Learning Focus

Reading- We will be going over the format and expectations of Reader’s Workshop. Reader’s Workshop consists of a mini-lesson, independent reading time, and student-teacher conferences or small group instruction. We will also begin covering story elements such as characters, setting, beginning, middle, and end.

Writing- We will introduce Writer’s Workshop to the students. Writer’s Workshop consists of a mini-lesson, independent writing time, and student-teacher conferences or small group instruction. Our first unit is narrative writing. We will kick off the year by encouraging students to brainstorm and write about small moments.

Math- Our first unit is about place value. This week we’ll learn about several ways to write a number: standard form, base ten form, expanded form, word form, and possibly even money form!

Social Studies- We will launch social studies by examining the “story of our state” using 4 different domains. We will introduce four hats which are used to represent the different domains in social studies: history, geography, government/civics, and economics. We will refer back to these hats/domains throughout the year.

Welcome Frey Families,
I am excited to say that your family will be a part of my 20th year as an educator in Cobb County! What an honor it is for me to be your child’s teacher. This year will prove to be a rewarding year for us all. The activities and lessons planned will always have purpose within the mindset of enriching your child. Very often, it is my habit to instill humor, music, and personal stories to hook student interest and involvement. As the parent, you will have ample opportunity to be involved as well. Mystery Readers are always appreciated. As a tradition, I like to interview the Mystery Readers for the students. We can learn so much from you and your family. This helps to foster a feeling of community. Each day, the students are applying A.I.M. H.I.G.H. and F.L.A.M.E.S. to their school day. A=Attitude. Our attitude decides our day and how open we are to learn new things. I=Ideas. We will use our ideas to support, solve, and collaborate as a class team. M=Management. We will manage our time, behavior, supplies, and decisions each day. H=Helpfulness. We will assist each other throughout the day. I=Influence. As a Frey Flame, we use our influence to spread joy, truth, love, and support of our fellow students. G=Gratitude. We show gratitude by showing respect at all times. H=Hope. Always have hope for a better day ahead when things get tough.

Where do we begin? Assessments

Math- Addition and Subtraction facts
Reading- DRA assessments, building Guided Reading groups, read-aloud,
Writing- Narrative, Informational, and Opinion writing prompts for writing samples.
Procedures/Rules/Teams- Our class will establish 6 teams, procedures, and expectations. We will organize our journals for Morning Work, Homework, and a binder for Writing Samples for all three genres.

I will send home spelling words as we introduce phonics program. For now, we will review high frequency words and short and long vowels. Look for Navarra Newsletters in your child’s folder. I will send the letters home each month.

OPEN HOUSE July 30, 2019


(Parents and students will visit the classroom and fill out forms.)


OPEN HOUSE 11:30-12:00

(Parents will stay in the classroom while students go to the Learning Commons for AIM HIGH class.)

WELCOME BACK 2019-2020

Welcome Frey Families! I look forward to a brand new school year with you and your child. Hopefully, your summer break was restful and filled with enrichment. Now, it’s time to AIM HIGH and get ready for some rewarding work and fun. I’m excited about our upcoming Open House next week. If possible, please bring all of your child’s supplies to Open House. It will save a lot of time on the first day of school. Thank you so much. I’m honored to be your child’s teacher this year. Let’s work together to make this the best school year yet!

And YES Legos!!!  We have used our Legos to represent day and night hours for each season of the year, as well as to build and   represent Creek and Cherokee villages.

We just received an online subscription to Generation Genius where we can watch and participate in awesome online science experiments!

3 IPads were purchased for each classroom for us to use on a daily basis with Seesaw, Freckle, and Chatterpix apps!

Thanks to the foundation, second grade has our own model to represent how the Earth and Moon orbit around the Sun!


Frey Families!

Our Frey STEMtastic campaign has officially started!  On Friday, students participated in our annual STEM pep rally to get them pumped up about raising money for our Frey Foundation.  This foundation provides EVERY student in our school amazing Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics experiences.  Here are just a few that our class alone has benefited from…







Over the next two weeks we are counting on students to reach out to family members or businnesses to donate a tax-deductable donation to our Frey Foundation.  Our goal this year is to raise $55,000.  ALL of the money will go directly to our school…your school, for your child to benefit from.  Aside from individual prizes to be earned, as a grade level, 2nd grade will have the following incentives for whole/individual class rewards…


Individual Extra Rewards

Video:  30 minutes of makerspace time

2nd Grade Class Incentives

50% of class receive one donation…any amount= 15 minutes of extra recess

100% of class receive one donation…any amount = Popcicle party

$100 total donation for the class = No morning work for 1 morning

$500 total donation for the class = No homework for 1 week

$1,000 total donation for the class = Lunch in the classroom

$2,000 or more total donation for the class = Popcorn and a movie


In order to get more information, or to donate online, please visit our Frey Foundation at https://freyfdtn.wordpress.com/2019/03/04/stemtastic-campaign/