Weekly News for April 16th

Happy Monday!  Here is what we will be learning this week:

Please remember that we will take the math sections of the Milestone test on Monday and Tuesday.  Be sure to get enough sleep, have a breakfast with protein, and be on time!

We will also be on our testing schedule Monday and Tuesday.  We will not have lunch until 12:35


We will continue working on converting standard measurements as well as review solving multi-step word problems using http://www.conceptuamath.com


The students will continue working in groups on their power point presentations for different ecosystems.

Social Studies:

We will finish up our Oregon Trail simulation this week.  Our Westward Expansion test will be Friday.  A study guide will be sent home on Tuesday.  Please be sure that it is completed by Wednesday (we will do most of it in class) so that we can go over it to be sure everyone is studying the correct answers.

Book clubs and Guided Reading:

Our book clubs are loving the book Among the Hidden.  They will continue to work through the book and reader’s responses.  In guided reading I will begin doing some developmental reading assessments to get some more information about reading levels, fluency and comprehension.


This week we will use this time to wrap up our ecosystem research projects.

Language Arts/Vocabulary:

We will have a Wordly Wise test on Friday over List 11

Have a great week!!






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