6th Period Agenda 8/28 to 9/1


Monday 8/28 CW: Paraphrase Quotes and Personally Respond HW: None

Tuesday 8/29 CW: Paired Poetry answer questions on pg. 12 HW: None

Wednesday (early release) 8/30 CW: Paired poetry answer questions on pg. 12 HW: None

Thursday 8/31 CW: Review vocabulary terms and complete chart on pg. 13 connotation/denotation HW: None

Friday 9/1 CW: Open Note Quiz “The Road Not Taken”/Figurative Language HW: None

6th period Agenda 8/21 to 8/25

Monday 8/21 CW: “Total Eclipse of the Heart” Scavenger Hunt HW: None

Tuesday 8/22 CW: Activity 1.1 Previewing big ideas and vocabulary for unit HW: None

Wednesday 8/23 CW: Paraphrasing Lesson (How to) HW: None

Thursday 8/24 CW: Activity 1.2 Paraphrase and Analyze Quotes related to choices HW: None

Friday 8/25 CW: Portfolio Set-up HW: None