Literature Circle Expectations

As we approach the break we have to work hard to meet and exceed expectations. Mrs. Watson reviewed the following expectations for literature circle work with a firm warning to be specific to your portion of the text and to be thorough in your work. Your effort will be reflected in your grade:


  • must thoroughly complete the accompanying chart
  • must look up five DIFFERENT facts about your chosen topic
  • the facts MUST reflect and relate to the specific pages you read for this literature circle session
  • the source of each piece of information MUST be clearly identified (e.g., if a website, record the name of the website)
  • must PROVE that you have read the passages

Literary Luminaries

  • must have THREE quotes
  • must provide page and paragraph #
  • must have quotation marks around the quote
  • comment section must thoroughly explain why you chose the quote
  • connect the quote to the specific pages you read for this literature circle session

Discussion Director

  • must have FIVE questions
  • questions cannot have one-word answers or answers that can be easily found in the text; they must generate discussion about the events that happened in the specific pages you read for this literature circle session
  • must have post-it note on the back of your sheet with all five answers


  • Must name specific characters, settings, events that took place in the specific pages you read for this literature circle session


  • connections must be meaningful and original (not already discussed in class)
  • must relate to the specific pages you read for this literature circle session

Mav Block Maker Space Challenge

On Thursdays in January, the MakerSpace will be open during  Mav Blocks for our fifth Maker Challenge of the school year! This month’s challenge is based on the Mystery Architecture Challenge from Science Olympiad. The great thing about these types of challenges is that they depend on the materials provided. Every Mystery Architecture challenge is completely different even if the goal is the same because the materials provided are different. Passes are limited to 16 per session. Tuesdays will still be ‘open exploration’ days in the MakerSpace. For more information, visit Mrs. Harpin’s blog.

Maverick Tree

Many families find themselves needing assistance during the holiday season.  While there are many community agencies available to provide assistance, we at McClure Middle School have a great opportunity to share the experience of giving  by helping specifically the families of McClure students.  You can participate as an individual or on behalf of an organization, church, or work group to help ensure that each child represented on our Maverick Tree list has a special holiday. Please sign up and send in what you can, or if you don’t like to shop, our elves can do it for you when you send a monetary or gift card donation addressed to “Maverick Tree.” Gifts should be unwrapped and dropped off at the front office.

Maverick elves are still adding families to our list, which is available at the link below. Please check it often and feel free to share it with friends, family, and co-workers.

Thank you all and have a Happy Holiday!

Academic Habits Organization

Need to know how to organize graded work? Try organizing it by unit so that you can get to it easily for review!

Here are the units covered in the first semester:

  • Unit 1: What Good Readers Do & The Reading Process
  • Unit 2: Main Idea, Facts & Details, & Understanding Sequence
  • Unit 3: Wolf Hollow Novel Study
  • Unit 3: Cause & Effect, Compare & Contrast, & Making Predictions
  • Unit 4: I Am Malala Nonfiction Text Study

Annual Spelling Bee

The annual McClure Spelling Bee will be held on Friday, January 12th at 9:45. All interested students should sign up no later than December 30th. Your family is welcome to attend the bee and should check in to the front office before joining us in the theater. Please be mindful of the necessity for a silent environment during the bee. This may not be the place for younger siblings who cannot sit quietly for long periods of time.

*This year’s bee will include one vocabulary round. This is something that was added to the Scripps National Spelling Bee last year and we have been asked to expose you to this new format. This round will be low stress and will not cause elimination. It is just to let you see how the new format will work.

**Links to this year’s school bee study materials can be found below and on Mrs. Burchette’s Blog (7th Grade Teacher).

Click here to sign up!

School Study List– Words Only

School Study List—Words and Vocabulary

Annual 8th Grade Career Day

McClure Middle School is having its Annual 8th Grade Career Day on Friday, November 17, 2017.  We are looking for parents and community members who would love to share their careers with 8th grade classes.

If you are interested in being an ambassador for your career, please complete the short (very short) form using the link below.  Questions can be directed to Connie Plunkett-Thompson at [email protected]

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