6th grade assignments 5/11 to 5/15

Monday, 5/11


Today’s assignment is to revise your letter based on my feedback.  If you have not sent your first draft to Mrs. Crook for feedback, you need to do that immediately.

For those of you who have already shared your first draft with her, please go back to that same document and you will find her comments.  Look for boxes on the right side of your letter.  Click on each box to read my comments in the right margin.  Here is a screenshot.  I circled in yellow to show you what to look for.

Once you have finished revising, please share your FINAL DRAFT with Mrs. Crook.  Remember, this assignment is an argument letter, so please make sure it is in the business letter format that was taught in last week’s lesson video.   If you have Lit Apps with Ms. Woodall or Ms. Johnson, you will also need to share the document with them for grading.  You will receive two different grades for this assignment.

Tuesday, 5/13

1. Read for 20 minutes. Log on your Reading Log.
2. Please check your Lit Apps teacher’s blog for today’s assignment.

Wednesday, 5/14

Click HERE to see your final assignment.  🙂

Thursday (May 14, 2020)

Check your Lit Apps teacher’s blog for today’s assignment.

Friday (May 15, 2020)

Please use this day to catch up on any missing assignments.  The last day to turn in any assignment for the fourth quarter is Monday, May 18 by 8p.m.  We will finalize grades at this time.

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