Assignments for 7th grade ELA week of March 30th-April 3rd

This week, we will be using an issue of Scholastic Scope Magazine (March, 2020).  Each day, complete the assignment listed.  Please type your answers in the Microsoft Word answer page.

  • Visit and choose login.
  • Scope STUDENT access code: DURHAM2020
  • Click All Issues and find the March, 2020 Issue to complete these activities.

Monday, 3/30/20

WATCH FIRST- Today’s Lesson Video

Assignment: Mood Words Handout (2 words per category)

Due Date: Monday, 3/30/20 

Turn In: Answer Response Page  (*details below)

Before we begin reading the text, “Mountain of Doom,” we will explore the idea of mood in writing.  After you’ve watched today’s lesson video, complete the Mood Words handout.  You need to add two words for each category.  We will read the text on Wednesday.

Remember to write your answers on this week’s Answer Response Page.  You may make a digital copy of the one I’m providing, or you may create your own Word document.  If you choose to create your own Word document Answer Response Form, format it the same way as my example, please.  Just like last week, you will add each day’s assignment to your Answer Response Page and you will turn it in on Friday.

Here are the resources you will need for today’s assignment:

Identifying Mood

What is Mood? (Video)

Mood Words Handout

Answer Response Page (Mountain of Doom) 

Tuesday 3/31:

To prepare for your reading this week, go to Scholastic Scope March 2020.

  • · Scroll down until you see on the left-hand side Behind the Scenes: “Mountain of Doom”.
  • · Watch the video (about six minutes long).
  • · Watch the video vocabulary slideshow Mountain of Doom. It will preview eight vocabulary words for your reading on Wednesday. You may click the icon at the top to have it read to you. After previewing the words, complete the practice in the second half of the slideshow. Record your answers on the Answer Response Sheet.
  • ·**You must save a copy of the Answer Response Page to your own Office 365 OneDrive so you can record your answers each day.**

Wednesday 4/1:

Assignment:  Read the paired texts “Mountain of Doom” and “Behind the Scenes: My Journey to Pompeii” in the March edition of Scope magazine.

Due:  Today! 4/1/20

Directions for how to access the March edition of Scope magazine can be found on yesterday’s blog post.  (You should be a pro at this by now!)  You will read and/or listen to the paired texts, “Mountain of Doom” and “Behind the Scenes: My Journey to Pompeii.”  Remember, if you choose to listen to the audio, be sure to track the text with your eyes.  Oh, and don’t forget to explore the “Unlocking the Secrets of Pompeii” slideshow.  It’s really interesting.   That’s it for today!  You will enjoy these texts.  I miss YOU!

Thursday 4/2:

1. Reread the articles “Mountain of Doom” and “Behind the Scenes: My Journal to Pompeii.”

2.Complete this Exploring Mood handout.  (#1-5)  Be sure to write your answers on this week’s Answer Response Page.  You will turn your Answer Response Page in on Friday, 4/3.



Please note: This is our last week exploring issues of Scholastic Scope. When we return to Digital Learning after Spring Break (April 13), we will start our novel studies.

Blocks 2,3 and 6--you will need the novel Freak the Mighty  written by Rodman Philbrick.     


REMINDER:  We will begin Freak the Mighty by Rodman Philbrick on 4/13.  (This is the day we return from Spring Break.)  Please make sure you have your copy. An online version of the text will be provided as well as an audio file of the text.

Friday 4/3

  1. We have decided to give you the day off from an assignment today!  Yippee!  Use this day to catch up on assignments if you need to.  If you’re all caught up, then you are all done for the week! Remember to turn in this week’s Answer Response Page below.

2. Turn in this week’s Answer Response Page (Be careful to upload THIS week’s Answer Response Page and not last week’s page.)  *Submit your Answer Response Page on this blog AND on your Lit Apps teacher’s blog.)

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