Week of 9/16 7th grade ELA

Personal narrative’s should be turned in this week. We will begin working on possessive nouns and finishing out the beginning of unit 1. Make sure your study guide is complete. Our unit 1 test is Thursday, 9/19/19. Study materials will provided on the blog Wednesday 9/18/19.

Study Guide with Answers

Completed Unit 1 Study Guide (1)

Quizlet Link for Unit 1 Vocabulary terms


Week of 9/9/19

IOWA testing begins this week. (Monday-Thursday)

7th grade ELA-We will be working on personal narratives and revising the beginning, middle and end. Below are the tentative due dates for each section.

SpringBoard Unit 1  

Embedded Assessment #1 

Personal Narrative with Revisions 

Assignment   Due Date 

Revising the Beginning (Lead/Hook) (Lesson 1.7)  



Friday, 9/6/19 


Revising the Middle (Sensory and Figurative Language) (Lesson 1.8) 





Revising the Ending (Lesson 1.9)  





Typed, Final Draft (Including your rubric, rough draft, yellow revision explanation handout, and all revisions) 

*Test Grade   



Friday, 9/13/19 

Blocks 4 and 5 Agenda 5/13/19 to 5/17/19

Monday 5/13 Quiz over Chapters 16-20/Vocabulary Chapters 21-25 HW: None

Tuesday 5/14 Read Chapters 21-22/Complete Summary Chart/Complete Comprehension Questions HW: None

Wednesday 5/15 Read Chapters 23, 24 and 25/Complete Summary Chart HW: Study for FTM Test, Monday

Vocab Chapters 21-25 complete

Summary Chart 21-25 complete

Thursday 5/16 Complete Study Guide for FTM test/Vocabulary for Chapters 21-25 is due Friday

Quizlet link for Chapters 21-25 Vocab:


Friday 5/17 Review for FTM test Monday, May 20th

FTM Study Guide completed

Quizizz Games: