Math Websites

Math Website-Math Workbook Online

To access our online math book you will need your student’s 7-digit Cobb County ID number.

Username: ccsd(student number)

Password: cobbmath1


Math Website-Conceptua Math

Cobb county schools has purchased an amazing online math program.  It has lessons on skill that we cover in math.  It also gives students the opportunity to practice their multiplication and division facts.  This is a great resource for kids who need extra help with specific math skills.

Conceptua Math

customer:  CCSD
: s(student number)

PW: math

Math Website-Education Galaxy

This is a GREAT tool to help practice for upcoming tests in math and other subjects!  The student login is your child’s student number.  The password is: kincaid.  Then your child can go to “My Assignments” or “My Study Plan” and scroll down to practice specific lessons.  For example, if your child is taking a place value test, then you would do the place value lessons.

There will be a reward system set up at school for students who are using this program on a regular basis to practice their standards.  Have fun!

Math Website- Multiplication and Division Practice

This site has GREAT multiplication and division practice.  This will be incredibly helpful as we move into the second quarter.  We will be covering our multiplication and division standards.  Practice makes perfect!

Adapted Math

Math Website- Multiplication and Division Strategies

This website provides examples of multiplication and division strategies that we will be learning in fourth grade.

Leaning Math

Math Website- Practicing Partial Quotient

This website gives a great tutorial for working through the Partial Quotient strategy for division.

Partial Quotient