Block 4 Earth Science 8/29-9/2

Use the following link to access the Chapter 3 Quizlet.

Monday: CW: finish 3.2 notes/video/3.3 notes HW: work on study guide

Tuesday: CW: 3.3 notes Mineral Webquest HW: work on study guide

Wednesday: CW: Mineral Identification Lab finish web quest HW: work on study guide

Thursday: CW: Review study guide/Quizlet HW: study for test

Friday: CW: Chapter 3 test HW: Enjoy your holiday weekend!


Warm-Up Sheet 8-29 to 9-2

Block 4 Earth Science 8/22-8/26

Monday: CW: Review and complete study guide/Kahoot game HW: Study for test Wednesday Kahoot link:

Tuesday: CW: Gummy Bear metric lab HW: Study for test Wednesday

Wednesday: CW: Test HW: None

Thursday: CW: Chapter 3 vocab. /Introduction to Minerals/ Chapter 3.1 Notes /Video HW: Quizlet practice

Friday: CW: Chapter 3.2 Notes HW: None


Warm ups for this week: Warm-Up Sheet 8-22 to 8-26

Block 4 Earth Science Week of 8/15 to 8/19

Warm-Up Sheet 8-15 to 8-19

Monday: CW: New warm-up sheet/Explain how to use textbook and begin notes on metric units and measurements/glue notes in IAN

HW: Read or listen to Chapter 1 Section 1

Tuesday: CW: Finish metric notes/How to use meter sticks and metric rulers/length practice handout

HW: Read or listen to Chapter 1 Section 2

Wednesday: CW: Review length practice sheet/practice using graduate cylinder and how to read volume/complete handout

HW: Read or listen to Chapter 1 Section 4

Thursday: CW: Review volume practice/How to use the triple balance beam/practice sheet for mass

HW: Make sure you have read or listened to Chapter 1 sections 1, 2 and 4

Friday: CW: Review mass practice sheet/Temperature practice sheet/Demo how to find density

HW: Begin studying for test Wednesday 8/24



Block 4 Earth Science 8-2 to 8-12

Warm-Up Sheet 8-8 to 8-12


Classwork:Introduce how to complete warm-up for biweekly grade. Lab Safety video and handouts on symbols and rules. Homework is to study for Quiz on Wednesday 8/10 on Lab Safety.


Classwork: What is Earth Science  video? Introduce the 4 branches of Earth Science. Homework is to study for Quiz on Wednesday 8/10 on Lab Safety.


Classwork: Lab Safety Quiz/Recognizing lab safety handout Homework: none


Classwork: Scientific Method rap/Scientific Method notes Homework: finish scientific method handout if not finished in class.


Classwork: Finish scientific method notes/Paper towel lab Homework: None


Welcome to the first week of the 2016-2017 school year! This weeks agenda for 6th grade Earth Science is as follows:

Monday-Go over cafeteria rules and brief overview of what will discuss in Earth Science /Review classroom rules/Supplies needed for class/Answer questions

Tuesday-Review agenda/Discuss class rules

Wednesday-Practice opening lockers/Mission Impossible game

Thursday-Ask about current science events/Video clips/Review syllabus, get signed/Review lab safety and get form signed

Friday-Practice logging on to online textbook-log in information will be written in agenda/collect signed syllabus and lab safety/Start organizing IAN


7th grade Life Science-please see Mrs. Ball/Mrs. Peterson’s blog