Blocks 4 and 5 Agenda 3/4/19 to 3/8/19

Monday 3/4/19 Warm up 27 Box 1 Drawing Conclusions CW: Introduce Dangling Modifiers/Notes HW: Complete Practice side of notes if not completed in class

Tuesday 3/5/19 Warm up 27 Box 2 Drawing Conclusions CW: Complete Dangling Modifier Activity HW: None

Wednesday 3/6/19 Warm-up 27 Box 3 Drawing Conclusions CW: Library for Book Fair/Test Corrections Remediation on Unit 2 Test HW: Study for Dangling Modifiers Quiz on Friday

Thursday 3/7/19 Warm-up 27 Box 4 Drawing Conclusions CW: Funny Headlines Activity HW: Study for Quiz tomorrow

Friday 3/8/19 Warm-up 27 Box 5 Drawing Conclusions CW: Dangling Modifiers Quiz HW: None

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