April 29th- May 3rd


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Hello Parents!

Can you believe that it’s going to be May in just a couple of days?  I am so excited that Jonetta Patton, owner of J’s Kitchen Culinary Incubator, will be here to talk about her business.  We may even have a Hollywood stuntman, Theo Kypri, come out to visit us this week if he has availability in his schedule.  In addition, I may have another surprise up my sleeve, but I will inform you if and when the time comes.

Academically, we will be focusing on the following concepts:

ELA- Informational Writing and Response to Current Event articles

Reading- Building Fluency Skills by practicing our play

Math- Identifying numeric patterns in addition and/or multiplication problems

Social Studies- Map Skills- Locate important places on a World Map


Nicole Snyder’s birthday is May 11th, but we will be having a small party for her on May 10th.  Feel free to write her a special note or get her a present.

May 10th- Career Day- Sunshine Sachs Public Relations Representatives with be coming to visit us.  This company represents famous people such as Tyler Perry, Jennifer Lopez, and Justin Timberlake.

May 13th- Field Day

It has truly been a fabulous and fun-filled year.  I have thoroughly enjoyed it and I know that children have had wonderful experiences this year.  Thank you so much for all of your support this year.

Tara and Nicole


April 15-April 19, 2019


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Hello everyone,

Wow, this year is winding down rather quickly.  For the next couple of weeks of school, the students are taking the GAA.  The test is administered individually and each student receives his testing accommodations based upon the IEP. Therefore, during class, students are working on academic skills in work packets and/or academic programs on the computer. In the afternoon, once the test has been completed, the students will continue to learn Science/Social Studies concepts.

Reading- Focus on understanding vocabulary words and their meanings when presented with fictional and nonfiction texts.

Writing- Focus on providing a written response after being presented with a current event article

Mathematics- Focus on understanding time and money concepts (identification of time, elapsed time, identification of coins, counting coins and dollars, making change)

Social Studies- Focus on completing the activities associated with the Civil War. Friday the students will be tested over Civil War concepts.


Special Visitors:

Friday, April 26th at 1:15- Ms. Katelin Chesna, actress from Houghton Talent Agency will be returning to help the students learn vocabulary words through an interactive session.

Tuesday, April 30th at 9:30- Ms. Jonnetta Patton from J’s Kitchen Culinary Incubator will be visiting us.  She will have the kids make pizza!  The teachers will be bringing the side dishes for this event.

Friday, May 10th- Mr. Josh Hedrick, Jonathan’s father, will be coming in to class and talk to us about landscaping for Career Day!!!


Special Birthdays Coming Up…

Ms. Nicole will be turning 30 on May 11th! We will be having a surprise birthday party for her!


Next Week:

I will let you know all about the Annual 5th Grade Rose Ceremony.  It’s a wonderful yearly event that takes place where we recognize all of our fifth grade students.


Thank you,


March 18th- March 22nd


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Hello everyone,

I cannot believe that we have only two more weeks until Spring Break is officially here.  In the meantime, we still have quite a bit of learning to do.  For the next few weeks we will focus on the following concepts:

Writing- After reading the News-To-You article about the Smart House, the students will respond in writing by providing specific facts and details about the characteristics of a Smart Home.

Reading- The students will continue to learn about the components of a Drama and will practice reading the play, Leprechauns Looking for Gold. The students will perform this hilarious play this Friday.

Math- The students will work on mathematical concepts according to their grade level.

  1. 3rd Grade students will identify the arrays that corresponds to the picture representation
  2. 4th Grade students will identify the missing variable in a multiplication expression
  3. 5th Grade students will write an expression that may involve two to four operations

Science- The students will identify the parts and functions of the Plant and Animal Cells. They will be shown diagrams and will create models to help them learn more about the plant and animal cells.


March 22nd at 11:00- Kennesaw Cheesecake Company is coming to talk to the students.

March 26th at 10:00- J’s Kitchen Culinary Incubator is coming to make pizza with the students.

