Block 4 and 5 agenda 8/27-8/31

Monday 8/27 Warm up Week 5 Box 1 CW: Finish up summary/Possessive Nouns Review HW: None

Tuesday 8/28 Warm up Week 5 Box 2 CW: 1.5 Vocab. Sheet/Video/1st read of “Bad Boy” HW: None

Bad Boy_vocabulary-17l7tz8

Wednesday 8/29 (Early Release) Warm-up Week 5 Box 3 CW: Activity 1.5 Text dependent questions HW: None Bad Boy 1.5 Questions-19ziq15

Thursday 8/30 Warm-up Week 5 Box 4 CW: Activity 1.5 text dependent questions/IRR chart HW: None

Bad Boy 1.5 IRR chart-119juaf

Friday 8/31 Warm-up Week 5 Box 5 CW: Brainstorming Activity for Personal Narrative HW: None

Reading Warm-up Week 5-1nzu033

Block 4 and 5 Agenda 8/20 to 8/24

Monday 8/20 WU: Week 4 Box 1 CW: Activity 1.4/Vocabulary Squares HW: None

Tuesday 8/21 WU: Week 4 Box 2 CW: Activity 1.4/Text Dependent Questions HW: None

Activity 1.4_formB_7grade-1r0ooy3

Wednesday 8/22 WU: Week 4 Box 3 CW: IRR Chart/Begin Summary of “The Scholarship Jacket” HW: None 1.4 Incident_response_reflection-2gta8di

Thursday 8/23 WU: Week 4 Box 4 CW: “The Scholarship Jacket” Summary HW: None

Summary Rubric Scholarship Jacket-1iwa6f0

Friday 8/24 WU: Week 4 Box 5 CW: Possessive Nouns HW: None

Reading Warm-up Week 4-24fd0dj



Block 4 and 5 August 13th-17th

Monday 8/13 WU: Complete Box 1 on Week 3 CW: Activity 1.3-Answer Questions 1-3 “The Road Not Taken” HW: None

Act 1.3_form_B_7grade-1c7llpk

Tuesday 8/14 WU: Complete Box 2 on Week 3 CW: Activity 1.3 Answer Questions 4-6 “Choices” HW: Bring BYOD to class

Wednesday 8/15 WU: Complete Box 3 on Week 3 CW: 4th period Media Center/5th period Connotation/Denotation Chart Question 7 HW: Bring BYOD to class

Thursday 8/16 WU: Complete Box 4 on Week 3 CW: 4th period Connotation/Denotation Chart Question 7/5th period Media Center HW: None

Friday 8/17 WU: Complete Box 5 on Week 3 CW: Poems Quiz HW: None

Reading Warm-up Week 3-20t02ap

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Block 4 and 5 August 6th-10th

Monday 8/6/18 WU: Introduce warm-up sheet and have students complete box 1 CW: Complete Grammar Pretest/Present T-shirts HW: None

Tuesday 8/7/18 WU: Box 2 on warm-up sheet CW: Activity 1.1 Previewing the Unit HW: None

Unit 1 Vocab

Wednesday 8/8/18 WU: Box 3 on warm-up sheet CW: Activity 1.2 HW: None

Thursday 8/9/18 WU: Box 4 warm-up sheet CW: Choices Game/Activity 1.3 (vocab) HW: None

Friday 8/10/18 WU: Box 5 warm-up sheet CW: Activity 1.3 Paired Poetry HW: None

Warm-up Week 1

Warm-up Week 2-xb6l9v

Happy First Week of School!!

Blocks 4 and 5

Wednesday 8/1 CW: Review Classroom Procedures/Expectations, Review Syllabus, Complete Student Survey and Scavenger Hunt HW: None

Thursday 8/2 CW: Complete Reading Interests Survey/Begin A T-shirt about me HW: None

Friday 8/3 CW: Finish A T-shirt about me HW: None