Hello, Parents! It’s great to be back after the Thanksgiving break, and the winter holiday break is just around the corner! Can you believe we are almost half-way through 1st grade!?!? The next few weeks are surely going to busy, busy, busy at home and at school! I wanted to mention a few things to help us make the most of this time.

  • Please, please continue to make reading a priority at home. I realize some of the plastic reading pouches have fallen apart, and I have ordered new pouches (thank you, Cyber Monday!). Make sure your child is bringing home practice books and spending 20 minutes reading with an adult. Many times, 1st graders are not aware that they are making mistakes when reading, or they skip words they do not know. Hopefully your child is bringing home books that are fairly easy for him/her to read independently; if not, please let me know so that I can check with him/her and make adjustments if needed.

  • Remember to use the list of “Trick Words” each week. If you can’t find it or need another copy, I’ll be happy to send an extra home.

  • Please make sure you are receiving Shutterfly updates for our class. Right now, the sign-up for our Giving Bag collection is posted. If you are able to contribute an item on the list to help a family in need, it would be very much appreciated. Along the same lines, if your child is asking you about bringing toys and other things to donate, here’s why (I’m sorry!)…  our Voyager word for the month is KINDNESS. As we began discussing kindness, I gave the example of the Giving Bag in our room and I talked about thinking of others (we were talking about empathy as it relates to kindness). Students began asking if they could bring this-and-that for kids in need (SO SWEET!!). I said YES, that I would be happy to collect items in the room and take them to a charity collecting holiday gifts or take items to a donation site if they are used but still in good condition. I LOVE that this came completely from the kids, and I wanted to support this BUT I also explained to them that parents often already have programs through church and community that they give to in this way… I also told them that they MUST have your permission to bring anything (I was worried someone might find a holiday “stash” and choose from that!… I wrapped up my dad’s wedding band and gave it to my first grade teacher! Soooooo, you never know with 1st graders!).

  • The Holiday Door project came home yesterday. Your children were supposed to tell you that I said, “Do not stress about this!” (as well as, “Do not stress your parents out about this!” ha!). I hope that message was relayed to you. I know it’s a hectic time of year, and if you need more time or to wait to do it over the break (or not at all!), that is FINE! The students enjoy making them and seeing others, so I wanted to offer it to our class, but not to add unnecessary stress to your life!

  • Remember to use Raz-Kids and MobyMax as learning resources. These are subscriptions purchased through PTA to support our students, and I know it’s easy to forget about them with so many other things to juggle!

  • If your child mentions that his/her crayons or twistables are lost, worn out, used up, etc., it is fine to send in a replacement box and I’ll help your child sort out his/her pouch and swap out the old for new. I usually hold the 2nd box of crayons you sent at the start of school until January, but this year we seem to be going through our supplies faster than usual!

As always, THANK YOU for all you do!!


Book Club Order & Holiday Shopping!

Hello, Parents!

A Scholastic Book Club order is coming home today. If you would like to purchase items to use as gifts, let me know and I’ll hold your order for you to pick up in person, so that your child doesn’t see it. Click on the link below to order or wait until the paper order form comes home today. Thank you! Your orders have added more than 30 new books to our class library so far this year!


Scarecrow Day is almost here!

Scarecrow Day is always a highlight of the first grade year! Our wonderful room moms have shared a sign up sheet through our class Shutterfly site if you would like to help. Start thinking about your child’s outfit for the day! Students are encouraged (but not required) to dress up as a scarecrow for the day! (Think plaid shirts, jeans or overalls, patches, hats, bandanas, and straw, etc.!) 

Scholastic Book Club Order Due Oct. 12th

Click the banner below to place an order. Thank you to the families who ordered in September! If our class order totals $100 in October, we will receive $30 to spend on books for our classroom collection in addition to the $10 we earned in September. The book order will arrive before Halloween. Happy Reading! 


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