Accelerated Reader Q and A

It has come to our attention that many parents (and some students) are not clear on the Accelerated Reader requirement.  We wanted to give you the information in one place, so we made this page to share with you.

How do I access AR from home to see scores?

At this time, students may not take AR tests from home, but you may request to receive emails when your child takes an AR test.

To log in to your child’s account:

  1. Go to the website   
  2. Log in using your child’s user name and password. He/she uses the same username and password used to access AR in the classroom.

How many books do I have to read?

You should read 5 books on your reading level each nine weeks.

How do I know my reading level?

We have told the students to read a book on the 4th grade level.  For the first quarter, you may read books above a 3.5 reading level.  After the first quarter, you should be reading books that are at least 4.0 reading level.

What books can I read?

Every quarter you may read one picture book of a 4th grade level to count as a test.  You may also take a test on one book that is read aloud in class.  For the first quarter, you could take a test on the summer reading book you finished.  The other books should be chapter books with text on a 4th grade reading level.

What grade do I need to make to consider passing?

You must have a 70% or above to count as a book you have read.

What if my book isn’t an AR book?

See the directions below for a book report paper which can be graded as an AR test.

What if I read the book, but I cannot pass the test?

See the direction below for a book report paper which can be graded as an AR test.

How will I be graded?

The 5 highest grades will be put into the grade book as test grades.  Your teacher will put the first grade in after the fifth week of school.  She will put the other grades in every Friday.  If you have not completed 5 books at the end of the quarter, you will receive zeroes.

What are the directions for the book report paper?

The paper is a test grade, so Mrs. Begerowfd expects it to be a very well written paper.  This is not something that you can do quickly if you want a good grade.  Remember that this is a way to bring up a low AR score.

You may write a letter to your teacher explaining the following things.

    *  Paragraph 1 –  book title, author, characters, and setting
     *  Paragraph 2 – Short summary of the book
     *  Paragraph 3 – Two connections that they had with the book (other things it reminded them of that they have read, seen, or experienced and a recommendation with a reason (did they like it or dislike it and why)