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Thanksgiving Lunch Information


Tickets will be sold October 16-November 8.  We will not be selling tickets on the days of Thanksgiving Lunches.  Parents please turn in the bottom portion of the form with your payment.  The window to purchase tickets closes on November 8.  We will send tickets home shortly thereafter.


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Week 10



I just want to thank you for all the love that you have shown my family. The basket that you all put together was beautiful, and all of the greeting and gift cards were such a blessing. You all have no idea what your child/family means to me. I love coming to work each and every day. Most importantly, I love your children. They bring smiles to my face throughout the day. This classroom is my happy place!

We did a ton of catching up this week…or should I say, I did a ton of catching up this week. The kids were on top of it all. They knew so much about rocks, division strategies, character traits, etc. It blew me away! Although it made me happy, I was a bit offended that someone else could teach them so much. I thought it was me….hee hee!

Next week:

Reading – Exploring non-fiction and writing responses to non-fiction text (Our new literature module is all about non-fiction.)

Writing – Personal narratives – finding the heart of the story, examining emotions and including them in writing, revising (Our unit on personal narratives extends into the second quarter.)

Math – Properties of operations as strategies to multiply and divide (commutative, associative, identity and distributive properties) Although math is not listed as “must-do”on the homework page, you may see some math come home next week. It is considered a must-do!

No science or social studies due to conference week!

Conference Week Schedule

Specials 8:40 – 9:10 a.m.

Lunch 11:06 – 11:36 a.m.

**Please remember to send in notes for transportation changes. There always seem to be lots during conference week. I look forward to seeing you next week to discuss your child’s third grade progress. Please take time to complete the Georgia Parent Survey on your personal computer, tablet or smartphone. I will also have a laptop set up outside of my classroom next week if needed.

GA Parent Survey Letter-rhko4u

**Raz Kids – Raz Kids is a wonderful resource for your child. I would like for you to watch your child log on, read a story and answer quiz questions this week. I want to make sure students are on correct levels and that they are utilizing this resource.

**We are in need of construction paper. If you would like to donate a pack of construction paper to our classroom, I would so appreciate it. I am down to my last little bit. Thank you!!

Again thank you for being so gracious towards me during this time. I can never repay your kindness. I stand in awe of your caring.


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Mad Dash Information


*Mad Dash is Friday, October 13th. You all have done a phenomenal job raising money for Mad Dash!

*Mad Dash t-shirts will be distributed to the students on Friday morning. They will get a chance to change before our Mad Dash time.

*Please have your child wear P.E. attire on Friday!

*There is still time to turn in money!! The final collection day will be Wednesday, October 18th!!

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Week 8



I do not usually update blog before break. Keep these things in mind!

*Items needed for Third Grade Store sent in by October 4th!! We still needs lots more stuff for the kids to buy!

*Only pancakes will be offered on Fridays. No more burritos!!

*Conference Sign Up Genius will go live on Monday, October 2nd by 7:30 a.m. Please be ready to schedule your conference(s) at that time.

Have a happy, relaxing and well-deserved Fall Break! See you in October!

Liza Gibbs


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Week 7


Just when I think testing week can’t get any crazier….hello Hurricane Irma!! We finished two days of testing this week and will be testing Monday and Tuesday of next week. We will be on our testing schedule Monday and Tuesday and go back to our regular schedule on Wednesday. The kids are doing a wonderful job with the testing. I can see each and every one of the students working hard and giving it his or her best. I will be happy when we get back to our regularly scheduled programming as I have missed teaching.

This week we did manage to learn the F.A.T. method to answer questions. The F stands for flip the question. For example: What is your name?  My name is… The A stands for answer the question. The T stands for tell me more or use text evidence to back up your answer. I taught this concept some last year, so the kids are really catching on this time around. We did not work on writing as much as I would have liked. I will focus more on that next week. In math, the students started learning concepts of multiplication such as arrays, equal groups and repeated addition. Finally in social studies, we studied the Northwestern, Arctic and Southwestern American Indians. The students will not be taking a test on these three tribes. They will be completing a project. They will be creating a brochure, and the work will be done here in class next week!

Next week in third grade:

Reading –  Context clues – using the words around unknown words to decode, F.A.T. response practice, guided reading groups and reader’s responses

Math – Review multiplication concepts, C.U.B.E.S. strategy for solving one and two step word problems,

Writing – Writing personal narratives like a storyteller with details

Social Studies – American Indian project mentioned above

Science – Rocks and Minerals

**No homework next week due to testing, but please be reading!!!

**Third Grade Store**

Third Grade Store will be held Friday, October 6th. All of the third graders are so excited to spend their well-earned money. WE NEED YOUR HELP! To make this reward a great success, we need lots of items sent in for the students to buy. The team has created all kinds of passes for the students to buy….sit in the teacher’s chair for a day, wear a hat for a day and many more. Please see the list below for suggested store items.

