Cobb EMC Literacy Week provides author Gail Karwoski for Nicholson Students!

On Monday, October 23, Georgia author Gail Karwoski will give presentations to students in grades 1 though 4.  Each
year, Cobb EMC provides select schools with a free author visit during Cobb EMC Literacy week.  Nicholson has been very fortunate to be one of the schools selected for the past several years.  Authors share their experiences in creating a book–how they get ideas or collect information; the writing process, and submitting their books to publishers.  These visits give students some insight that helps them with their writing assignments.

Welcome Back!

Another school year is underway!  We hope everyone had a wonderful summer filled with rest, relaxation, family time, and of course lots of good books!

Attention Summer Reading Participants!! Flying-carpetIf you participated in the Scholastic Summer Reading challenge, just a reminder that the program continues through September 8.  Join with students across the country to attempt to break a world’s record for most summer reading minutes!  Be sure to log those 20 minutes a day that you should be doing anyway!!  Need help logging in?  Contact Mrs. Messinger or Mrs. Burgett in the Media Center.

Student Checkout    

Students in grades 1 – 5 began Media Center orientation and checkout  on Monday, August 7th.  Kindergarten students will come to the Media Center in August for  lessons involving media center procedures and book care, and then check out their first books following the Labor Day weekend.

Kid Friendly Digital Information Resources

Today’s students are more apt than ever to use online sources to seek information.  With this growing trend, we also want to be sure our children are not exposed to material that isn’t age appropriate for them.  Cobb County policy states that elementary students must use kid-friendly search engines when looking for websites.

We have several resources that are the perfect solution!  These are available at home and at school, and can be used for school topics or topics of personal interest!

WebPath expressFor website searches, use our library catalog, Destiny!  On the navigation bar on the left (under the ‘Catalog’ tab), choose ‘WebPath Express’.  No matter what the subject, website results are pulled from filtered websites—only those that are meant for students, and in addition are leveled by grade—so that students can choose a site that is on their reading level.

Cobb Digital Library
is a compilation of databases and electronic books, CDLpurchased by Cobb County for student use.  Please note that Britannica Image Quest is an excellent source for safe searches if your child needs pictures for a project—or just for fun!  In addition, there are over 113 electronic books available to students!

All classes will have lessons on how to use these resources.  You may want to investigate these with your children and encourage their use at home.  Students will log into Cobb Digital Library with their student number and the password ‘read’.  The generic log-in is available from the media center.