Delightful December!!


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Hello Parents,

I am absolutely thrilled that it is December.  I can’t believe that 2018 will be over soon.  This month, our class will be focusing on the following topics:

1) Writing- The students will write personal narratives related to the winter holidays, celebrations, and this joyous time of year.

2) Reading- The students will read fiction and nonfiction texts about “Christmas Around the World.”

3) Math- The students will identify fractions and their corresponding pictures, add and subtract fractions with common denominators, and compare fractions containing like denominators.

4) Social Studies- The students will learn about economic concepts such as goods and services, needs versus wants, opportunity cost, and supply and demand.

This week, we will be having a couple of visitors:

1) Kennesaw Coffee Company- December 6th

2) Ken’s Krew- December 7th

At Pitner, this week, the Holiday Shop will be open and Dinner with Santa will be on December 7th.

Thank you.

October News


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Hello Parents!

I want to welcome everyone back to school from Fall Break. I hope that everyone had an exciting, fun, and relaxing vacation! Ms. Nicole and I missed all of our boys very much, and we are both eager to work with them on critical academic skills. October happens to be one of my favorite months of the year.  The weather is cool and there are so many exciting activities and festivals happening during this month. I am thrilled to mention that I was able to connect with 4 local business owners who will be visiting our classroom this month. Each business owner will be discussing important aspects of their job and may even bring in a special treat for the children to enjoy. Please continue to review Dojo for updates regarding our classroom visitors!

This month we are focusing on the following academic concepts:

  1. Written Expression- The students will be writing research essays about a specific country. The students will be going through the entire research process from gathering information about their specific country to creating a polished finalized report.

2. Reading-The students will use the information from the text to help them answer wh questions pertaining to both fiction and nonfiction reading selections on their instructional level.

3. Phonics- The students will critically analyze words to determine if the long vowel sound or the short vowel sound is produced.

4. Mathematics- The students will learn the basic concepts associated with multiplication by having access to manipulatives and being presented with arrays.

5.  Social Studies- The students will learn about the different levels of government at the National, State, and Local Level. They will identify key officials, important locations, and the authority of each member of government at these levels.

Some important highlights for this month:

October 6th- 1st Annual Chili Cookoff

October 11th- Early Release Day

October 15th- October 19th – Conference Week

October 31st- Halloween and Read-A-Thon


Finally, Ms. Nicole and I would like to mention that we are both incredibly appreciative of your support. We are not only fortunate to have the best students in the entire school,  but we are both extremely lucky to have such great parents to work with.  Thank you.

Monthly Plan


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Hello everyone,

Here is the plan for the month of August:

Language Arts- The students will write personal narratives about a variety of subjects.

Reading- The students will identify the main idea and supporting details of fiction and nonfiction texts.

Phonics- The students will identify high frequency sight words and cvc words.

Math- The students will find the sum of one digit and two digit numbers using manipulatives, ten frames, and visual supports.

Social Studies- The students will be working on map skills.  They will be identifying major physical features within the United States.


Thank you,


Tara Golden

Daily Schedule


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Here is the schedule for the year. Some days it might be different but we will let you know ahead of time.

Ms. Golden’s Schedule

7:45-8:00 Calendar

8:00-8:30 Writing

8:30-8:50 Break

8:50-9:35 Specials

9:35-10:20 Reading

10:20-10:30 Break

10:30-11:30 Math

11:30-12:00 Recess

12:14-12:44 Lunch

12:45-1:00 Break

1:00-1:45 SS/Science

1:45-2:10 Closing Circle/Pack and Stack

2:10 Dismiss Buses/Car/ASP


Welcome to a new school year.


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We loved seeing everyone who came to sneak a peek. We are looking forward to a great new school year.

Please keep in mind we are a nut free classroom this year. Any snacks that you send in for the class need to be nut free. If you need ideas on what to send in we will help.

If you have any questions please feel free to let us know.!

Thank you,

Ms. Golden and Ms. Nicole

Some new fun sites :)


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Here are some of the links to the sites we are using in class. This way they can also use them at home.

Teach your monster to read. We have started a new one this year. To log on they just log in with their name.

A new one is Learning Farm. They answer questions then play a game.

To log in it’s their name as the username(Andrew is andrews) and pitner as the password.

We also use these but they don’t need to log in

If you have any questions please let us know.

Welcome Back!!!


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We have had a great first week of school! As you guys know most of our important info. will be sent on Class Dojo. If you have any question please let us know.


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