Block 4 Agenda 9/19 to 9/23

Monday: CW: 4.3 Practice Quiz/begin 4.4 notes HW: Study for 4.3 Quiz

Tuesday: CW: 4.3 Quiz/Continue 4.4 notes using power point HW: None

Wednesday: CW: Metamorphic rock lab/review for quiz HW: study for quiz tomorrow

Thursday: CW: Metamorphic rock quiz/video

Friday: CW:Rock Cycle Gizmo HW: none

Block 4 9/12 to 9/16

Monday: CW: Finish 4.2 notes/powerpoint Video on Igneous Rocks HW: study for quiz Wednesday

Tuesday: CW: Finish video Igneous Rocks/Review for Quiz HW: study for quiz tomorrow

Wednesday: CW: Igneous Rock Quiz/Begin 4.3 Notes Sedimentary Rocks HW: none

Thursday: CW: Finish 4.3 notes/Video Sedimentary Rocks HW: none

Friday: CW: Sedimentary Rock lab HW:none


Use the following Kahoot link to study for Wednesday’s quiz

Block 4 Week of 9/6-9/9

Monday: Labor Day

Tuesday: CW:Warm-up sheet/Chapter 4 vocabulary/Chapter 4.1 notes HW: none

Wednesday: CW: Venn diagram compare and contrast rocks and minerals/Draw rock cycle step by step HW: study for quiz Friday

Thursday: CW: Rock identification lab/Quiz review HW: Study for Quiz

Friday: CW: 4.1 Quiz/Begin 4.2 notes HW: none

Use the link below for vocabulary practice.