Projects for Computer Lab

I now realize why several of you asked about the assignments page of my blog.  This post is from Mrs. Taylor.  Please check her blog!

Please know that everything the kids need to know about their technology projects is posted on the “Assignments” page of my blog. I’ve given multiple copies of handouts to them and many keep asking for more. They are there for them to print at home if needed.  

Project 1 is due the first week we get back (on the day they see me in the lab). We will print them in here and I’ll get them to you.

 Project 2 ideally should be done at the same time, but with all the days off, sickness, etc. most kids won’t be done. I’m flexible and will reassess where we are with that one after break. Overall, I’m pleased with the progress most of them are making. It’s been a really slow start, but I’m hoping they’ll have some good things to share with you by the time we are done!!

A note from the nurse

 Please email Nurse Karetha at [email protected] and let her know if your student has been diagnosed with the flu by a health care provider this year.

Remember – the best way to stay well is to wash your hands thoroughly and do not touch your face.  Stay home if you’re not feeling well.  Germs are not something we want to share at Mountain View!  See the school website for more info on the flu and how to prevent it.  Check out these important short videos!

Club Pictures Tomorrow


Please be reminded that club pictures will be taken tomorrow morning (2/8th) at 8:00 in the Cafe.  We have ONE change in the way that we are taking the pictures.  ALL participants of Kilometer Kids (both fall & spring sessions) will have their picture taken @ 8:45 in the Cafe instead of 8:00.


Please send any students involved in the following activities to the cafeteria for their pictures: Please wear your club t-shirts and/or safety vest tomorrow. 

·         Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl Time

·         Kilometer Kids (both semesters) @ 8:45

·         Morning News

·         Safety Patrol (both semesters) – Please send students with their safety patrol vests

·         Science Olympiad


The chorus pictures will be taken at International Night on March 22nd


Good morning to all,

Miss Norris and I are depleted of some school supplies and were hoping we could get some sent in to replenish our supplies for the new year.  We are low on(or completely out of) :

  • copy paper (we are all out)
  • colored copy paper
  • anchor chart paper
  • Clorox wipes (we have a couple left)
  • Lysol spray (PLEASE!!)
  • pencils (we are completely out)
  • sticky notes
  • notebook paper

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January 25, 2018

Writing- We have officially started our 3rd quarter informational writing focus. Students will spend the next 7 weeks mastering how to construct an informational research paper, and our first topic we are writing about is Immigration.  The reason why we are writing about Immigration is because it is a fifth grade standard that we have already learned, so they have prior knowledge on the topic which will allow them to focus on learning how to write an informational essay rather than learning the information that they are trying to use in their essay all at the same time.

Reading– We are going to start out focusing on identifying the main ideas of non-fiction texts and recognizing the difference between main idea and topic. The texts that 5th graders read have multiple main ideas and topics within the text, so there is quite a lot for them to absorb as they are reading. We had a very helpful conversations yesterday about why the kids are intimidated by non-fiction books, so it is my goal this year that they leave me just as confident and excited about reading non-fiction books as they are about reading fiction books.

Math– We finished up multiplying fractions, and have started dividing fractions.  So far, so good with this concept. Students will take a test on Friday of this week over Multiplying and Dividing fractions. We will be moving onto 2-dimensional shapes next!

Social Studies– Now that we have finished WWI, our focus is onto life in America during the Roaring 20s and The Great Depression. Yesterday students started our ‘ABC Book’ project, which you should have received the directions page for from your child. The directions page requires your signature, so if you did not see it last night please ask your child for it so they can get your signature and discuss it with you. The graphic organizer for this project is due next Friday, the 2nd.  The final project is due Thursday, February 15th.  We will have a WWI and 1920s test next Tuesday. Students are to finish the Moby Max lessons on these two topics before the test.

Current Nightly Homework Assignments:

-20 minutes on Moby Max in either Language, Vocabulary, or Reading Informational (will be recorded in their agenda what the weekly assignment is). This week their focus is Language.

-Math Spiral. I also encourage them to spend time on Moby Max Math nightly/as often as possible.

-ABC Project: Although we are working on it at school, it is going to require their attention at home as well. They can work on it as they complete the 1920s and Great Depression lessons on Moby Max, and I have also put research resources under the SS tab to guide them in their research for the project.

-Read 20+ minutes for pleasure

Important Dates:

*Author’s Tea – This Friday, the 26th. Please join the 5th grade anytime between 8:30-9:45, in our classrooms, to listen to the students read their wonderful writing to members of our community.  This will be a fun celebratory event to acknowledge how hard our kids work in writing! We will also be celebrating 100th day of school as a grade level this day. Students are encouraged to dress 100 years old, in celebration of this milestone in the school year!

*5th Grade Slide Show Baby Picture: Please email a picture of your choice to [email protected] by Friday, February 2nd. This picture will be used during one of our exciting end of the year 5th grade events – the 5th Grade Slideshow, which will displayed at the Moving Up Ceremony and be a keepsake for your child’s 5th grade year. The subject line should be your child’s name and Self. This is NOT the same thing as purchasing a Congratulatory Yearbook Ad for your child, but you are more than welcome to use the same picture.

*5th Grade Congratulatory Yearbook Ad – Deadline to order is February 16th. Here is the link for more information on this:

*Purchase your child’s yearbook by 2/16 for a discounted price! For more information, and to order, follow this link:

*Rock Eagle Permission Slip – due by February 9th. If you are interested in chaperoning, but have not sent back the form, please do so ASAP so that we can draw to determine who the lucky parent will be to accompany us on the trip!

*Simpson Student Tour/ Rising 6th Grade Parent Night – Students attending Simpson will take a field trip tour of the school on Feb. 6th during the school day, and that evening is Parent Night for Rising 6th grade student’s parents from 6-7 pm.

*February 9th – MVE Winter Dance. Pre-purchasing tickets is required, follow this link to do so: