Welcome Back!!

We hope everyone had a wonderful summer!!  We’re looking forward to students returning to the Media Center to research, read, and create!

There will be a new face in the Media Center this year.   Mrs. Hughie, who many of you know from P.E., will be helping in the Media Center each morning before school and again in the afternoons.  Please be sure to welcome her when you see her!!

Just a reminder that the Summer Reading Challenge will end on August 16.  Your minutes can be entered through Biblionasium, or on the paper Reading Log that can be downloaded from the Nicholson website.  We can’t wait to hear about your favorite books!!

Speaking of interesting books, here are some books I read over the summer and thought were really good reads!!  They’re available in the Media Center!

Office 365 and Cobb Digital Library—At Home Use

Students in Cobb County Schools are very fortunate to have many tools and resources available to them at both home and school.  Office 365 and Cobb Digital Library are two of those resources.  Office 365 allows students to access their reports and projects at home, that they created at school!  (and of course vice versa!)  This allows learning to continue after hours, or when a students isn’t able to be at school.   Cobb Digital Library provides a variety of resources and learning activities that are guaranteed to be accurate and age appropriate for students—something that can’t be assured of when using browsers such as Google or Bing.

Because these resources are purchased for Cobb students, they must be password protected.  The following instructions should make it easier to use these resources at home.  Students must know their student ID numbers.  Students should have student ID and password labels on their agendas or homework folders.

For Cobb Digital library:
On tablets and phones, download the free MackinVIA app.  On laptops, you can use the link on the Nicholson home page.  On the first screen, you must enter our school.  Be sure to choose Nicholson Elementary in Marietta.  (There are three Nicholsons that appear)  When prompted for the username and password, please use the following format.
The username should be entered as:   sch\student Id#    The password is your child’s birthdate in month/day format.  (Example–May 10 would be 0510).

For Office 365
Please use the following video for instructions on how to access Office 365. 

How to Log into Office 365

The following link can also be useful for a variety of technical help.



‘Hour of Code’ comes to Nicholson!

The Hour of Code began 4 years ago as a one-hour coding challenge to give students, from kindergarten through high school,  a fun first introduction to computer science, and has become a global learning and awareness event.  It takes place now every year during the first week in December.
Computer science is changing every industry, and every student should have the opportunity to learn how to create technology.  The activities performed during Hour of Code help to nurture creativity and problem-solving skills to prepare students for any future career.
The demand for computer programmers increases every year, and every child deserves the opportunity to succeed.  By letting students have the opportunity to try coding, they get a taste for whether it might be something that they would like as a career in the future.  In the first Hour of Code, more girls tried computer science than have tried in the last 70 years!
During the lesson, students get a lot of practice with problem solving when a program they’ve created doesn’t work the right way, and they have to ‘debug’ it.  We talk about the importance of persistence and the value in not giving up.  These are skills that are important in all aspects of life.
The best part though, is that the students LOVE IT!!  When the hour is up, they beg for more.  We will continue with our coding lessons throughout the year.  Each student has an account so that each time they log in, the lessons continue where they left off before.
If your child would like to do some coding at home, I’ve listed the sites from Code.org.  This is the organization that created Hour of Code, and provides all the materials that teachers need to implement Hour of Code. (even ones like me that had no prior experience with coding!!)

Biblionasium—designed to engage, encourage, and excite students about reading!

Students in 3rd, 4th and 5th grades have been working with Biblionasium, a site designed to get kids excited about reading.  It’s an engaging site that allows students to search for books—both within the Nicholson library, and children’s books available elsewhere and to create a virtual bookshelf with titles they want to read, have already read, or are reading now.  They can also recommend books to students in their class, AND write reviews for books they have read.  These reviews are available for other students to see to help them decide what they might like to read.

We remind students that if they find a book that Nicholson doesn’t have, they can check it out from the Cobb County Public Library using their student ID number.

Students read better when they do it consistently and as part of a peer community.  Biblionasium provides the tools and support to make a real difference in building interest in reading for pleasure—and a life-long love of books.

They can access Biblionasium from home by clicking on the Destiny link at the top of this page, logging into Destiny with their student ID and password (4 digit birthdate –month and day) and then choosing Biblionasium from the menu at the top left side of the page.

If you have any questions about Biblionasium, please feel free to contact Lisa Messinger at lisa.messinger@cobbk12.org.

First Checkout for Kindergarteners!

Our Kindergarten students enjoyed their first time checking out books —all on their very own!  Many students had been to the public library with their families, but this gave them the opportunity to experience the entire checkout process all by themselves!  We hope that you will enjoy sharing the books with them and find a time to read the book together.

Children are made readers on the laps of their parents”   Emilie Buchwald

Using Nearpod for Media Center Orientation

Third, fourth and fifth grade students had their first visit of the year to the Media Center this week, and library procedures were reviewed using an interactive technology called Nearpod.  Each student used an iPad to follow the lesson shown on the teacher interactive board.  Built-in assessments using activities such as matching games, multiple choice, and free response allowed periodic checks for comprehension and the ability to redeliver the material to ensure understanding for all students—not to mention complete engagement!!

Kindergarten, first and second grades will begin orientation and checkout during the week of August 13.

Welcome Back!

Wow!  Summer has flown by, and in a few short days, the halls will once again be bustling with Nicholson students!  We look forward to seeing everyone–both our returning students, and everyone new to Nicholson!

In the Media Center, we’re getting things ready for another year of learning, creating and discovery through literature and technology!

We hope everyone had a wonderful summer and took time to relax, have fun, and hopefully read a great book or two!  See you soon!