*Dollar Tree items

*gently used books

*snack cakes, such as Little Debbie or Moonpies

*individually wrapped candy

*Capri Suns

*card games

*decks of cards

*fancy pencils, pens and stickers

*shaped Post-it notes

*bouncy balls

*note pads



*puzzle books

Send in anything that your OWN child would work for here at school. Please start sending items. All items will be due Wednesday, October 4th! Thank you so much because without you this endeavor would NOT be possible. You guys are the best!

Upcoming Events

**Fall Break, September 25 – 29, 2017

**Conference Sign Up Genius – Please be aware that every teacher’s Conference Sign Up Genius will go live on Monday, October 2nd, 2017, at 7:30 a.m. sharp!

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Week 6


**As you may have noted, I did not update my blog as usual on Friday. I really ran out of time. By the time I went to work on it, Irma had given us two “hurricane” days. I hope that you all had a safe impromptu break with your family. School will be in session as usual tomorrow.

Please note that we will not be testing tomorrow, but rather on Thursday and Friday of this week and next Monday and Tuesday. Please remember that we will be on a testing schedule as posted in previous posts. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask !

I loved being back in my classroom last week! I missed the kids so much. We had a busy week of CogAT testing.  All the kids did so well with concentrating and trying their best. That is really all that I ask of them. Next up is Iowa testing, so our schedule will be wonky again. I am squeezing in instruction every spare minute that I get! Thank you for continuing to send your child to school well rested and having had a nutritious breakfast!

Next week in third grade (with what little time we will have):

Reading – We  will be reading the book Thank You, Mr. Falker. We will be close reading the text to find the “gist” of the story, pinpointing the lesson and finding text evidence. If you happen to have a copy of this book could you please send it in for class use next week? If not, that’s fine. We don’t have enough copies of the book for the students, but they will be able to access this online with laptops and the iPads.

Math– Arrays, Repeated Addition, Equal Groups, Strategies for Multiplication

Social Studies – Southwestern American Indians

Writing – Personal Narratives

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Week 5


Your child may have mentioned that I was absent this week. I had a family medical emergency that needed my immediate attention. I am fine and will be back next week. If you have been in my classroom for any length of time you would see that it can run itself with or without me. With that being said, I love being at school with your child. I feel like instruction from me is the best! I left DETAILED plans and have been checking in all week. Many thanks go to the third grade team for help keeping things running smoothly.

This week in third grade…we have been prepping and getting ready for our testing. Please assure your child that this testing is for showing what you know and doing your best!

Next week:

 Reading – We will continue to be in our new reading series Expeditionary Learning!

Writing – Personal Narratives

Math – Completing addition and subtraction strategies, beginning arrays and repeated addition; two step word problems

Please note that because of testing we will be having abbreviated learning blocks. We will not be covering as much material as a non-testing week.

Testing Information:

CogAT testing will be September 6, 7, 8.

IOWA testing will be September 11, 12, 13, 14.

Makeups will be administered during the afternoons of regular testing and on September 15.

The building will be closed to visitors during testing times.

It is very important for your child to be here on all testing days. Make sure that your child gets plenty of sleep and eats a nutritious breakfast each day! I hope to alleviate any and all testing stress. I have been telling the students that this is their time to shine! They are just showing off all of the wonderful things that they have learned!

Testing Schedule:

Due to the testing schedule, our daily schedule will be amended. Lunch will be at 11:39 a.m. – 12:09 p.m. Specials will be at 1:20 – 2:00 p.m. We will adhere to this schedule during all testing days.

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Week 4


Hey Parents! This week was busy with STEM Day, the solar eclipse and STEM Night…please forgive me for such a short blog post! I promise that lots of learning went on this week in third grade. Stem Day was so much fun and very successful I was so proud of the students! If their rocket was not successful, they would go back and troubleshoot and come back with a new and improved model. Their teamwork was outstanding.


Please wait to send in all pages of homework together. I have been getting pieces and parts. Just keep the math pages and have your child turn everything in on Monday. Thanks!

Next week in third grade:


We will begin our newly adopted reading series, Expeditionary Learning. We will focus on questioning, close reading and context clues. I will also be meeting with reading groups.


The students will be learning how to use quotation marks in their writing. Also, the students will be revising their writing using a rubric. They will be looking at spelling, punctuation and capitalization.


We will continue with properties of addition and addition strategies. I would like to hopefully introduce subtraction strategies by the end of the week.

Social Studies:

I am sending  home a study guide today on the first three regions of American Indians that we have studied. There will be a test on Friday. We will continue to study the remaining regions and tribes next week.

Upcoming events:

Early Release Day – Wednesday, August 30th at 12:15 p.m.

Testing Information:

CogAT testing will be September 6, 7, 8.

IOWA testing will be September 11, 12, 13, 14.

Makeups will be administered during the afternoons of regular testing and on September 15.

The building will be closed to visitors during testing times.

It is very important for your child to be here on all testing days. Make sure that your child gets plenty of sleep and eats a nutritious breakfast each day! I hope to alleviate any and all testing stress. I have been telling the students that this is their time to shine! They are just showing off all of the wonderful things that they have learned!

