foster & Mrs. Shade

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End of March News

We have been enjoying this nice warm weather then this week it has turned back into winter.   I know the children are not enjoying this cool weather again.  Hopefully Spring will return!

This is what we will be working on for the next few weeks:


One of our main reading strategies in Daily 5 is checking for understanding and remembering what you have read.  We will continue to identify the main topic and retell key details of the text.  We will also be working on identifying basic similarities in and differences between two texts on the same topic.  We are really proud of the way our students are using their CAFE strategies.  We continue to see a lot of chunking words when reading unknown words and blending to read words.  We also ask them to back up and re-read when they are trying to figure out unknown words.


We are going back to narrative writing where they will have to recount two or more appropriately sequenced events that include some details regarding what happened.  We are encouraging them to use first, next and last in their writing.  They also must provide a sense of closure in their writing.  We continue to work on conventions.  We are seeing them begin their sentences with capital letter,capitalizing dates and names of people and using the correct punctuation mark at the end of their sentences.


We are finishing up on 2-D and 3-D shapes.  Our next math concept will be fractions.  We will use the word partition when breaking the fractions into parts.  We will partition circles and rectangles into 2 and 4 equal shares and describe the whole/shares using the words halves, fourths, quarters, two of and four of.

Social Studies/Science

We will be talking about folktale characters for the next few weeks.  We will discuss producers and consumers.  We will have an opportunity to produce something to sell to another 1st grade class and then we will be able to buy something they have produced.  More information will be coming about this.

Important Dates

3- 31 Spring Fling 5:30-7:30

4-4 Spring Break


Class Needs

We need antibacterial wipes to clean our tables each afternoon.

Thanks again for all that you do!

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March News

We are hoping for some warmer and less rainy days so we can go outside in the afternoon.  I know they have not been able to be outside the last few days so hopefully the weather will cooperate.  I think everyone is ready for Spring!

For the next few weeks we will be reviewing and taking assessments.  We are so excited when the children say, “I know how to do that”!  We take a math pre-test on Monday so we will know what we need to work on and Friday is our post-test day and it is amazing to see their growth.

The things we will be reviewing:

Using addition and subtraction within 20 to solve word problems, missing addends in addition and subtraction, comparing 2 digit numbers,  2 digit addition and subtraction problems without regrouping, showing place value by drawing tens and ones, writing the number in expanded form telling how many tens and ones.

In reading we will be taking DRA’s to check for fluency, comprehension.  The comprehension gets harder as they progress to higher levels so their fluency might be good they just need to remember more of the key details of the story.  We have been working on this when the passages are longer we use a sticky note to write down details that will help retelling the story.

We are still working on letter patterns : u_e, ue, ui, oo, ew knowing these sounds helps with spelling and reading these words.  They are doing an awesome job on their spelling test.  We can see you are practicing each week .

In writing we continue to write opinion pieces.  We are finishing our restaurant writings and will be moving on to letting them write an opinion topic of their choice. “They have really enjoyed coming up with their “grabber” openings and giving a great closing.

We continue to work on conventions and they are really making some progress.  They are using colored pencils for editing….green they circle all the first words in a sentence, red is for punctuation and yellow go back and check for spelling and making sure it is a complete sentence.

They have enjoyed learning about Teddy Roosevelt.  We will have our “Harriet Tubman Day” on Monday and learn more about the Underground Railroad.

Thanks to all the parents who are coming to be our Mystery Readers.  The children really enjoy you coming into our classroom.  Thanks to Mrs. Vreeland for organizing it for us.


Beginning next Wednesday March 2nd through the week of March 7th, we will celebrate Read Across America with the following fun-filled events and activities:


Wednesday March 2nd: Guest Reader Day – To celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday, Kennesaw State University football players will visit and share stories with 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades

Spring Book Fair: Monday March 7th – Friday March 11th


Monday March 7th: Theme: One Fish, Two Fish – Guess how many goldfish are in a fish bowl in the Media Center. Best guess wins a $5.00 gift certificate to the Spring Book Fair

Tuesday March 8th: Theme: Fictional Character Dress Up Day – The two classes with the most participation (one primary class, one intermediate class) will win lunch with our visiting author Daryl Cobb on Friday March 11th.


Wednesday March 9th: Theme: Cat in the Hat – Wear your craziest hat to school


Thursday March 10th: Theme: Fox in Socks – Wear your funniest socks to school


Thursday March 10th – Friday March 11th  : Book Donation Drive – Donate gently used books to MUST Ministries Summer Reading Program


Friday March 11th: Theme: Read In and PJ Day – Wear your favorite pajamas to school and enjoy some time to read a great book


Friday March 11th – Author Darryl Cobb visits Mountain View


Nurse Karetha in our clinic wants all parents to be aware that there are several confirmed cases of pinkeye at Mtn.View.  To help decrease the possibility of spreading contagious pinkeye, please have your healthcare provider check your student at the first sign of potential pinkeye.  The cause must be determined by a physician.  To read the parent information sheet and CCSD policy, click here or copy the link

Thank you for helping keep us all healthy at Mt. View!

