Block 6 Agenda 11/27 to 12/1

Monday 11/27 CW: Warm-up Complement Review/Wanted Ad HW: None

Tuesday 11/28 CW: Warm-up DOL sentence/Wanted Ad HW: None

Wednesday 11/29 CW: Warm-up Complement Review/Finish Wanted Ad/Illustrated Myth Brainstorm HW: None

Thursday 11/30 CW: Warm-up Journal 13/Finish Illustrated Myth Brainstorm/Begin Drafting Myth HW: None

Friday 12/1 CW: Warm-up Socrative Review/Go over Complement Review HW: None

Block 6 Agenda 11/13 to 11/17

Mythology Test, Friday 11/17

Monday 11/13 CW: Warm-up Linking Verbs and Predicate Words/Intro to Creation Myths HW: None

Tuesday 11/14 CW: Warm-up Linking Verbs and Predicate Words/Complete Study Guide for Test Friday HW: Study for Test Friday

Wednesday 11/15 CW: Warm-up Linking Verbs and Predicate Words/Finish Creation Myths HW: Study for Test

Thursday 11/16 CW: Warm-up Journal 12/Go over study guide/review for test tomorrow HW: Study for Test

Friday 11/17 CW: Mythology Test HW: Enjoy your break!

Kahoot Link to help study for Mythology Test

Block 6 Agenda 11/6 to 11/10

11/6 Monday CW: Warm-up Direct Objects/Finish Phaethon questions HW: None

11/7 Tuesday CW: Teacher Work Day

11/8 Wednesday CW: Warm-up Direct Objects/Arachne HW: None

11/9 Thursday CW: Warm-up Journal 11/Symbolic Thinking activity HW: None

11/10 Friday CW: Warm-up Socrative Review/The Burro and the Fox HW: None