Blocks 4 and 5 Agenda 11/26/18 to 11/30/18

Monday 11/26/18 Warm-up 16 Box 1 CW: Preview vocabulary for Unit 2/QHT Chart/Introduction to Unit 2 and Embedded Assessment 1/Unpack Rubric for EA 1 HW: None

Tuesday 11/27/18 Warm-up 16 Box 2 CW: Text features Introduction-Power Point and Notes HW: None

Wednesday 11/28/18 Warm-up 16 Box 3 CW: Media Center visit-get book for book report due December 19th/Complete Book Survey online/Activity 2.2 Read $211 Billion and So Much to Buy HW: None

Thursday 11/29/18 Warm-up 16 Box 4 CW: Go over Book Report Rubric and Expectations/Activity 2.2 Answer Text Dependent Questions HW: None

Book Report Rubric: Snow globe book report (1)-2e1b7ns

Text dependent Questions: Activity 2.2_form_B_scaffolded (1)-pnl411

Friday 11/30/18 Warm-up 16 Box 5 CW: Independent Reading Time/finish Activity 2.2 Text Dependent Questions  HW: None


Independent Reading Log Survey Link

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