March 27th- P.E. Field Trip

March 29th- School Dance

Thank you all for your continued support!

Marvelous March is Here


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Hello everyone,

We have a new student in our class.  His name is Kevin.  Now we have nine boys!

We are now in the month of March and will be working on the following academic areas:

Writing- Write informative/explanatory texts about a topic.  This month is about “Amazing Women in History.” We are using the News-To-You weekly articles to write about various subjects/topics.

Reading- We will be reading various plays from Reader’s Theater.  The students will be assigned different parts to read aloud and perform.

Math- We will be working on solving multiplication problems. (One digit by one digit) The students will have picture representations to help them with this concept.

Science- We are investigating magnets and identifying the objects that are attracted to magnets and the objects that are repelled from magnets.

-Special Dates-

March 6th- Visit from Brookstone Golf and Country Club

March 8th- Visit from Smith Gilbert Garden (Focus- Predator/Prey relationship lesson)

March 13th- Stem Lesson with Ms. Alexa Dean

March 22nd- Visit from Kennesaw Cheesecake Company

March 26th- Visit from J’s Kitchen Culinary Incubator

March 27th- Adaptive P.E. Field trip

March 29th- Special Education School Dance

-Transition Meeting-

Meetings are being set up for the rising 5th grade students this month and next month.


Fabulous February is Here


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The month of February is such an incredibly busy month.  One of our VIPs, Josh is having a birthday on February 5th.  We are also excited to welcome several visitors this month.  On February 25th, an actor Malik J. Ali from Houghton Talent Agency will be playing the role of Jesse Owens.  Earlier in the month, on February 15th, our class with be having a baby shower for Dr. Daniel Biddy. She is expecting a baby girl in March!  During the month of February, we will focus on the following topics:

Language Arts- Determine fact from opinion statements and write on opinion related topics

Reading- Read informational (non-fiction) texts and identify the non-fiction text features

Math- Discuss the importance of rounding numbers and begin rounding numbers to the nearest tens and hundreds place

Social Studies- Learn about important African Americans in History


This week, the owner of Souper Jenny, will be coming on Feb. 8th to visit us and talk about her business.  We may even make some of her famous Turkey Chili!


Get Ready to Say Goodbye to January 2019


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During the final week of January, we will continue working on the following concepts:

Writing- We will continue to focus on informational writing. The students will finish learning about different world landmarks and writing about landmarks from around the world.

Reading- The students will be comparing/contrasting different versions of the story, Little Red Riding Hood.

Math- The students will continue to learn about bar graphs. Then they will analyze and answer questions related to the bar graphs.

Health- The students will identify examples of healthy versus unhealthy behaviors. Then they will use decision-making skills to identify, apply, and maintain health-enhancing behaviors.


Please be on the Lookout: You will receive an update later this week regarding the academic content addressed for the month of February, but in the meantime…


We will have some amazing visitors in February.

  • Friday, Feb. 1stPie Bar
  • Friday, Feb. 8thSouper Jenny
  • Monday, Feb. 11th- Spencer Catering
  • Wed. Feb. 13thCheeky Maiden Soap
  • Friday, Feb. 15thGaines Park Senior Living


We also need to celebrate our VIP in February!

                         Josh’s birthday is on February 5th!  Happy Birthday Josh!


            Newsworthy: Dr. Danielle Biddy, our Occupational Therapist, is having a baby girl soon! She will be out on maternity leave in March. Our class will have a special baby shower for her in the next few weeks.



  • February 18th– February 22nd is the February Break. There is no school this week.


January 14th- January 18th


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We will be working on the following concepts during the week of January 14th- January 18th:

Writing- We will focus on informational writing. The students will learn about different world landmarks and writing about landmarks from around the world.

Reading- The students will be comparing/contrasting different versions of the same story.  This week, the story we will be discussing is Cinderella.

