Weekly News for October 31st

It’s so hard to believe that we are coming into November this week!

Here is what we will be focusing on:

Math:  We will continue to use the Area Method or “Box method” to work on two digit times two digit multiplication.  Later in the week I will introduce the Partial Product method to solve three digit times one digit multiplication problems.

Science:  We will continue our unit on Force and Motion.  The kids will be doing a few experiments this week to learn more about Newton’s laws of motion.

Social studies:  We will wrap up our unit on Colonization.  A study guide will come home at the end of the week and we will test at the beginning of next week so that the kids have time to study.

Book Clubs:  We are still working through Matilda and adding information to our reader’s responses in our book clubs.  We are also working on various on level nonfiction books to go with colonization and force and motion in our teacher led reading groups.

Writing:  We will continue working on summarizing nonfiction information.  We will work on creating an informational book about The Colonies that will help to prepare for the Social Studies test next week.

Last week, in Social Studies, we made butter using glass jars and heavy cream.  We talked about life in colonial times.


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