Mrs. Shade and I continue to enjoy working with your children.  We tell them all the time they are the smartest and best children at Mountain View!


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Mid-February News

We had a great time today going to Georgia Tech and seeing the play Miss Nelson is Missing.  We had read the story but it is so much more exciting to see it come to life on the stage. Thanks for letting your child go!

We will have Jump Rope for Heart on Thursday so get your pledges in.  On Friday we will a Valentine exchange.  Our room moms are getting us milk and cookies so I know the children will really enjoy that.  If your child has their Valentine mailbox made they can bring them in on Wednesday.

Winter Break 2-15-2-19

The week of February 22 we will be on the morning news to give our definition of forgiveness.  Everyone will have a turn to participate if they want to.  We will talk about it then they can write what they want to say on the news.

Our 120 day of school if February 24th and our room moms are asking you to send in some food items  that we can make a 120 snack to have that day.  We will do other activities that have to do with 120.

What we are working on for the new few week:


We are adding double digit numbers without regrouping. We will be showing many different strategies for getting our answers. We will talk about adding the ones 1st then moving to the 10’s spot, making tens and ones to represent each number, adding on a number line.  We will also be subtracting double digit numbers without regrouping using the same strategies.

Please continue to quiz your child on doubles facts and the nine and ten rule up to 20.


We are moving along during Daily 5.  Continue to work on Club words if your child has not mastered up to D.  Don’t forget to go back and work on spelling those words also.  Comprehension is really important now since what we are reading has more details and things to remember.  When your child brings home a book they have read in class have them read it to you then close it and then they need to go back and start in the beginning, middle and end and tell you everything they can remember.  You can prompt them some but they really need to start focusing on what they have read.

In phonics we are working on oi and oy words and will continue to review the digraphs and blends we have worked on so far.


We continue to write opinion pieces.  They are doing a great job of stating their opinion but still have some difficulty providing reasons and examples.  We are asking them to use transitions when giving these reasons.  Good examples of this are: first, second, next,another reason, finally, lastly. Good examples of examples: for example, for instance, in other words, additionally.  These are hard for them to do so we are talking about this each day before we begin writing.

Social Studies/Science

We are finishing up on writing about Harriet Tubman and planning a Harriet Tubman Day toward the end of the month where the children will get to do some reenactment of life on the Underground Railroad.

We are talking about plants and their parts and also needs of plants.


Once again thanks for all you do for us we appreciate you!

Mrs. Foster & Mrs. Shade





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Mid-Month January News

January is almost over and we will be moving on to February.  We continue to be very proud of our students and the way they are learning and using skills we have been working on.  One of the biggest things we are noticing is the way they are using the phonics strategies we have been going over and over again. We are seeing this in their writing and using it when they are reading and coming to new words in a passage.

Attention Target Students!

First grade will be going to Target on Friday, January 29th instead of our regular scheduled day which is Monday, January 25th.  This will only be for this week then we go back to our regular Monday schedule on February 1st.

Looking ahead

2-5 Winter Wonderland Dance

2-11 Jump Rope for Heart

2-12 Class Valentine Exchange-information will be coming home soon

2-24 120th Day of school


We continue to meet each day during our Daily 5.  Some of the books we are reading now are longer and have lots of information we need to remember when retelling the story.  The strategy we are using is writing down key details on a sticky note when we are reading so that when we are retelling it will help us in remembering some of the small details.  Always have your child retell the stories they read and the ones you read to them.


We are continuing to write our opinion pieces.  Ask your child to pick a topic (food, animal, sport) and give you their opinion.  It is great practice for them to think about it and be able to state their opinion, give some reasons for their opinion, give some details, then provide a sense of closure.  When they are able to do this it helps when they are getting their thoughts down on paper.  This is a fun type of writing because we all know they have their opinions.


We continue to work on place value…ten more, ten less, one more, one less.  It is very hard to do this mentally but it takes practicing this over and over.  This is a great activity to do in the car when going somewhere.  Give them the number from 11 to 120 and have them tell you.  We will be ordering numbers from 1 to 120.  These numbers will be written in a group and they will have to sequence them starting with the least to greatest (33, 24, 17, 29) and then they can work on harder sequences.  We will also be talking about greater then and less than.

Social Studies/Science

We will continue to discuss and learn about Harriet Tubman.  Mrs. McDonald in the media center will be helping them with some of their research and then they will be taking that research to the computer lab to work on a project with Mrs. Taylor.

Class Needs:

We are still needing anti-bacterial wipes for the classroom.  We use these every afternoon to wipe our tables.

Thanks again for all that you do.  We appreciate you!

Mrs. Foster & Mrs. Shade


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2016 is here! Happy January!

