August 3

Welcome New Wolves!

Welcome Wolf-pack families!

hello friendI hope you’re ready for a wonderful year! This is my second year at Sope Creek, and I could not be more excited to get this year started with you.

I grew up in Newnan, Georgia, just on the other side of Atlanta. I graduated from the University of Georgia (Go Dawgs!) and moved to Marietta after getting married last March. I love exploring local coffee shops, spending time on the Marietta Square with my husband, Jonah, and our Newfypoo, Sirius, and of course teaching!

I am so excited to get to know you this year! This year may be starting differently than ever before, but I am committed to making this virtual experience as positive and close to normal as possible. In the wolf pack, we practice patience, perseverance, compassion, and grace. We also have lots of fun! We’re going to have a great year!

Click here to access the Meet and Greet packet. This is the same packet that was linked to the Bitmoji classroom (minus the class list for privacy).

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to email me. We are a team, and I am here for you! My email is

Enjoy the rest of your summer, and I’ll “see” you soon!



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March 6


Happy Friday!

We are wrapping up another busy week here in the Wolfpack! We had a great time with our zoo in-school field trip on Monday, and I enjoyed seeing some of you at STEAM Night last night. We also welcomed a new student into our Pack which has been exciting for all of us!

Next week is another busy week. We are wrapping up Quarter 3 with lots of review and some assessments of what we have learned this quarter. Tuesday is Picture Day, and Wednesday is College and Career Day and is early release.

I hope that your child is having so much fun reading and logging their hours for the Six Flag Reading Program. Please continue logging their hours using the code that was on your child’s reading log. Their hours will need to be logged in by April 3rd.

Join us on May 9th for Sope Creek Night at the Braves Game – Braves vs. MIA @ 7:20pm. The Sope Creek Chorus will be singing the National Anthem at the game. Discounted tickets are available in General Admission for $13 each. A portion of all ticket sales will go back to our school. Use the link below to purchase tickets. The deadline to purchase is April 20th. We hope to see you there!

Next week we will be learning:

  • Reading: Review Q3
  • Grammar: Reference materials
  • Writing: Opinion Writing
  • Math: Elapsed Time
  • Social Studies: STEM Project

Coming Up:

  • March 10- Picture Day
  • March 11- College and Career Day/ Early Release
  • March 13- End of Quarter 3
  • March 20- Report Cards
  • March 30- Last day for March Scholastic Book Orders

Have a great weekend!


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February 28


Happy Friday!

We are getting back in the swing of things after our week off! We are also starting to plan for our next Star Jar Party because we are SO close to earning it again! They’ve come up with some super fun ideas.

These kiddos have really taken off with this Compassion Project, and we are planning our compassion bulletin board for the hallway. As we were talking about ideas, they were already thinking big about how we can spread this compassion around the school! I love how they’re taking ownership of this! We did lessons 4-6 this week covering our emotions and self-care.

I’ve noticed a lot of our class really struggling with the 3s times tables. We found a fun song to help us learn them. Here is the link if your child would like to share the earworm that we’ve all had all week (it’s catchy!).

Our (in-school)field trip is MONDAY, so please remember your class shirts. Also, if you have not turned in the permission form and paid, Monday morning is the last chance.

Just as a heads up, we will be needing recycled materials for our STEM project soon (styrofoam, plastic, cardboard, ect). Don’t send them in quite yet, but don’t throw them away this weekend!

Sope Creek Exceptional Children’s Week will take place the week of March 30th.  The purpose of this event is to raise awareness and understanding of the obstacles and challenges individuals with disabilities experience.  You have the opportunity to purchase a shirt in support.
Autism shirt

Next week, we are learning:

  • Reading: Comparing and Contrasting (Milestones practice)
  • Grammar: Commas
  • Writing: Opinion writing
  • Math: Telling time to the nearest minute
  • Science: STEM Project

Coming Up:

  • 3/2- In School field trip (wear class shirts!)
  • 3/5- STEAM Night 6:00-8:00
  • 3/10- Picture Day
  • 3/11- College and Career Day/ Early Release
  • 3/13- End of Q3


Have a great weekend!

