Sensational September

Our Plan for the Month

Current Events- The students will connect with the world by reading about current events in the newspaper

Word Work- The students will use letter-sound knowledge and patterns to decode words.

High Frequency Words- The students will read common sight words

Vocabulary- The students will use context clues and illustrations to determine the meaning of unknown words.

Comprehension- The students will answer questions and locate details in the text to support an answer.

Writing- The students will generate simple sentences that convey information that include factual and concluding sentences

Mathematics- The students will use visual illustration to represent whole numbers that include the ones, tens, and hundreds

The students will recognize and describe attributes of two and three dimensional shapes

Social Studies- The students learn about the rights and freedoms protected by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights

Science- The students will define matter and explore what causes matter to change state.



Awesome August

We certainly have been having a blast in August.  The students are learning about our new program Unique.

In Unique, we have been learning about different skills in Reading, ELA, Math, and Science.

In Reading, our focus has been to answer questions related to the text while in ELA, we have been editing and revising sentences.

In Math, the students have been learning place value concepts to the hundreds place.

Finally, in Science, the students have been learning about the weather and different seasons.


The Unique Program has enabled the students an opportunity to develop critical skills in the academic and functional domains.  It utilizes interactive tools to engage our students and enable them to be successfully in their educational journey.