It was so nice to hear all the stories about family and friends during the break.  I know everyone enjoyed some time at home and sleeping late.  It is time to get back into the routine and continue our learning.  This is what we will be working on for the next few weeks.

Reading:We will be working on digraphs ( ch, ck, gh, kn, ph, sh, th, wh and vowel diagraphs ai, ay, ea, ee).  We continue to talk about final e and long vowel sounds.  Continue to work on sight words and if your child has finished all clubs work on spelling them.  We always need to work on comprehension.  We are seeing lots of growth with fluency but we need to have them slow down so they will be able to retell details from what they are reading.

Writing: This 9 weeks we will write opinion pieces where they will introduce the topic, state an opinion, and provide a sense of closure.  We always have to be aware of capitalization of dates, names of people, first words in sentences and correct punctuation.

Math: We will continue with place value adding larger numbers.  They need to be able to explain that the two digits of a two digit number represent the amounts of tens and ones.  Mentally add 10 more 10 less without having to count.  We will also do this with three digit numbers also.

Social Studies/ Science: We will identify all parts of a plant (root, stem, leaf, and flower)

Our next historical figure will be Harriet Tubman.

Remember to return library books when they are finished they can go and get new books as often as they bring their old books back.

Class Needs:  We are getting low on antibacterial wipes and highlighters (yellow)

Once again we thank you for all that you do to support us.  We love teaching your children!

Mrs. Foster & Mrs, Shade

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News Before Winter Break

Important Dates

Holiday Celebration Thursday, 12-17 from 12-1 Everyone is invited!

Sing a Long- Friday, 12-18 WEAR YOUR PJ’S!

All club registrations for spring are due by next Friday, December 18th. This a firm deadline, therefore no applications can be accepted in January.


We continue to review strategies to make 10….other strategies to add to 20…..doubles, doubles plus and minus one, 9 and 10 rule.   It would be very helpful if you make flash cards with addition and subtraction problems to 20 so they can start memorizing these facts.   You can also find some pre-made ones at Dollar Tree, Walmart or Target.


Continue to read each night and practice sight word Clubs A and B.  They need to know both clubs this 9 weeks.  Always work on comprehension after you read or they read to you.


We are finishing our “how to” books.  This would be a great writing for them to continue over the break.  They will be doing many fun activities with their family and friends and this would be a great time for them to write their own how to books.   If they do any of these writings have them bring them in and share.

Social Studies

In social studies we are talking about landforms.  They need to identify these landforms: mountains, deserts, valleys, plains, plateaus, and coasts.  This would be a great opportunity to use Pebble Go to do more research on these landforms.

Once again Mrs. Shade and I appreciate all that you do for our class and for us.  We sincerely enjoy working with your children each day.  We are so excited about their growth!

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December News!

We missed seeing all our sweet children during the Thanksgiving break.  I think they were glad to be back at school and ready for some exciting learning in December.  We have some fun things planned.  We are so excited to have the Kindness Elf visit our classroom.  Each day the elf will come to our classroom with a different message of kindness that we can carry out.  Be sure to ask your child what kind of kindness did we share each day.


We continue to work on addition and subtraction to 20.  This week we are working on 3 addends.  We are using these strategies to add 3 numbers….can you make a 10, 9 and 10 rule.  Ask your child about these rules which help in addition.  We are also continuing to do addition and subtraction word problems.


We continue to use our Daily 5 rotation using all our CAFE skills.  We are noticing the children are using the strategies we talking about.  Looking for chunks in words, skip the word and go back and using beginning sounds.  It is really exciting to see them pick up a book and start reading on their own.  The books they bring home from the library should be close to their reading level and they should not need a lot of help reading them.  Remember to always check for understanding asking what happened in the beginning, middle and end.  Continue to encourage your child to do Raz-kids and continue to read each night.


In phonics we have talked about silent e and two vowels together to make the first vowel say his name.  I just recently purchased the Heidi Songs Sounds Fun Phonics to help us when reading and writing.  These songs have catchy words that help with many spelling patterns and we have noticed the children are already using them.

Continue to practice spelling words (word families and sight words).  The children are really doing a good job.  On Friday we always do a spelling dictation so this would be a good way to add some more practice with spelling words at home.


We continue to write information text.  The children need to have a beginning, supply some facts about the topic and provide a sense of closure.  We are writing “Me” books now.  We continue to work on conventions which is getting better and stretching our unknown words when writing.

Social Studies/Science

We just finished our Thomas Jefferson, Lewis and Clark and Sacagawea packets.  These were sent home to help with their projects.  All projects are due Friday, Dec. 4th.  We already have some and they are doing an awesome job when they share to the class.

Important Dates

December birthdays- Nathan 12-22, Aiden 12-23, Dez 12-30

Classroom Holiday Celebration Dec. 17th 12-1 Hope you can attend!


Mrs. Foster & Mrs. Shade

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