Weekly News for November 3rd

Happy Monday!  Here is what we will be learning this week:

Math:  We will continue working on multi-digit multiplication strategies and multiplication story problems.  It is very important that your child knows his or her multiplication facts.  In order to practice, please click on the link above.  http://conceptuamath.com is a great way to practice facts!

Science:  We are still working on force and motion and Newton’s Laws.  We will be moving into simple machines.

Social Studies:  We are finishing up colonization this week.  Our test will be FRIDAY.

Reading Clubs:  We are still working our way through Matilda and doing some fun reader’s response activities.

In small groups, we will be working on writing a summary of a nonfiction book.  Each group will be assigned a section of the book and they will work together to create an informational poster containing a summary with a main idea and key details.

Wordly Wise:  We will be starting list 6 this week.  Because of the short week, I am going to wait until next Friday, November 17th, to give the test.

Writing/Language Arts:  We are working on using information from our social notebook to create an informational pamphlet about the colonies.  It will contain several nonfiction text features, maps, and short paragraph summaries with main ideas and key details.

Last week, the kids earned their tenth compliment!  We had an extra recess on Friday to celebrate working as a team to make good choices to be respectful in the hallway!

November 13 Giving Tree Kickoff
November 14  PTA Staff Cookie Exchange
7:15 Extraordinary Gentlemen
November 16  Progress Reports Go Home
November 17 COUGAR PRIDE
K & 5th Thanksgiving Luncheon
November 20 – 24  Thanksgiving Break
November 28 -Zaxby’s Night
December 1     4th Gr to Fire Safety Village
December 5    2:40 Data Team Meeting
Individually wrapped snacks for our snack bin!

Small prizes for our prize box (small things of slime, fun bookmarks, bouncy balls, mechanical pencils, etc.)




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