Week of October 8, 2018

On Tuesday, 10/09/18 we will have a Unit 1 test in ELA for both Ms. Ussery’s and Ms. Campbell’s classes. You will need to be able to apply the terms we have used this semester.

  • Internal Coherence: This is another way of saying transition. Internal coherence are transitions found within paragraphs. For example:

As I slowly opened the door, I spotted a dark shadow in the hallway. Shaking with fear, I called out, “Who is it?”. After a short pause, I heard a low growl, followed by a large roar.

  • External Coherence: These are transitions between paragraphs. For example:

When I was a fourth grader, I remember sitting in class that day just before the bell rang for dismissal. I remember thinking of all the names in the world, how I could have possibly been stuck with such an alien one.

The first time I actually became aware of my name was on the first day of  first grade.

  • Sensory details: be able to identify these. Remember, this is what a writer uses to connect the five senses to create an image in the reader’s mind. For example:    The liquid from the sweet, juicy pear dribbled down the petite girl’s chin.
  • Figurative language: Some examples of this are: onomatopoeia, personification, simile, metaphor, etc.  It’s raining cats and dogs; she is light as a feather; the sun smiled down upon the quiet little village.
  • Myths have certain characteristics. For example:
    • they explain natural phenomena
    • teach a lesson or a moral
    • often include super human gods or heroes
  • Personal narratives often include an incident, a response, and a reflection.
  • Animals are often used as symbols. For example, a lion may represent courage; a turtle may symbolize patience; an ant may symbolize a hard worker and a fox may symbolize deception.
  • Metacognition is thinking about your own thinking. Your are using metacognition when you interact with the text while you are reading.

Week of August 10th

All ELA classes:

  • We will continue working on personal narratives this week which are due on Friday, 9/14
  • Monday: read “Why Couldn’t I Have Been Named Ashley?” and begin revising middle paragraph of narrative.
  • Tuesday: Revising concluding paragraph
  • Wednesday-Friday: complete all revisions including transitions, figurative language, editing etc.


  • Unit Test on Tuesday, 9/11.  You received a completed study guide on Monday. Please review this and all maps (including the Israel inset map) before the test.
  • On Wednesday we will begin the unit HISTORY OF SOUTHWEST ASIA
  • Friday, August 14th will be hearing and vision testing through our Social Studies classes


Friday, August 31, 2018

ELA: We are working on our narrative at this time, and focus is on IRR: Incident, Response and Reflection.

Write a multi-paragraph narrative about a time that you had to make a choice. Include information about the choice you made and the consequences of your action. Be sure to:

-Include the elements of incident, response, and reflection.

-Use transitions to connect ideas for your reader

-Use figurative language and rich vocabulary


SpringBoard Access at Home

To Access Your SpringBoard Text at Home:

  1. Click on this link: https://clever.com/oauth/instant-login?client_id=b51b5d2ce49a6538cb55&district_id=5798a584ac8d990100000850&specify_auth=saml&t=v
  2. When you are prompted to log in, use:
    • SCH\Student ID number and the same computer password used at school (for example, if your lunch number was 1112233, you would type in SCH\1112233 as your username, then use your school computer password as the password)
    • OR.… you are supposed to also be able to use your Office 365 login credentials for your username and password!

Monday, August 6th

Link to Ms. Campbell’s blog for ELA periods 2, 7, 8   http://www.cobblearning.net/scampbell/

Tuesday’s homework: Letter to Ms. Campbell and Ms Goodemote

Parent survey on Ms. Campbell’s blog

Supplies for ELA


Link to Ms. Ussery’s blog for ELA period 3 and Social Studies period  4


Welcome Back, Awesome 7th Graders!

We are so excited to have you, our wonderful 7th graders, back at McClure. Please know that your teachers are all here to teach, help and care about you.

My schedule is as follows:

Homeroom        Room 723  (Mrs. Ussery)

Period 2          ELA  with Ms. Campbell

Period 3          ELA with Mrs. Ussery

Period 4          Social Studies with Ms. Campbell

Periods 5/6    Planning-I could be anywhere during this time!

Period 7           ELA with Ms. Campbell

Period 8           ELA with Ms. Campbell

Monday, 2.25.18

Today we reviewed for Milestone testing. Our testing dates for ELA are April 10th and 11th. Students are working on responses to narratives for the next two days.

We will have a Membean test on Thursday of this week.

Please access the following information to study for Milestones:


Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Today students worked on using the RAFT strategy to analyze the summative writing prompt.  We also developed a graphic organizer to assist in writing assignment. On Wednesday we will continue to work on graphic organizer and discuss introductory paragraphs.


Quarter 3 Report cards are posted in ParentVue for parents to view and print if desired.


Don’t forget the Book Fair is happening now!


Friday, March 2, 2018

Membean test on Monday!!!

Today we read and found evidence to support the topic “Should People Use Driverless Cars?”  On Monday after the Membean test we will read and find evidence against using driverless cars. On Tuesday we will write letters to the principal that are written with a formal tone.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Membean Test on Monday…Make sure you are accessing the software and getting your time in!


Today we continued lessons on identifying formal language. Students were able to distinguish sentences which would be considered formal vs. informal. They also gave reasons why sentences would be identified as formal, as well as informal.

On Friday we will write a paragraph written in a formal style.  Next week we will focus on using text evidence to write an argumentative composition.