Block 6 Agenda 3/26 to 3/30

Monday 3/26 Warm up: Capitalization practice CW: Finish/turn-in argumentative essay/begin Milestone practice HW: None

Tuesday 3/27 Warm up: DOL CW: Milestone Practice HW: None

Wednesday 3/28 Warm up: Wednesday Words CW: Misplaced Modifier Notes HW: Study Notes

Thursday 3/29 Warm up: Journal 22 CW: Misplace Modifier Practice HW: Study Notes

Friday 3/30 Warm up: None CW: Misplaced Modifier Quiz

Block 6 Agenda 3/19 to 3/23

Monday 3/19 WU: Capitalization CW: Begin drafting argumentative essay HW: None

Tuesday 3/20 WU: DOL CW: Finish drafting argumentative essay HW: None

Wednesday 3/21 WU: Wednesday Words CW: Finish typing your argumentative essay HW: Complete survey when finished with essay

Thursday 3/22 WU: Journal 21 CW: “The Importance of Tribal Masks”/”Horned Lizards” HW: None

Friday 3/23 WU: Socrative CW: “Horned Lizards” HW: None


Block 6 Agenda 3/12 to 3/16

Monday 3/12 and Tuesday 3/13 Warm-up: Capitalization Notes CW: Argumentative Activity HW: Capitalization Practice/Study for Wednesday Words Quiz

Quizlet link:

Wednesday 3/14 Warm-up: None CW: Pros/Cons Activity HW: Study for Wednesday Words Quiz tomorrow

Thursday 3/15 Warm-up: Wednesday Words Quiz CW: Read Article/Annotate for Pros and Cons HW: None

Friday 3/16 Warm-up: Journal 20 CW: Begin Writing Argumentative Essay HW: None

Block 6 Agenda 3/5/18 to 3/9/18

Monday 3/5/18: Warm-up finish body paragraphs 1 and 2 CW: Writing Introductory Paragraph HW: None

Tuesday 3/6/18: Warm-up Complete all parts of Essay (Body 1 and 2, Intro) CW: Writing Concluding Paragraph/Video HW: None

Wednesday 3/7/18: Warm-up Wednesday Words CW: Review Rubric and Essay Guidelines/Begin typing Explanatory Essay HW: None

Thursday 3/8/18: Warm-up Journal CW: Continue typing essay HW: None

Friday 3/9/18 Warm-up none CW: Finish typing essay and turn-in HW: None