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February 24

Thank You and Updates

Happy Monday!

I hope you all had a wonderful break. It sounds like many of you had fun filled weeks, and I heard about lots of fun traveling!

First of all, I want to thank all of you for the cards, gifts, and well wishes last (school) week for teacher appreciation and for Valentine’s Day. I felt very appreciated, and I am so grateful to all of you! You have all been so kind to me this year, and I am very thankful for you and your sweet kiddos.

Second, a few reminders that did not make it into the previous blog post.

  • Please remember to turn in the field trip permission form for the Zoo Mobile by this Friday (2/28)
  • For art, students will be working on a weaving project this month. I have attached the letter from the art teacher regarding what each child will need.
  • Please make sure you are checking your child’s agenda each night for any notes from me. That is the easiest way for me to communicate with you regarding your child’s behavior. This includes positive notes which are a powerful motivator!


From Mrs. Hopkins:

Dear Third Grade Parents,

We are doing a special weaving project this month in art class.  Each student will have a cardboard loom to do their weaving on.  I will give them the loom to use during the weaving lesson.  Yarn will be provided if needed.  Students may purchase their own yarn, beads, ribbons, fabric or anything else they choose to weave with.   Please make sure your child has the following:

  • A bag to keep weaving supplies in
  • Yarn
  • Beads, ribbons, etc. (OPTIONAL)
  • Scissors

Each student needs to bring their loom to art class each week to work on.  Students may work on their weaving at home also.  I will let the students know when their weavings are due.

Thank you for working with me on this special art project.


Mrs. Hopkins

Art teacher

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February 14


Happy Valentine’s Day, happy Friday, and happy Winter Break!

We’ve had a great week in the wolf pack learning about compassion and growing as mathematicians, writers, readers, and historians. We completed lessons 1-3 of the Compassion Project (for any of you who are keeping track) and will pick up with lesson 4 the Monday after break. I’m already seeing such a difference in our classroom after just 3 lessons!

After break, we will be learning:

  • Reading- Comparing and contrasting theme
  • Writing- Wrapping up our first opinion piece and starting a new one (get ready to read lots of letters asking for pets!)
  • Grammar- Reference materials
  • Math- 2 step word problems
  • Social Studies- Explorers

Coming up:

  • February 17-21- Winter Break
  • March 5- STEAM Night 5:30-7:30
  • March 10- Picture Day
  • March 11- College and Career Day/ Early Release
  • March 13- End of Quarter 3

Have a wonderful, restful, safe Winter Break!

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February 11

Compassion Project

In honor of kindness week at Sope Creek, we have started going through the Compassion Project from EverFi this week. This is an excellent resource that we have available through the county that teaches compassion in a very practical way along with other important social-emotional skills. I would love for you to continue the conversation at home, so here is an outline of the lessons we will be covering. So far, we have covered lessons 1 and 2.

Lesson Outline:

  1. What is compassion? (Compassion is when you SEE someone in need, CARE about their feelings, and DO something to show you care)
  2. What is empathy and how does it lead to compassion? (Empathy is when you see someone in a situation (or hear a story) and you understand how they feel and what they might want or need. Empathy leads to compassion when you do something to show you care)
  3. Why be compassionate?
  4. Our emotions: identifying our emotions and how emotions influence behavior
  5. Our emotions (continued): What do difficult emotions look and feel like? How can emotions lead to getting or not getting empathy and compassion? How can we manage difficult emotions?
  6. How can we practice self-care? (Showing yourself Care, Appreciation, Respect, and Empathy- C.A.R.E.)
  7. Mindfulness (Mindfulness is when you pay attention in a special way and notice your thoughts, feelings, surroundings, and your body. It can help you be calm and work through strong negative
  8. Growth Mindset
  9. We all make mistakes ( “It’s ok to make mistakes – we all do it! However, the important things
    are to recognize that when we make a mistake, (1) we need show ourselves compassion (and
    not be too hard on ourselves if we mess up) and also to show others compassion by apologizing
    when we make a mistake that hurts them.” directly quoted from lesson 9)
  10. Overcoming the inner critic- How fixed mindsets and negative self-talk can affect us, and how self care and compassion can help overcome the inner critic.
  11. How can we show compassion every day?
  12. Compassion in our class
  13. Compassion in our school
  14. Compassion in our communities
  15. Day of compassion