Math- The students will continue to learn about bar graphs. More specifically, they will continue to learn how to create bar graphs and answer questions related to different examples of bar graphs.

Science- The students will learn about different simple machines and explain their uses (lever, pulley, wedge, inclined plane, screw, wheel and axle).

Student Birthday in January:

Jonathan– January 14th

Ryan– January 19th

We will also have some amazing visitors speak to us this month:

  • 18th– Hilton Garden Inn
  • 25th– Mixed Bag Media


  • January 21st is MLK Jr.’s Birthday. There is no school on this day.

Christmas Break is Almost Here.


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Hello everyone,

I can’t believe that Christmas break is only a few days away.  This week, Ms. Nicole and I will be focusing on IEP goals and objectives.  Tomorrow, we have Mrs. Kathy Swift’s (our Special Ed. Administrator) husband come in to talk to us about parts of an aircraft. Then, on Thursday, we have our Holiday Party! Everyone is bringing in snacks to share.  I thought it would be nice to bring in some scones from Seven Sister Scones. If you can make it, we would love to have you. On Friday, the kids will be having a special breakfast.  Kennesaw Coffee Company will be bringing in some special treats and coffee! Yum! Over the break, I will touch base with you to let you know our focus for the month of January and give you an update regarding our monthly community visitors.  At least four companies  will come out to visit the kids. I can’t believe half the school year has been completed! I am extremely excited to welcome 2019 and continue to see your children make huge strides.  Thank you for your continued support.


Delightful December!!


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Hello Parents,

I am absolutely thrilled that it is December.  I can’t believe that 2018 will be over soon.  This month, our class will be focusing on the following topics:

1) Writing- The students will write personal narratives related to the winter holidays, celebrations, and this joyous time of year.

2) Reading- The students will read fiction and nonfiction texts about “Christmas Around the World.”

3) Math- The students will identify fractions and their corresponding pictures, add and subtract fractions with common denominators, and compare fractions containing like denominators.

4) Social Studies- The students will learn about economic concepts such as goods and services, needs versus wants, opportunity cost, and supply and demand.

This week, we will be having a couple of visitors:

1) Kennesaw Coffee Company- December 6th

2) Ken’s Krew- December 7th

At Pitner, this week, the Holiday Shop will be open and Dinner with Santa will be on December 7th.

Thank you.

October News


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Hello Parents!

I want to welcome everyone back to school from Fall Break. I hope that everyone had an exciting, fun, and relaxing vacation! Ms. Nicole and I missed all of our boys very much, and we are both eager to work with them on critical academic skills. October happens to be one of my favorite months of the year.  The weather is cool and there are so many exciting activities and festivals happening during this month. I am thrilled to mention that I was able to connect with 4 local business owners who will be visiting our classroom this month. Each business owner will be discussing important aspects of their job and may even bring in a special treat for the children to enjoy. Please continue to review Dojo for updates regarding our classroom visitors!

This month we are focusing on the following academic concepts:

  1. Written Expression- The students will be writing research essays about a specific country. The students will be going through the entire research process from gathering information about their specific country to creating a polished finalized report.

2. Reading-The students will use the information from the text to help them answer wh questions pertaining to both fiction and nonfiction reading selections on their instructional level.

3. Phonics- The students will critically analyze words to determine if the long vowel sound or the short vowel sound is produced.

4. Mathematics- The students will learn the basic concepts associated with multiplication by having access to manipulatives and being presented with arrays.

5.  Social Studies- The students will learn about the different levels of government at the National, State, and Local Level. They will identify key officials, important locations, and the authority of each member of government at these levels.

Some important highlights for this month:

October 6th- 1st Annual Chili Cookoff

October 11th- Early Release Day

October 15th- October 19th – Conference Week

October 31st- Halloween and Read-A-Thon


Finally, Ms. Nicole and I would like to mention that we are both incredibly appreciative of your support. We are not only fortunate to have the best students in the entire school,  but we are both extremely lucky to have such great parents to work with.  Thank you.

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