Weekly News for April 23rd

I apologize that this is getting to you a little later on Monday than usual.  I had some blog trouble earlier today (I thought that I published this, but saved it as a draft).  OOPS!

Here is what we will ne learning this week:


We are going to continue to work on measurement and converting measurement from large units to small units by multiplying.  We will also (if the weather cooperates) be heading outside to measure some items on the playground using meter sticks.  I will be doing a quick conversion activity in the middle of the week to be sure that everyone understands this concept.


We will be presenting our Ecosystem and Binome Powerpoints for the class.  The kids will also be collecting information from the presentations to be sure that they understand the similarities and differences between the ecosystems.

We will also go into more detail about the specific ecosystems and binomes by adding information and vocabulary to science notebooks.

Social Studies:

We will start the week learning about the Suffrage and Abolitionists movements.  We will be starting our Civil War unit by Tuesday.  We will add standards, maps, vocabulary, important people and dates to the social studies interactive notebooks.


We will be wrapping up our Among the Hidden Novel Study and reader’s responses in book clubs.  Thank you to Mrs. MecKeone for sending in an entire set of the Shadow Children series.  Several of the kids are really excited to find out what happens in the next book!

By the Thursday (I hope) we will be starting the Book The (Mostly) True Adventures of Homer P. Figg in book clubs.  This book is set during Civil War time, so it will tie in perfectly with the Social Studies unit.  Thank you to Mrs. Burnette and Mrs. Clearman for getting us some more copies of that book so that it is easier for each group to share!

I will be working with the kids one-on-one during Guided Reading for the next few weeks in order to do a developmental reading assessment.  This will give more information about your child’s reading level as well as ways the reading standards that he or she may need to work on in the future.  It will give some great information to your child’s fifth grade teacher as they are creating reading groups next year.


We are still working on the journal entries that go with the Oregon Trail Simulation.  The kids are really loving getting into their characters as they travel across the prairie to Oregon.  We had to move on in Social Studies in order to finish what we need to for the year, but we will use writing time to finish up the simulation because it requires so much writing.  We will specifically work on the standards of adding details to narrative pieces, as well as adding various points of view to narrative pieces.

Language Arts:

We will be starting Wordly Wise list 12.  The test for that will not be until May 4th.  Please take this opportunity to study the words a little each night.

Our Kincaid Relay for Life Team will be taking donations to get stickers for our sticker contest thru this Friday.  The class in 3-5 who gets the most stickers will win a PRIME seat for the May kickball game as well as a Pizza party!  This is a huge contest and really helps raise money for our Relay for Life team!  I would LOVE to see our class win this contest and do our part to support cancer research!!

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