Foundation Update

Thanks to the community’s hard work and Administration’s assistance, Foundation will support two full time staff instructors again for the 2018-2019 school-year to run our STEM Lab and Technology Lab. Foundation will raise money annually to support these positions. Funds come from Foundation Memberships, Breakfast Sales, After School Clubs, generous Community Donations, and Company Matching Donations.

To bridge the gap, and in response to community feedback, we will have only ONE fundraiser event next year. We will sponsor a “Boosterthon” in mid-September, which will replace Mad Dash. Funds raised through this event will first go toward supporting the two Lab Instructors, then split with PTA.

Next Step: Join Foundation by Friday, July 6 to skip the line at Sneak-A-Peek!

  1. Visit org/join-the-den to become a “Friend of the Den”
  2. Go to the Fast Pass Lane to pick up your membership packet
  3. Contact [email protected] to Volunteer!


5th Grade Walk – Our 5th graders will take one last walk down memory lane for the annual 5th Grade Walk Wednesday, May 23rd at 11:30 am. Parents and families are invited to attend this precious final memory at school. All 5th grade classes will return to their classrooms following the walk. If you would like to take your child home with you following the walk, you may check them out from their 5th grade classroom. We look forward to seeing you Wednesday!

Everything that your child brings home today is yours to keep at home! All they need to bring back to school Monday is their Friday Folder, emptied, and a bag to bring remaining belongings home with them!

Have a great weekend 🙂

End of the Year Student Celebration Reminders:

-Please wear grey 5th Grade ‘I survived the new view’ t-shirt

-please wear tennis shoes, socks, and comfy clothes

-There is no need to bring anything except for your water bottle, snack, and a lunch if you don’t enjoy pizza. Pizza will be provided as lunch for all students.


5th grade’s end of the year celebration at school is unlike some other grade level celebrations, in that it is one of the last memories that the students get to make altogether before splitting up to other middle schools. For this reason, it is not an event that all parents come to school for. Parents will be invited to and able to experience the Awards Ceremony Thursday night with their child and the 5th Grade Walk on the last day of school!


8 days of 5th grade left!!!!!!!! The kiddos are determined our countdown on the board in the classroom should say 7 days… but I count days required to wake up rather than time spent at school, while they want to combine the last full day! I prefer my reasoning 🙂

Important information for the remaining days!

Themed dress-up days this week & other events-

Monday: MVMA’s/Mountain View Music Awards Day – Dress up as your favorite music star!!!

**** Last Target Day. Specials from 8:00 – 8:45 due to Hightower Trail Middle School Band coming to perform during specials. Lunch @ All library books due back to school****

Tuesday: Decades Day – Pick any decade from the 20’s, 50’s, 70’s, or 80’s and dress the part!

****Hightower Trail Middle School Shadow Day****

Wednesday: Wear your 5th Grade Class T-shirt for our End of the Year Celebration Day!

Thursday: Game Day – Dress up as a character, game piece, or themed clothing from any video/board game and bring your favorite game to play throughout the day!

****Moving Up Ceremony @ Lassiter Concert Hall – Students need to be dropped off between 5-5:15 pm. Parents & families permitted into the concert hall at 5:30. Moving Up Ceremony starts at 6 pm****

The last two half days of school no one will need to bring anything to school other than lunch & water bottle. Bus riders will not be able to bring anything back home with them those last days, so anything brought to school will need to be disposable.

We are excited to welcome anyone who is interested in coming in to surprise the class to read aloud! As the sign-up genius states, if there is another time that you can need to come in or you would like to Skype the class please just reach out to let us know and we will try to be as flexible as our schedule allows.

