Weekly News for March 19th

Happy Monday!  Here is what we will be learning this week:


Early this week, we will work on adding and subtracting decimals.  We will be wrapping up fractions on Wednesday with a fractions Quiz.  A study guide for the quiz will be sent home on Tuesday.

Thursday, we will begin working on lines and angles.


We will be doing some grammar review to prepare for the Milestone test that will begin the week after Spring Break.


We will be talking about how the revolution of the Earth causes the seasons.  We will also begin talking about the moon phases in more detail.

Social Studies:

We will continue our Westward Expansion Unit.  We will be talking more about the Trail of Tears and begin learning about the Oregon Trail.


We will be reviewing how to do constructed responses and using a reading passage to support your answer.  We will also be using fiction and nonfiction passages to review our reading standards.


We will be working on the RACES (restate, answer, cite, explain, sum it up) strategy to cite information writing an informational essay.

If you are looking for ways to help your child practice for the Milestone, here is a great practice packet that you can work on at home.

Milestone Parent and Student Guide





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