Block 6 Agenda 1/29 to 2/2

Monday 1/29 WU: Possessive Pronouns/ Finish Carousel Activity/HW: Possessive Pronouns due Friday

Tuesday 1/30 WU: DOL/How to use Text Evidence/HW: None

Wednesday 1/31 WU: Wednesday Words/How to use Text Evidence/HW: None

Thursday 2/1 WU: Journal (Infomercial)/RACES Activity/HW: Pronouns due tomorrow

Friday 2/2 WU: Socrative/RACES Formative Assessment/HW: None

Block 6 Agenda 1/22 to 1/26

Monday 1/22: Warm-up Object Pronouns/Finish Text features/Activity 2.2 Read and Annotate pg. 88 HW: Object Pronouns

Tuesday 1/23: Warm-up DOL/Reality vs. Fast Food/Jigsaw Activity HW: None

Wednesday 1/24: Warm-up Wednesday Words/Analyzing Ads HW: None

Thursday 1/25: Warm-up Journal/Analyzing Ads HW: Bring in an Ad

Friday 1/26: Warm-up Socratvie/Ads Carousel HW:None

Block 6 Agenda 1/8 to 1/12

Monday 1/8: No school

Tuesday 1/9: Warm-up: Video clip CW: Spelling Bee/Finish Instagram HW: None

Wednesday 1/10: No class due to block schedule for testing

Thursday 1/11: Warm-up DOL/ Subject Pronouns/Topic Sentences HW: None

Friday 1/12: Warm-up Socrative Review/Preview vocab for Unit 2/Broccoli Chocolate Tidbits comparison HW: None