Block 6 Agenda 5/14 to 5/18

Monday 5/14 Warm-up: Vocabulary Review CW: Read Chapter 20/Finish Characterization Chart/Summary Chart for Chapter 20 HW: Study for Quiz tomorrow on Chapters 16-20

Quizlet link:

Tuesday 5/15 Warm-up: Review for Quiz CW: Quiz Chapters 16-20/Vocab Chapters 21-25/Read Chapter 21 HW: None

Wednesday 5/16 Warm-up: Review Chapter 21 CW: Read Chapters 22-23/Comprehension Questions Chapters 21-22 HW: None

Thursday 5/17 Warm-up: Finish Comprehension Questions CW: Read Chapters 24-25/Study Guide HW: None

Friday 5/18 Warm-up: None CW: Finish Study Guide/Review Game HW: Study for Freak The Mighty Test on Monday

Link for Quizizz Review:

GAME CODES: 887653/569828/341650



Block 6 Agenda 5/7 to 5/11

Monday 5/7 Warm-up: Commas CW: Chapters 12 and 13/Summary Chart HW: Quizlet practice

Tuesday 5/8 Warm-up: Commas CW: Chapters 14 and 15/Summary Chart HW: Quizlet practice

Wednesday 5/9 Warm-up: None CW: Quiz Chapters 11-15/Vocabulary 16-20 HW: None

Thursday 5/10 Warm-up: Journal CW: Read Chapters 16 and 17 HW: None

Friday 5/11 Warm-up: Socrative CW: Read Chapter 18/Comprehension Questions HW: None

Link for Quizlet Vocabulary Practice Chapters 11-15