***Mystery Reader Sign Up Genius:

23 SCHOOL DAYS LEFT!!! Here is what you should add to your calendar for this last month of 5th grade:

4/24: 5th Grade Class Picture. Students should wear grey class t-shirt. Sports-A-Thon Pledge forms are due! 4/25: 3rd-5th Sports-A-Thon Field Day. Students should wear purple ‘Be Nice’ t-shirt – Lunch from 12:118-12:48. 4/27: K-2 Sports-A-Thon Field Day – Lunch from 11:36-12:06. 4/30 & 5/1: Students will take final  RI & MI assessment. 5/3: Dance w/ Dad & Move w/ Mom (7:20-7:40). Hightower Trail Middle Student Tour Field Trip. 5/4: STEM Day – Star Wars themed. Mrs. Self’s birthday. 5/8: Zaxbys Spirit Night (5:30 – 8:00 pm). 5/11: 5th Grade Career Day. Talent Show form due. (more information to come about both). Career Portfolio Presentation Due. 5/14: Miss Norris will be out. HTMS Band will perform for 5th grade students during specials. 5/15: 1 student from each 5th grade class will shadow a HTMS 6th grade student. 5/16: 5th Grade End of the Year all-day celebration @ school. 5/17: Last day of after school clubs. 5th Grade Moving Up Ceremony @ Lassiter Concert Hall. 5/21-22: Student Talent Show. 5/22: Early Release. Students can not bring anything to school if they bus riders. 5/23: 5th Grade Walk. Early Release. LAST DAY OF 5TH GRADE!!!! Students can not bring anything to school if they are bus riders.

There will be informational flyers coming home this week for more information about ALL 5th grade events coming up!

A few things we will be doing at school that your child might need to spend some time on at home also:

Career Portfolio Multimedia Presentation: All 5th graders will be thinking about their future and doing some research to learn more about a career that they are interested in. As they finish their current projects, students will be given time in computer lab over the next few weeks to research and create their presentation, but depending on their progress they may need to/want to work on it at home also. Students will receive their directions page for this tomorrow in class. Presentation Due 5/11.

Budget Project: We will officially begin our real-world budget project this week. Your child will probably come home with some interesting thoughts/questions, because they are brought to reality pretty quick through this activity. They will soon realize just how lucky they are to still be under your roof, with your financial support. 😉

Book Clubs: Last week students got to shop through a vast selection of books to determine the novel they will spend the next few weeks analyzing during reading class. Once groups are finished with their novel study, students will have about a week in class to complete a creative project depicting their understanding of the plot of the book. We will have a ‘book fair’ type display day to view each others projects and hard work!! I can’t wait for this!!!

All 5th graders are required to complete at least 25 books over the course of their 5th grade year. Please make sure your child continues reading for pleasure each and every night.

As always, if you need anything please do not hesitate to reach out!



The deadline for the End of the Year Luau next Friday (4/20) has been extended to Tuesday of next week (4/17)! Don’t miss out on this exciting memory for your child as we end the school year! See the attached Flyer for more information.


You Are Cordially Invited…

Our 4th & 5th grade students are having their annual Art Show celebrating world cultures and traditions.

Art works will be on display in the Main Hall beginning Thursday evening and running through April 13th. Please stop by and admire the exceptional artworks our students have created!

What: 4th & 5th Grade Art Show

When: Opening Night, this Thursday at International Night and on display through April 13th

Where: Main Hall

Don’t forget that Friday of this week is the deadline to register for Bingo next week!!! I can’t wait to see who all wins…. I know what the prizes are!!! : )

Here is the flyer to sign up, if you have not already!

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Weekly Happenings

Here is what we will be focusing on in the classroom this week:

Math- We will finish up volume of 3-d figures, regular and composite, and learn more about coordinate planes & graphing ordered pairs in quadrant 1.

Reading- We will be working hard to master constructed responses with various types of questions that cover a wide range of reading skills while we review fiction and non-fiction standards.

Writing- We will spend the week reviewing the components of high quality narrative writing.

Social Studies- We will be starting our long awaited study of WWII. This is a favorite of the students, and they will spend the week applying what they know/learn to create a ‘Legacy of WWII Memory Book’. This will require research and work at home this week. Please allow your child to use electronic devices for these efforts.

Weekly Homework:

Math – Spiral

Reading – 20 minutes reading for pleasure per night

Moby Max – ‘Test Prep’ – (subject of student choice) 20 minutes per night

Social Studies – Research/work on WWII Memory Book as needed