Testing Schedule:

Due to the testing schedule, our daily schedule will be amended. Lunch will be at 11:39 a.m. – 12:09 p.m. Specials will be at 1:20 – 2:00 p.m. We will adhere to this schedule during all testing days.

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Week 3


This week in third grade…was tiring! First of all let me thank you for your participation for the upcoming  STEM day. These days literally could not happen without you! A special thanks goes out to Janet Pollina and Carolina Rekenthaler for signing up for the plumbing/PVC supplies. I will post pictures next Friday to show you how our STEM day went and if our stomp rockets were successful. Back to the week in review…the students took a quiz on rivers and mountains, learned how to round to the nearest ten and hundred, put two new reading strategies in their Reading Response Journal (Re-read and Keep your mind in your book), generated a list of people and places and the small moments associated with both, and stretched sentences! Whew!

Next week in third grade…

Reading – This week will be the last week in our launch unit for reading. The students will be learning a few more reading strategies (mostly about questioning) and writing reading responses in Reading Response Journals. They began responding to reading last week and will continue to work on this skill next week so that I can monitor progress. I hope to meet with small groups to begin close reading. Close reading is just what it sounds like, reading a passage closely to find text evidence that supports answers to questions.

Writing – Personal narratives are still on center stage. The students will continue to work on generating ideas for small moment or “seed” stories. I will be encouraging them to write furiously during writing time! Last week I introduced the students to flash drafts. A flash draft is a piece of writing that is written quickly as to capture the idea. Little emphasis is placed on revision, spelling or mechanics during this time. It’s all about the ideas!!

Math – The students will be learning addition strategies. These strategies include place value and adding on a number line. They should be somewhat familiar with both of these strategies!

Social Studies – American Indians

STEM Day/Eclipse Day – STEM Day is on Monday. We will be building and testing stomp rockets all day. We will not be going outside to view the eclipse HOWEVER we will be watching the SUPER SAFE NASA broadcast in our classroom and having an eclipse party complete with either Oreos or Cosmic Brownies and Sunkist!! All absences will be excused with a note for that day. If you want your child to be counted as present, he or she must be here until 11:15 a.m. Administration is asking for all early dismissals to take place BEFORE 1 p.m.

Upcoming Walk to School Day on September 6th – There will be no organization of Walk to School day off campus. Due to safety concerns of walking on Sandy Plains Road in the morning, Mountain View has opted to offer Walk to School here on campus. You are more than welcome to drive to school and walk with your child on the track. Fruit will be offered and a DJ will be spinning the hits to keep the excitement at a fever pitch!!! Again, if you choose to walk to school via Sandy Plains there will be no formal organization and all liability will be assumed by yourself.

Congratulate your child!! The class earned earned eight whole class compliments from different adults in the school since the beginning of the year! We call these earning brownie points. We had brownies in celebration today….homemade at that!!!

KINDNESS PROJECT – Look for info coming soon!!!

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Week 2


Ahhhh…here we are settling right into third grade! We have had another eventful week and have settled into our routines nicely. I know I posted lots of information this week (see older posts) and the information can be quite overwhelming. Please make sure that you go back and read about ParentVue – you must bring the paper to school in person and have a photo i.d. to complete the process. Also, please see the eclipse information. Third grade will not be going outside to view the eclipse.

Let’s talk about technology…thank you for being so patient with Spelling City and ConnectEd. I think we have all of the kinks ironed out for next week. Please let me know if your child cannot access a list for spelling as I may have accidentally not checked a box that needed to be checked. All ConnectEd problems seemed to be resolved with adding the letters before a child’s name for the username.

Next week in third grade:


This week your child will be learning how to respond to his/her reading. Now that the students are familiar with Read to Self and using Reading Response Journals, they will learn to respond to text by writing about their favorite part, the lesson of the story and their favorite character. This skill will take some practice! I plan to send home Reading Response Journals later in the week so that you can see your child’s work. Please send these notebooks back the next day as we use them on a daily basis.

Social Studies:

Your child will have a test on Wednesday on the six major rivers and two major mountain ranges in the United States. A study guide will come home on Monday so that you can study with your child! Also, please discuss cardinal directions with your child. We touched on this concept a bit with travel journals and looking for the rivers and mountains. 


The writing notebooks were fabulous. The students loved sharing them with one another. Last week we made resolutions…ways we wanted to become better writers. This week we will focusing on generating topics for our personal narratives. We will discuss watermelon and seed stories…ask your child about the difference between these!


We didn’t quite make it to rounding last week. We did work on reviewing place value and comparing numbers to the thousands. We WILL work on rounding next week. We may also begin discussing addition strategies.

**Remember homework is due on MONDAY!!

**See info below on Bus Safety Poster Contest!!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Important Dates:

Fall Picture Day – Tuesday, August 15th

Book Fair Start – Friday, August 18th

2017 GA School Bus Safety Poster Contest-1ysx3vw

Contest Entry Form-2au1vfw

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