Aladdin Jr. Audition Link

The flipgrid platform is now ready to accept audition videos! Remember, you only have to submit an audition video if you would like a speaking and/or singing solo part in Aladdin Jr.! If you would like to submit an audition, please go to and enter e9d8e5b5. Please use your student email address to continue! I can not wait to see all of the audition videos. No one else should be able to see you audition. I am proud of each and every one of you! You have until the end of the day on January 27th to submit your video.

8th Grade Orlando Spring Trip

Please disregard this post if your child is not attending the Orlando Music Department Trip this Spring. For all others, I want to greatly apologize for the lateness of this notification. I did not realize this meeting was happening as soon as it is. We are having a joint rehearsal with band, orchestra, and chorus next Thursday, January 16th right after school. We will have a parent meeting about the trip at 6:30 pm that night after the rehearsal. I completely understand if you are unable to this rehearsal and/or meeting due to the short notice. If you are unable to attend the parent meeting, I will make sure that you receive the information. Once again, I do apologize for the late notice. I try my best to give you as much notice as possible, but this one just slipped up on me. I am looking forward to an amazing last semester with your children!

Thank you,

Update to Aladdin Jr. Auditions

Good afternoon,

Welcome to the Spring Semester!  I am so excited about all of our upcoming activities in Chorus!  We are preparing for our musical 0f Aladdin Jr.  I am making a change to the audition process.  I apologize for the last minute notice of this, but I just learned about this platform, and I thought it would help everyone involved to do auditions this way.  Instead of following the sign up genius times, we will now be submitting an audition video via flipgrid.  This will give students a little more time to prepare.  I talked with all of the classes today about this and told them that we will not be staying after school for auditions.  If students do not have the technology at home to do the video, they will be allowed to do a video submission during class one day.  I am also going to start opening up the Chorus Room at 8:15 am on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s beginning next week for any student that would like to come in to work on Chorus Music.  If they would like to come in during that time to record their video submission for an audition, they can do that as well.  I will walk them through the process of how to create the video and submit it during class over the next few days.  Videos must be submitted no later than January 27th.  I will begin looking at the videos on January 28th.  Thank you for your flexibility with this.

Aladdin Jr. Auditions

I want to begin by saying how incredibly proud I am of all of the students in their performance last night! What an amazing concert! Our next big adventure will be our musical, Aladdin Jr! I will be having auditions for the musical beginning the first Tuesday that we get back after our Winter Break. Please follow the link to sign up for an audition time. I have already started handing out audition materials for anyone who is interested in auditioning for a role in the musical. I am very excited about this performance! Thank you for all of your support of the Choral Program here at East Cobb!
Here is the link that will take you to the sign up for the auditions:

Chorus Concert Information

Good evening!
I am very excited about our upcoming concert on Monday, December 16th at 7PM! Students need to report to the theater at East Cobb between 6:00 – 6:15 PM. We will warm up and practice briefly in the theater. Door will open for audience members at 6:40 PM that night. Due to the increasing size of the Chorus program (YAY!), the Chorus room is not large enough for us to warm up and prepare for the concert, so we are having to move this to the theater. Students need to wear their Chorus uniforms for this concert. The Chorus uniform is our new Chorus polo along with black pants and black shoes. If you ordered a polo, but have not turned in the money for it yet, I have those shirts waiting for you. The cost of the polo is $20. Please have the students let me know when they have been paid for, and I will give them their orders! If you did not order a shirt, but would still like one, I do have some extras. These will be given out on a first come, first served basis. Please have students check with me before turning money in for a shirt to make sure I still have the size they need. I do have extras of all sizes of Adult Small – Adult 2XL. I also have some extra hoodies and t-shirts still available as well. These will also be first come, first served. Hoodies are $20 and t-shirts are $8! I am so proud of the hard work the students have been putting in to prepare for this concert, and I can not wait to share this music with you! Thank you so much for allowing me the opportunity to teach your children! I look forward to seeing you on Monday night!
Thank you again!
Vanessa Helms
Chorus Director
East Cobb Middle School

Virtual Concert

I am attaching the links for the Fall Virtual Concert here in case anyone did not receive my email!  I am so proud of the work that all of the students put in.  I hope you enjoy watching!


6th Grade:

7th Grade:–hslALblg?e=q6PaFt

8th Grade:

Fundraiser Delivery Correction

I apologize for the confusion.  I typed in the wrong date for the fundraiser delivery in my previous post.  The fundraiser delivery will take place next Tuesday, October 15th.  I will be available after school from 1:30-6:00 PM  for pick up of items.  Once again, I am so sorry for the error.  Thank you for your continued support of the Choral Department here at ECMS!

Fundraiser Delivery

Thank you to everyone that participated in our Music Department Fundraiser.  Our items will be delivered to the school next Tuesday, October 16th.  Any student that can take their items on the bus with them will be sent home with them that day.  However, if an order is too large for a student to take home with them on the bus, they will need to be picked up at the school that day.  I will be available from 1:30 – 6:00 pm that day for item pickup.  Once again, thank you so much for your support of the music department!