Blocks 4 and 5 Agenda 1/14/19 to 1/18/19

Monday 1/14/19 Warm-up Week 21 Box 1 CW: Introduce TLQ Strategy and complete organizer HW: complete TLQ organizer

Tuesday 1/15/19 Warm-up Week 21 Box 2 CW: Draft Body Paragraphs for essay using TLQ organizer HW: None

Wednesday 1/16/19 Warm-up Week 21 Box 3 CW: Topic Sentences Review HW: None

Thursday 1/17/19 Warm-up Week 21 Box 4 CW: Introduction review/draft introductory paragraph for expository essay HW: None

Friday 1/18/19 Warm-up Week 21 Box 5 CW: Conclusion review/draft concluding paragraph for expository essay

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