If your child would like to continue practicing these skills at home, there are online independent lessons that students can complete at home. They can log into and go to EverFi. They should have access to The Compassion Project from EverFi (if not, please let me know! This is a new program). This is not required, but it is an option if you would like for you child to complete those at home. I only ask that your child does not go further than the lesson that will be covered the following day (for example, they could do through lesson 3 tonight because we will be talking about lesson 3 in the morning).

I am excited to see how this impacts the culture of our classroom, and maybe even the school!

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February 7


Happy Friday!

We are just one week away from our February break! We had a great week with WellStar and our puppet show.

This week has been counselor appreciation week, and we truly have the best counselors! Even though the week is over, they work very hard and are appreciated every single day.

Reading and Math Inventory scores from December have now been sent home. The Math Inventory specifically had different questions than the August one, including many questions on fractions that had not been taught yet. This was intentional to gauge mathematical reasoning. The December MI scores do not reflect a student’s mastery of the content covered thus far in 3rd grade, and it is simply one tool used to assess a student’s mathematical reasoning skills.

In more exciting news, next Friday is Valentine’s Day! Students will have a chance to exchange Valentines on Friday before recess. I will have bags available for them to decorate in the morning, but if you have a box or other small container already prepared, that is absolutely fine to send in as well. I also ask that, if you choose to send in Valentines, please send one for every student. We have 22 students, and I will send out another class list for your reference.

As the year progresses, we are getting closer and closer to the Milestones. To help your child prepare, please encourage them to continue working on their typing at home. We practice at school as much as possible, but the days are short, and they will all benefit from the extra practice at home.

Next week we will be learning:

  • Reading- Comparing and contrasting plot and setting of two stories
  • Grammar- Quotation marks
  • Writing- Opinion writing
  • Math- Line plots with fractions (This includes using a ruler which is a great thing to do at home as well!)
  • Social Studies- Explorers

Coming Up:

  • February 8- Sweetheart Dance
  • February 12- Progress Reports
  • February 17-21- Winter Break
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February 3


Happy Monday!

We have a busy week this week in the Wolfpack. WellStar came back this afternoon to help us learn how to live healthy lives, and tomorrow we have a Watershed Puppet Show in the morning.

This week, we will be learning

  • Reading- Comparing and contrasting characters (character traits and motivations)
  • Grammar- Subordinating conjunctions
  • Writing- Opinion Writing
  • Math- Comparing fractions
  • Science- Animal adaptations

Coming up:

  • 2/3- WellStar
  • 2/4- Watershed Puppet Show
  • 2/5- Chick-fil-a Spirit Night at Eastlake Chick-fil-a
  • 2/12- Progress Reports go home
  • 2/17-2/21- Winter Break
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January 24


Happy Friday!

It’s hard to believe this short week is already over!

We had an exciting day today starting our introduction to cursive. Cursive practice is going to be morning work, so please make sure your child gets to school in time to get some practice in!

Next week we will be learning:

  • Reading- Comparing and contrasting informational texts
  • Writing- Opinion writing
  • Grammar- Conjunctions
  • Math- Fractions on the number line
  • Science- Habitats and animal adaptations; conservation and recycling

Coming Up:

  • January 30- January Scholastic book orders due

Have a great weekend!

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January 21

Test Corrections

Because of the long weekend, any corrections to graded work returned today are due on Thursday. Students have 2 days from the day the grade is received to make the corrections. Some papers will have a yellow form stapled that means a correction is required for the reason checked on the form (not always a test- it may be classwork), and those corrections are also due within 2 days. Students have the option to correct tests without the yellow form, but it is not required.

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