Welcome World Changers of 2018-2019

Hey there! Welcome to our class blog. This year, I will be doing updates through Seesaw. Please keep an eye out on a flyer going home soon explaining how to use your child’s Seesaw account. Through Seesaw, you will be updated on school wide events, will be able to see some of your children’s best school work pieces, and will be able to see pictures of your child working in  action. Many describe this account as an academic Facebook. My hope is that you join and feel a closer connection to what your child is doing here in class.

Welcome Parents


Dear Parents,


        My name is Nadia White and I am so excited to be your 1st grader’s teacher this year. Teaching is more than my job.  It is my passion, hobby, and source of joy. I feel so fortunate to have the amazing opportunity to be entrusted with your most prized and treasured possession. I promise that I will do everything in my power to be the teacher that your student needs me to be. I understand that in order to do that I will need to have an open line of communication with you, the person who knows your child best!

        Please feel free to call, e-mail, or text me to communicate any of your 1st grader’s social, emotional, or academic needs throughout the school year

Email nadia.wood@cobbk12.org

(My e-mail may be changing soon. I just got married this summer!!!)

Cell Phone 770-500-7602


I am very excited to work alongside you and your student we are going to have an amazing year!


Mrs. White

October in Review

Wow! What a month! It has been crazy but I would not change it for the world! It has been so wonderful to watch your students grow and learn. They truly are world changers! I know you are so proud of them!


Like I’ve said before, a picture is worth a thousand words. I hope you enjoy these snapshots of a few magical moments that we’ve had over the past month.

img_4884 img_4885 img_4893 img_4895-1 img_4897                                                                                                                                                  img_5010 Thank you Mrs. Dune-Chari for sharing your STEM career with us!




img_4952 img_4991 img_4993


Here are your little authors publishing their “small moment story” pieces.


beck-leila-puz img_4937-1 img_4939-1


I love a book day! WOW! Is it just me or are these kids not the best looking students you’ve ever seen?


img_5116 img_5118 img_5129

img_5134 img_5140 img_5145 img_5147

STEM Update- Rain Gauge

The World Changers are really getting the hang of the Engineering and Design process. Check out these Stem Stars  as they imagine, plan, collaborate, and improve their rain gauge creations. I was really impressed with their critical thinking and ability to overcome the challenges they faced throughout the process.


img_4829 img_4830 img_4833 img_4834-1 img_4836 img_4837 img_4843 img_4845 img_4848 img_4849 img_4850 img_4853-1 img_4855 img_4857 img_4859-1 img_4864  img_4866 img_4867 img_4868 img_4874 img_4875-1 img_4876-1 img_4877 img_4878 img_4879 img_4880 img_4882

September Update



I wanted to give you a quick little update on some fun things that have been happening in class this week.

As many of you know, this week we took the CoGAT test. I was so impressed with how well the students were able to focus for such a long period of time. It was really impressive! I also wanted to give a big thank you to those parents who brought in morning snacks on testing days. It was such a nice treat for the students. You all really are the most amazing group of parents any teacher could ask for! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Look at these happy faces below enjoying their snack!


img_4592   img_4593   img_4591


We also met our 4th grade book buddies. They brought a little reading questionnaire to get a feel for  your student’s interests.  We have been focusing on choosing “just right books” during our reading time. We have also been talking about how our book choices should match our interests and should also match what kind of a reader we are at this point in time. Our book buddies are so excited to help us be the best readers we can be. The relationships that are forming really are so cute! I will try to snap some more pictures with our book buddies the next time we meet. I know you all will appreciate the way they admire the 4th graders. It is such a precious relationship.

img_4626-1 img_4626 img_4628 img_4635 img_4637


In Writer’s Workshop we have been working on small moment stories (personal narratives). Our writing has really come a long way since August. On Friday, we decided to stop and celebrate each other’s growth in our writing museum. On this day we chose our favorite writing piece so far, left it on our desks, and the class came around to enjoy our stories. They were so excited to read what their friends had been working on and to celebrate each other’s growth from the beginning of the year.  Your little world changers are so full of rich stories and experiences. That is such a reflection of  all that you all have exposed them to. Parents, you have shared and instilled so many awesome things upon their life. As I said before, you all truly amaze me. There have been stories about cheese tasting in Wisconsin, dove hunting experiences, trips to the zoo, and much much more. I cannot wait to keep reading! Your little authors  truly are incredible writer’s and it is only September. I cannot wait to watch their writing blossom this year.

group-museumimg_4620 img_4622


Thanks for all that you do! These little scholars make my life so full! Thank you for sharing them with me. They are the best!




Nadia Wood




We will completing a “Natural Disaster” engineering and building challenge in class. Please send any of the items on this list to help us complete our project.

  • Cardboard
  • Tape
  • Yarn
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Pipe Cleaner
  • Toilet paper tube
  • Craft sticks
  • Paper Towel Tubes
  • Straws
  • Paper Cups
  • Index Cards

I can’t wait to see how they do with this! I will update pictures on our blog. Thank you so much for your support! Projects like this make our learning so much more meaningful and we couldn’t do it without your help.


Ms. Wood

I can not get enough of these kids! Sorry about the picture overload but I just could not get enough of their love for learning today. We learned a new math game and their excitement was priceless. I had to snap a few photos! I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!